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April 25, 2011

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August 16, 1948
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Muse And Kasabian Bring Thrilling Climax To Sziget 2010

August 16, 2010
Muse And Kasabian Bring Thrilling Climax To Sziget 2010Muse delivered a stunning headline performance as they closed this year's Sziget festival in Budapest last night (August 15).

The band thrilled fans with a 13-song set on the main stage, complete with a spectacular lights and laser show.

Watched by the biggest crowd of the weekend, Muse opened their set with recent single 'Uprising'.

The riff-heavy track was followed by the equally hard-hitting 'Supermassive Black Hole' and 'Map Of The Problematique'.

Frontman Matt Bellamy, who wore a glitter suit and Kanye West-like 'grill' glasses spoke sparingly during the band's set, although he did attempt at points to speak Hungarian.

He also left the stage on several occasions, allowing bassist Christopher Wolstenholme and drummer Dominic Howard to play instrumental interludes.

Using the performance as a warm-up for their UK stadium dates next month, Muse conducted huge sing-alongs during 'Time Is Running Out' and 'Starlight'.

The latter song saw lasers shine high into the clear nights sky.

Following a brief break, the band remerged to close their set - and the festival - with 'Plug In Baby' and 'Knights Of Cydonia', which saw huge plumes of gas fired into the air.

Muse played:

  1. Exogenesis
  2. Uprising
  3. Supermassive Black Hole
  4. Map Of The Problematique
  5. New Born
  6. Hysteria
  7. United States Of Eurasia
  8. Undisclosed Desires
  9. Resistance
  10. Time Is Running Out
  11. Starlight
  12. Plug In Baby
  13. Knight Of Cydonia

Kasabian warmed up for Muse, playing a 14-song set to a crowd only slightly smaller than the headliners.

Kicking off with 'Shoot The Runner', the Leicester band were on energetic form, with singer Tom Meighan praising the "beautiful crowd".

Other highlights in their set included 'Doberman', 'Club Foot' and 'Fire'.

The band ended their performance 'L.S.F', which triggered deafening chants from festival-goers.

Kasabian played:

  1. Shoot The Runner
  2. Underdog
  3. Where Did All The Love Go?
  4. I.D.
  5. Mothman
  6. Take Aim
  7. Empire
  8. Fast Fuse
  9. Doberman
  10. Clubfoot
  11. Stuntman
  12. Fire
  13. Vlad The Impaler
  14. L.S.F

Elsewhere on day five, Major Lazor and Yeasayer wowed fans on the A38-wan2 stage, while Die Antwood were among the performer in the Party Arena.

More than 65,000 people attended the five-day festival, which is now in it's 18th year.

(by Jason Gregory)

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