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Wishbone Ash

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Wishbone Ash Lyrics

"A Thousand Years" lyrics

Times are changing, we'll soon be facing
A story yet unknown.
Don't deny it, we can't defy it.
It'll happen on its own.
The past behind us, there to remind us
Of what could be again.
Fact or fiction, deep intuition
Of wondering how and when.
Once in a thousand years
The secrets of the past
Will change the way we see.

Across the ocean, the world's emotions
Are in and out of time.
The changing seasons, no rhyme or reason,
The choices, cruel or kind.
One day it's clear, then clouds appear
'Cause nothing stays the same.
The thoughts that have conditioned you,
It's how you play the game.

But then the day will come around
We'll turn the world upside down.

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