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Background information
Birth name Carl Terrell Mitchell
Born November 27, 1973
Born place Chicago, Illinois, United States
Genre(s) Hip-hop
Years active 1990—present
Label(s) Atlantic Records
Capitol Records
Loud Records
Get Money Gang Entertainment
Website Website

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Twista Album

with The Speedknot Mobstaz
Mobstability (10/06/1998)
Mobstability Intro
Front Porch (feat. Danny Boy)
In Your World (feat. Christopher Williams)
Loyalty (feat. Shock The World)
. . .

Mobstability Intro

[No lyrics]

. . .

w/ The Speedknot Mobstaz
f/ Newsense

[Liffy Stokes]
In the Chi, it's kill or be killed, hussle or die
You gotsta take the pie, momma didn't lie
Look in my eyes you see the realness
The nine makes you feel this
The pain that I'm going through 'til I'm sitting on millions
My minds on that paper, wishin' upon a caper
I need to stack now, I will pay for my sins later
When I'm living greater, the mind state of a Westside native
It's sick in the head, dodgin' Feds everyday
See me load the AK, watch 'em run when we spray
Get the fuck up out my way and for pray that this pistol play
'Cause when I'm heated I'm gunning 'til there's nothing in sight
So cancel Christmas muthafucka, fuck you and your life

Niggas in my mob is too suave
We ride hundred G cars, in it like the world is ours
Don't disrespect or get your chest split like cigars
In this county of crooks tryin' to avoid jail bars
But it's so hard to make cheese especially
If you ain't got no Ph.D. or connect on phat keys
See mobstability is for niggas with nothing to lose
Going psycho from this drama you go through paying dues
I get a buck in your side tryin' to hussle for a ride
Or hittin' the block to find out one of your guys just died
So don't come to the Chi, it's just risky as hell
'Cause K-Town niggas'll bomb on that ass like a stealth

In the county of crooks: gangbangers, killers and slangers
With judges be quick to hang us homies and strangers
No bluffin', we bustin'
Like a kamikaze, watch our bodies come up
War (?) then it's on, now we gon' strap up, what's up

[Repeat Chorus]

Our county's so crooked, Psycho Drama invented the style
Then damn near everybody took it and passed it around
Now these muthafuckas all look and see 'cause we puttin' it down
And ain't no sooner or later, the world gon' realize they fakin'
Then snatch they tapes of the shelves and break 'em, eliminate 'em
Just as fast as Creator's Way can create shit
Now they all on some hation, just like them nigga
Like ain't nobody done a thing
But we run a reason around these bitches
The more tapes we make the more they all go broke, so fuck 'em
If it ain't no love then it ain't none
If it is, then nigga then say something
'Cause more of this beats gon' stomp and keep on stompin'
And Drama make that solemn promise
That shorty flyin' all on niggas' business

Come look around Crook County, look around, you found me
I must've been bad to the bone, get the mask and the chrome
This Chi gotta die from a blast to the dome
Nigga, not muthafuckin' Ouija board
I receive my blessings from G's and Lord, nine-millies and source
But the art of war nigga, must've found breathin' bored
Tellin' me to look into your eyes, all I see is a bitch
Tell Krayzie in New Orleans that he bit
Talkin' about you was lovin' my shit
Hit the bud and got sent on that shit odyssey mumblin' r&b
You can keep the apology, you gon' try to dishonor me
Kill the Hoes of the Harmony
Just when you thought it was safe
The Bone niggas 'bout to get slaughtered and raped
I can slow down and audit the tape
Y'all bent and all y'all who thought it was fake
Now watch (?) on the stage, beef and the rage
Die on the first on the month, 'cause it's than the blunt
Why would you compete to be doomed, now you gon' see Eazy-E soon
Feel the boom of the reprecussion, 'cause the reefer's still rushin'
When I reach and start bustin'
I'm a Bone Crusher, crook county or nothin
Ain't no bluffin'

. . .

w/ The Speedknot Mobstaz

Yeah, mobsta style for you muthafuckas, you know what I'm sayin'
We fin to bring this shit like this here
This muthafuckin' Chi shit, check it out

