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Background information
Birth name Carl Terrell Mitchell
Born November 27, 1973
Born place Chicago, Illinois, United States
Genre(s) Hip-hop
Years active 1990—present
Label(s) Atlantic Records
Capitol Records
Loud Records
Get Money Gang Entertainment
Website Website

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Twista Lyrics

"Shows Over" lyrics

feat. Freeway and Bennie Franks

(Verse 1)- Freeway
You better call your local authorities,
Switch phones if ya jack not working
Free done hooked up wit twista
The shits on
And theses clubs don't want no part of me
Say they system got a short and they mics not working
I throw bows like ludacris
Light my purple and fall back
Sixty-eight Joe Louis flow
Nothing you can do wit this,
If you try to come through wit clips
Tell ya peeps wear skates to ya funeral
Money know
If the show go on
going be me twista his bitch/ hotel
Door goes on
Light goes on
Take clothes off
And you sitting in the crib like what went wrong
The show jumped off
And she jump on the band wagon
Don't mind her
Next time leave her at home
Can't find her
She wit twista in a rover
We got what it takes to take the club over

Don't let the show go on (2x)

(Verse 2) Bennie Franks
Hey T, Hey Free
Man these niggas want our status
But they aint sold shit,
Man we five hundred in,
Records or O's bitch,
Thousands yall want promotions
Yall don't wanna work,
Who me shit I'm a hustla
I will never hurt,
Opps I mean a gangsta I put in work,
And if this shit don't sell,
Then fuck it we'll rob,
But yall gonna learn from fuckin wit ours,
I mean yall gonna burn from fuckin wit ours man,
I use to sell jars now I slang bars,
I use to hang around them bars tryin to stick up stars man,
You say you ballin but you gettin it hard
Fuck it,
You can keep yo evens let me get yo odds man,
Aint got the dot six but I got a range shit,
I can move the blow but I prefer the Cain
Yall gonna respect the name
Legit ballaz colab wit roc a fella
If the show stop
Fuck it we'll spit it acapella


(Verse 3 - Twista)
I pop hoes,
I'm demanding respect like saso
Gave Benny Blanco from the Bronx's,
Stuck for yo banco and props
Well I come dressing,
To teach these little fellas a lesson,
Got tha two two hide in the bathroom of the delicatessen,
I stop them from breathing,
Drop his body,
While the spree wells rotating,
Niggas hating on how I move my karachie,
I catch people open like carlito,
Through the peep hole,
So fresh I got them stabbing themselves in the chest like pepos,
You can't fuck wit my flow,
Sip on my Moe,
Smoke on my dro,
And you can't stop a LB show,
I spit rhymes,
While you fakers get the vapors,
Chants like jimmy two times,
I get the papers get the papers,
Can't fade us,
Match us,
Back us,
To good in the kitchen,
Me Bennie franks and freewezy easy,
Make hundred g's moving chickens,
Get shit through customs wit passports,
We can serve words or pull birds out tha dashboards
Open them curtains while you cry,



Yea it's the mutha fuckin twista in this bitch - (twista)
Talk to them twista- (freeway)
Representing wit my nigga Bennie franks and that nigga freewezy- (twista)
Make a hundred gees easy- (twista)
That's right- (freeway)
Off them mutha fuckin chickens ya dig- (twista)
Holding shit down for the two thousand two until- (twista)
Holla- (freeway)
LB family in this mutha fucka- (twista)
Worlds most infamous roc a fellla records - (freeway)
Straight up ruining niggas careers- (twista)
Early- (freeway)

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