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April 25, 2011

# 1
Foo Fighters
"Wasting Light"
Billboard Albums #1 - Foo Fighters

# 1
Lady GaGa
"Born This Way"
Euro Singles #1 - Lady GaGa

# 1
UK Albums #1 - Adele

# 1
"Party Rock Anthem"
UK Singles #1 - LMFAO


February 17, 1972
Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day)

February 17, 1970
Timothy Mahoney (311)

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Lady Gaga Wears Condom-Inspired Outfit To Promote AIDS Awareness

February 17, 2011
Lady Gaga Wears Condom-Inspired Outfit To Promote AIDS AwarenessLady Gaga wore a condom-inspired outfit on a recent talk show.

The singer, whose new single 'Born This Way' was released last week, appeared on US talk show 'Good Morning America' in a condom-inspired outfit to promote AIDS awareness.

"I want to get people started at home at a younger age with their children talking about HIV, talking about AIDS, talking about safe sex," Gaga said.

She added: "My mother talked to me about sex at a young age, and she always taught me to be self-aware — that's in my new song, 'Born This Way.'"

"I say 'My momma told me when I was young ...' My first experience with my mother that I remember mostly was when she would put her lipstick on in the morning and she would talk to me about life."

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' has become the 1000th number one on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

(by Holly Frith)

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