[Chorus 1]
The niggas in my mob can't be touched
You best to mob up to come fuckin' with us, oh no
Niggas in my mob bring the heat
You best to mob up fuckin' with the elite, oh no

[Liffy Stokes]
You just a bitch in the sky, I hear cries
'Cause you can't whistle for your guys
Surprise when you saw this pistols in your eyes
So I peal like mere mortals, bet I shoot bloody portals
To muthafuckas who owe us, niggas die, causin' horrifyin' (?)
My passion for blastin' made me an assassin on all enemies that work us
Whose purpose is to serve (?) timbs 'til they high and they hurt us
Murders got us murders, I pull my weed and gun out
Blastin' 'til they run in the house while I got the blunt in my mouth

We in a rage bustin' rapidly like when I'm on stage
It don't get no rougher than Liffy Stokes, Twista and Mayz
In the blood of your day, then lay flat on your back
Then while he fuckin' your hoe
The mob gon' be straight coppin' you stack

Your mob lacks, I'ma defeat you run three-two on contact
Cogniac, get me strapped with the black gat itchin' to bomb back
Hoes can't get no sleep
Bullets hit your chin for the grief that you bring us
Shots hit his face as he grabs his chest
Then we watch him bleed through his fingers
Now come on, come all, but if all come all fall, fuck all y'all
We road dawgs, then I come gunnin', niggas runnin' like they sold y'all
In the heat of the night, the (?) static we start up
Guards up, while we come strapped they come ready to mob up

[Chorus 2 w/ 1]
If it's static, one of my niggas gon' get two niggas
Two of my niggas gon' get four niggas
Four of my niggas gon' get more niggas
That's more triggers meaning more killers
You muthafuckas better mob up


[Liffy Stokes]
It's a static, it's automatic, so grab the automatics
And pumps and pull the triggers and make some niggas look acrobatic
I was cold but frantic, the foes have panicked
They got bloods blew out their dome, bet the bullets run rapid
I kept bustin' for the love of hustlin' squeezin' my wesson
Ruger, gang (?) maneuvers, niggas wanna be bruisers but I'm a shooter
Fuck the squad, because when it's said and done
Liffy Stokes will do some poppin'

[Short Skit]

[Liffy Stokes]
Nigga the devil's knockin' at your fuckin' door
With some hot ones and toe
And ready to hit 'em with nothin' less than four
Nigga let me go, I'm 'bout to pop this bitch
You know you know the lick, art of the mobsta click
Fuck the argument, mob elite's runnin' up apartments
Kickin' in doors pistol whippin' hoes be heartless
Searches as the bullets marches between your arches
Make one call and wait and reload the cartridge

[Chorus 2 w/ 1] - (2x)

You can't even mess with a mobsta, nigga, is you sick in the head
I torture that ass and have you overdosing on lead
Or maybe I just leave you cut up, drippin' and dead
With your crew skippin' town scared, my lead gon' lead their ass red
Don't get misled, don't mistake me for somebody but a soldier
The elite niggas got more death than AIDS and ebola
Getting old and colder
I be quick to (?) start uppin' but that chip off your muthafuckin' shoulder

Behold the stack folder, gun holder, AKA blunt roller
Mayz if I die for you get your (..?..) and trap holder
To hurt particular niggas comin' with perpendicular figures
Crushin' triggers, y'all niggas better bring back some memos

It really don't matter if that nigga pack a glock or a gauge
'Cause whatever the fuck Mayz blaze gon' make him see his last day
Takin' 'em out, my life and makin' sure his cast stays
Jack 'em for his last days, that's how livin' fast pay
Nigga, you know the word on the street
It's the mobsta elite that's servin' the streets to the rockin' these beats
You better have a nice way to greet us than rolling with your guys
And you could still die in a multiple homicide

[Chorus 2 w/ 1] - (2x)

Let's mob up

. . .

