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Wheatus Lyrics

"I'd Never Write A Song About You" lyrics

I don't get to see you that often
Here we go again and its Christmas time
When you flirt you are relentless...
How I love to be defenseless
Oh once again you corner me...
Once again I do believe

That I'd never write a song about you
All the same you play your game till your boyfriend looks over
Oh I'd never write a song about you
Goes to show you think he knows,
That your taking me over again

Roll it back again to the beginning
You're all up in my grill and it's Halloween
You think your cute without your custome
And you caught me in the front room
You said you don't like my attitude
I bet your boyfriend thinks it's rude


You don't seem to like my new girlfriend
Cause now it's not the same cause you won't play your game
You say it doesn't matter...
That your hold on me is shattered
Once again your corner me... once again I do believe
I'd never write (never write) a song about you (4x)


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