w/ The Speedknot Mobstaz
f/ Danny Ray

[Danny Boy]
On the porch, on the porch
Smokin reefa
Hmmm yeah

[Liffy Stokes]
I woke up early Saturday morning sick off Rhemy and brews
Wit a hang over from blues
Hurl on my clothes and shoes stomach on wooz
From this killer weed that's so fired it made your nose bleed
I had me so high, my brain was fried movin at slow speed
This thick bitch chose me and was stickin like liquor
She look to tight that bodies right my heart and mind was like "Dick her"
But wit my body aching from hurl sensation that's got me shaken
I swiftly took the number and passed on ass that was for the taken
I remember wakin up at the flat fucked up in the back
Checkin on my weed and scratch I damn near fell out the lat
I hit the sack to sleep it off woke up woozy and still smoking
Twista's wishes thinking about last night and the bitch that was scopin
Fuck it lets get 'em on I grabbed the phone "Girl call your friends"
Then I hit Twista and Maze and them bout the bitch in the Benz
Nigga push only cause I see them already been in the block
You know the lit niggas you'll find us in my favorite spot
And that's on

The front porch smoking reefa
The weed got 'em feelin umm hmm
On the front porch getting deeper
Ghetto love got 'em feelin, umm hmm yeah yeah

In the summer I hit the front porch wit a morning B
Sippin on the duce duce OZ
And I be killin me how many thick fees I see
Getting bubbly waitin for Stokes and T, I spit a little game at three
Tryin to talk up on the shoppin spree
Or a B of that stinky green free
Straight getting, to puff puff pass
and drive up my gas hittin all the hot blocks
Bumpin "Legit Ballers" to "Rock Y'all Spot"
Everybody know the shit 'bout to drop
See from Northbound to Ten Row in it go tryin to get they props
Pollutin the air wit squares, blunts, and tops
Settin up shops for lots comin back nots
Each and everyday of the week
the Mobsta Elites be on somebody porch dumpin heat
Bustin flows in the cipher getting deep
While we cheat something sweet to Legendary beats
'Till we reached our peak
Scummy aloud attractin crowds to the street
Then it's time to retreat grab something to eat
And head to the late front to get up wit some freaks
Wit a treat under the seat
For the cats who get the sudden urge and wanna try to jack
Cause when your pockets is fat
It seems like all the haters and hood-rats want to attack
And when the park close we hit the liquor store
for a box of Sitches and a fifth of Yak
South on the corner and get a few sacks
Or betta yet the whole pack so we can get back
On the


One morning I
Woke up next to a choclate fee and a red bone
My dick was hard I started stroking and poking
After toppin I tell them to role the blunt
Cause on the front I hear them niggas steady smoking and jokin
I heard it's gonna be hot outside gotta get up and lay my clothes out
It's gonna be too many hoes out
Before my ladies rolled out I got 'em to clean up the whole house
Then I threw my fit on look in the mirror get on gone
"Nigga you looking dope because you got a knot"
Ain't no cruising up out the hop
I'm hangin by the spot cause I had to put the Lexus off up in the shop
But it's all to good it's a hood thang
Never too bogus notice the love on the block that nigga coolin
Aiming the radio out the window steady grooving
Tip by the corner store wit the indo steady movin
Niggas who flippin new 98's is steady cruising
Bumpin up the block flossin for the chicks cause they rich
But I ain't leavin off the front with the blunt
Set a switch just to pull in all the thickest btiches
At the crib I can't get caught wit heat
If it's some static I shall chalk and sweep
I go and get the B's up off but chief
"Come get me if the phone for me I'm at the party across the street"
I'm enjoying the breeze high degreez and no ease
Pockets be full of G's smoking B's hiding the fees
Making no enemies the po P's yellin out "Freeze"
Serving niggas wit ease staking cheese so nigga please
Tell me 'bout some ghetto love
Homies around smoking Newports 'till the brew drunk short
You can travel the world can't find a place like home
With a crib on the front with a skunk torch

. . .

w/ The Speedknot Mobstaz
f/ Christopher Williams

(Let me in your world)
I rock your body all night
Sip on some (?) drink to make you feel right
Lay on the waterbed and hold you real tight
I be makin' you feel nice if you let me in your world
I can rock your body all night
Sip on some (?) drink to make you feel right
Lay on the waterbed and hold you real tight
I be makin' you feel nice if you let me in your world
(Let me in your world)

Hey love, what's up, come give me a kiss
Have you ever seen a po pimp with eyes as pretty as this
And still be the rawest, spittin' flawless game while I get my G's
I hit my B's, pullin' up on fees I bet I get piece
'Cause I'm impressin', lovin', when I'm kissin' and huggin'
All into good rushin', touchin', better roll when I flush 'em
I'm causin' concussion, sportin' pellet, come here baby
My way will change, I used to kinda rugged my day
Let's dance, while we get our groove on I get known
If it's on, then Lexus she gon' get home
First get bucked up and sip on
G on the room and drink po wine up in the whirlpool
Don't leave my comb and pearl too
Leavin', let the girl cool my world, ooh
I like to get down, straight up you're freaky
You wanna meet me, just beep me, take the (?) and weakling
Drop the top and leave haters wishin' the (..?..)
Let's keep it a hood thang, you get busy on wool grain
I treat you precious as diamond rings, so don't cut me up
I start the fussin', I'ma get the bustin', now no thang, I gotta give it up
'Cause all your love can make the hardest thug cry like a dove
Pull my mink over your shoulders when we leave out the club
Ain't no need to knock a con, I'm feelin' like Chaka Kahn
She the bomb like Lebanon, still fine with no Revlon
Just let the Don inside, I promise pleasure and sweat
I guarantee you ain't gon' be no regrets
If you just let me get it wet


[Christopher Williams]
Baby I'm fine, want you to be on my pager
I wanna know you, we can kick it like players
(..?..) make me really want you
Let me in your world
How can a man leave a woman like you're lonely
But still some phonies, call me when you need me
Sit down with my homies, pull up in my Lexus
Let me in your world

[Liffy Stokes]
I need love, it's off the hizze, think you can please me
Don't hurt me, take it easy girl, we on the E-Way
You know you met me when I crashed the bar
And why'd you kissin' on my neck, I'm 'bout to crash the car
So pass the 'la, relax baby it ain't far
Since you started askin' me questions on gossip about stars
Girl you better be on script on who you with
She's been forcin' Liffy Stokes from the mobsta click

I'm chillin' at the click, with nums getting numb, I bumps
Tryin' to find a cutie to kickin' with, watch the risin' sun
Here she comes with them big legs, no fat on the back
What's up shorty, can we kick it tonight and choke on the sack
Come see as I foreplay, freaky at this slow-ass track
Big and black, had attention ready to dig in that
So what we just met, that don't mean I won't give you respect
I just fight the temptation to get your body real wet

[Christopher Williams]
Ahh, keep givin' them hand claps, baby
Watch them speakers be harmed
And the bass be soft, ooh
Ahh, keep givin' them hand claps, baby
Watch them speakers be harmed
And the bass be soft, ooh

On my elevator you can feel our love rise to the top
'Cause on the way up to my condo, your ears pop
When I hit the lock I'm a villain, the mobstas make the killin'
As we lay on my waterbed with the mirrors on the ceiling
The wall too, got friends that's all true, I call Cru
Tryin' to fall too, I got tall brew, it's all you
Or like I be, let's shoot up to the club, like two tattoos
VIP, who gets who, no dancing with two left shoes
Do that fool, do that, do that, who that creeps on my hood
Do I see my nigs thuggin' but, dawg, y'all lookin' good
Ballers please, it's a straight playas party, can't fuck with these
Champagne and Henessies for my G's and stuck a piece, and uh
Haters please, no bustin' we up in place
Put 'em in the trunk, the flame
When I'm tryin' to get up with "what's her name"
The precious tonight I met, let's ride, I feel this like a set
While you're dancing, I'ma kiss off the sweat
That's how you let me get it wet


[Christopher Williams]
Baby I'm fine, want you to be on my pager
I wanna know you, we can kick it like players
(..?..) make me really want you
Let me in your world
How can a man leave a woman like you're lonely
But still some phonies, call me when you need me
Sit down with my homies, pull up in my Lexus
Let me in your world

. . .

w/ The Speedknot Mobstaz

Once again, another Trax productions
Rush for the 9-8, mobsta elites
Ain't it a shame how we make ballin' look so sweet
Especially when you ain't gotta hide your shit
You know what I'm sayin', you can just ball for free
Campaignin' your nation, in a legit demonstration
And gotta face incarceration
Eh yo, Liffy Stokes, let 'em know what's happenin'

[Liffy Stokes]
A nigga been hustlin' so long, God knows I've done so much wrong
I was 16 grown and holdin' chrome, servin' blows, we in' zones
My mom didn't understand me "Boy, you gon' die just like your daddy
from two to the head, dumped in the riverbed
I didn't to hurt you so badly," I was young and dumb
Fast life sprung of the money and hoes that it brung
Had a clip full of hollows to bring your momma sorrow
But now regret what I've done
Drama's all in the game whether gang bang or slang
I had to do my thang
When the shots rang, that's when it clicks in my brain
All the shit's the same
My nigga need a change, I had to get off out these streets
To get you out your seat
Flip a Trax beat, hit the crib and puff on a sweet
And let 'em feel something deep
Deep so the realest can feel
How I felt right before I bust that steel
Rappin 'bout my life of skrill
And the everyday struggles of a nigga in the chill

[Chorus 2x]
Come on and take a little trip with a legit balla
Chi shot-callers (Shot up the chrome and let's swang)
Tigers all up in the wall
(Some bitches in the back and a pocket full of scratch
take a match and spark up a little bud and get blown away)

This shit I've been tokin' is potent
Got me straight thinkin' about takin' Mary Jane and eloping
Blowin' smoke with the sunroof half-way opened
Countercode with the scope in close range
I guess he gotta aim, and stick a few thangs in the nigga's brain
No face straps (?) thinkin' that he can
Puttin' food on table is an everyday strain
But now I did finally flip my shit legit
And workin' a different angle of the game
Even though my hussle ain't changed
I'm still prayin' my best presence to overcome my pain
Singin' tapes of cain
The roads to riches seems longer than the freight train
And every little stop keep a nigga tryin' to plot
On the paper you done gain until you drain
But I put that on the foe
I'ma flow 'til I got no choice, or better yet no voice
But still by that time I hope to write enough rhymes
To own a fleet real estate with a Rolce Royce
Rollin' deep through this Chi-Town streets
With my mobsta elites on the way to North Riverside Mall
Givin' thanks to the all for givin' me a legit where to ball at
Keepin' shit tight for y'all

[Chorus 2x]

On the bus in disgust will I able to throw rocks in my pocket
Nickel sacks in the other
For po-pos who watch, can't stop, it's hot
But I gotta make a profit for my baby and my mother
Straight up hustler
What's the mental frame of mind
That nigga had to have the roll
Be sold, or be poor up in these city streets
Or with the pistol playin' for you Mr. Reaper
Forgive those, I explode like c-4 so give me 50 feet
Bustin' shots in every directions
a nigga stop a moment from getting made
I done witnessed public aid, people get sprayed, the tip raise
And momma cry, why my bills won't get paid
If I have to I'ma send cheese from blows
Nobody can hurt me or run thugsta greed, GD's or foes
Workin' the spot 'cause we need some clothes
Who ever thought I'd be making money off of my CD's and shows
My crib got gats in the hall, rats steady crawl
Roaches comin' out the cracks in the wall
On the tip, bust it with my back to the wall
Work my way up to an ounce, now I'm back to a ball
Now I fin to spend stacks at the mall
Bend the blocks on barbers hopin' my profits stack a bit taller
Twista AKA "The Bitch Caller", bring your money to the mob
Just to be a pimp-shit talker

[Chorus 2x]

If it's on, I gotta ride out with my mobstas, hmm-hmm
It it's on, then I gotta ride out with the mobstas, hmm-hmm
If it's on, I gotta ride out with my mobstas, hmm-hmm
If it's on, I gotta ride out with my mobstas, hmm-hmm
La-da-da, la-da-da, da-da-da-da, da-da (Mobstas)
La-da-da, la-da-da, da-da-da-da, da-da (Mobstas)
La-da-da, la-da-da, da-da-da-da, da-da (Mobstas)

. . .

w/ The Speedknot Mobstaz

[Liffy Stokes]
Mobsta elite's back up in this muthafuck 'em (Bitch)
And we airin' out all you playa-hatin-lame-ass niggas
And we on this laid-back track, something smooth
Eh yo, Mayz, whatcha don' do, kick it

And ride on, niggas get your high on
While we pump this shit to vibe on
The muthafuckin' mobsta elite'll leave you breathless
When we hit you like this
Early in the morning, hop into the Chevy Caprice
I'm hurtin', so I'm thinkin of ways to gettin' paid
Cheddar in a bundle, fifties and hundreds and G stacks
If I could just hit that big lick I could relax
And ease back off of thuggin' and stick to hustlin'
Concentrate on paper and let the shorties do the bustin'
While I motivate on power moves, you live be coward rules
Singing the blues while I pack shit that'll knock you out your shoes
'Cause I'm a fool playing the game of the streets
Claiming elites, making sure my family eats
We roll and it flees, bunkin' niggas out of their seats
While mobbin' on beats, soon niggas can't back down or retreat
Preventing mine, just doing petty crimes, I'm not petty or nice
Standin' in line, calmly waitin' on my time to shine
'Cause when I shine, I'ma glisten
As all the heads come up missing
I'ma slide in and assume the position
My mom's stick thick, who the killas and convicts
Bulletproof now, pistol holsters under the arm pits
Ready to go out in the blaze of glory
Standin' firm on the deck makin' the front-page story

When your mobs' at your side and they're ready to ride, nigga
(Nigga, that's mobstability)
And when you go from movin' O's to keys for more cheese
(Fool, that's mobstability)
And when it's money over bitches 'cause you're stackin' your riches
(Playa, that's mobstability)
Gettin' your mind right for payin' for the year 2G
(Gotsta be mobstability)

[Liffy Stokes]
I heard a raw beat, somebody told me the funk did it
But if Trax didn't do it I can't fuck it
'Cause it's a family thang
You know Chi-Town's the motherland of the wild
The chain of mobsters and gangs
But we're the elite few that just can't be contained
Tippin' only the plane, determine it's about the game
Like a playa stays the same, ain't tryin' to act strange to change
'Cause the more paper you got, the more you got to slang
And there's more haters to bang 'cause they all want a piece
You got to be slick as grease 'cause they want the playas deceased
Restin' in peace
But my motto's simply too tight for you to threaten my life
With a knife, gun or mic
You don't really wanna fight so just swallow your pride
Before I come inside your crib and kidnap the shorty and bride
Every nigga alive wish he had a psycho status
Will your punks ready to ride so the bitches can come at us
In the city of thugs, police, politicians and drugs
If they ain't passin' the bubble, niggas carry a grudge, but no love
So I don't give a muthafuck if you killin' me
I'm pissin' out headshots, protestin' my mobstability


If I'm not into nothing, I don't feel right
So I circle the block strapped
Watching the workers while they circle muthafuckas at night
They work to tippin' me 'cause dope fiends ain't wangers
These wanches are skanches, this ain't just how the cracks and hiatus
My crew react tamers than sweat hogs, to protect that (?) bomb
But no teflon, your flesh was tearin', for the love of this heron
I bare arms and I'm quick to snatch cards to those who react hard
Don't judge these, got you robbed, I'ma get more cheddar for my black mob
My legion is broke down into sections to run every regions
Slugs and thugs, rifles for rifles 'cause we walk every season
Having shootin' apartments, cars with hidden compartments for po-pos
Zip polos holding pistolos and mobstas know those
Sooner then booted, looted then zooted, (?) shoes so can I
Automatics but semi, then I, watches your midnight
'Cause I be handlin' my function when the nine-milliter get to jumpin'
Dumpin' on niggas who claimin' my muthafuckas ain't worth for nothin'
I'm bustin', how's game I peep when I was a shorty
Having big dreams on money, cars and bitches by the time I reach forty
Nation affiliation, dummy paper-chase and willin'
For pay probabilities only seen through mobtability, feelin' me

. . .

w/ The Speedknot Mobstaz


[Liffy Stokes]
You looking chilliy wit yo thick ass
I know you got plenty niggas out there who trick cash
I damn near caught whiplash as you walked pass
Fucked up the blunt ashes
Peepin your script perpetrating you high
Youz a rat in disguise I see the freak in you eyes
You got between your thighs from fuckin to many guys
And yet still you play the sweet role but we know
That you juggle dicks like slot machines at a casino
I'm high as hell so I'm flaotin
Up in the party tokin
A 44 max and nigga don't jack
Cause I blast away fuck up a niggas whole day
Get the wildin and shoot this btich up in the party
Mobsta style you ain't had a thug in a while
I hit her wit the proposition as she's peepin me out
So whats the lick shorty? Fuck the game me or the lane
She hoped in the Range and then her attitude changed
She said "I know you fool you one of them Mobsta niggas"
"Who rap wit Twista, wheres he at" fired up wit some liquor
Hold tight shorty we almost at the City Inn
I told Maze about the lick soon as he buzzed me in

Baby if you want to party tonight
then let me see you touch your toes
And show me you a party hoe
I got my niggas you got your girls
cause bitch we fucked the world and how do we hurl
Only if you partying hoe

I gotta confess I think I'm obsessed wit group sex
Yo lets have a contest and see who do it the best
Inside of Nubian flesh make me wanna get undressed
Tap that ass from the back cause baby your bodies blessed
And your friend to she bend too
Bust out some ginseng brew so I can dick your whole crew
That's the shit I'm into pass some pussy to my guys
Put my dick in your mouth shoot the loogy in your eye
I don't wanna socialize I'm just trying to get bucked
So after you get fucked you hoes gotta raise up
Bumpin out just blaze up big ol' B and the T's
Kick off the party wit you and your homies or your knees
While y'all party to see who got the most superb herb
Nigga Stokes gonna stroke that ass wit the killa curb
Till sober and then do it over again
Cause who ever taste the most dick is the one to win
So open them thighs wide while a nigga slide in
Let me see how many different ways your body can bend
Trippin on Liff spinnin your girl like he gonna miss her
While I'm opening the door for my niggaro Twista


Oh gody what a sexy body you likes to party bitch come on get bucked
I gots to get some if I can't bust one gots to get fucked
Immaculate love get wit the look up at the ceiling lens
A pen of friends bring the Rhemy in I'm sinner sinning sin
Come up inside surprise pour Heny in a glass
Pretties is fast I'm glad squeezing tities and ass
Freakin at last Maze and Liff happy ever so horny
And one of them bonin what I'm gonna do now all of them want me
They slobbin and bobbin steady mobbin and globbin
like they slob whenever they party
But this big fat thick bitch made my dick hard
No that its swollen she choking
while her cheeks parted open the bitch started stroking
And I'm hoping the girl is hot and soakin, play wit her emotions
Talk about a Chi-Town po pimp
Let's flash the gold and wether or not get the dough gotta grab fo fin
Mo' freaks came thinking I don't want 'em I show
I got a gun, put you mouth around my scrotum and hold 'em
And catchin me bring that ass to me I have to see
Maze broke after me all of us going Ugh!! like Masta P
Boys is laughin cause we got the girls partying up
How they get fucked stroll to Bobby's we grab the shoties and bust


Chicago got the party hoes to get bucked
Oakland city got the party hoes to get bucked
K-Town got the party hoes to get bucked
The Westside got the party hoes to get bucked
Detroit got the party hoes to get bucked
Puerto Pico got the party hoes to get bucked
Cleveland got the party hoes to get bucked
LA got the party hoes to get bucked
Tokyo got the party hoes to get bucked
ATL got the party hoes to get bucked
Northbound got the party hoes to get bucked
The projects got the party hoes to get bucked
Trinidad got the party hoes to get bucked
Big Green got the party hoes to get bucked
Southside got the party hoes to get bucked
The Coins got the party hoes to get bucked
Even Teal got the party hoes to get bucked

. . .

w/ The Speedknot Mobstaz

[Liffy Stokes]
It's like I got the 4-4 cocked
On the block in it two door dropped
And my spot is keepin but hot
The pussy-ass cop throw some murder in the lot
My nigga got popped with a bullet that was meant for me
The adapt by T's and B's and the regencies
Fuck what the reason be, I'ma start squeezin these
Them niggas ain't G's, they wanna be thugs
And it ain't shit, these ain't no motherfuckin slugs
The fools and plugged plus ain't no hoes over here
I done dropped more dead bodies than tears
Brought to life momma's worst fears
Pictures of a son dyin from that hot ones flyin
Baby mama's cryin at the funeral
Cause the magnum lit him like a Black & Mild
When I rolled out on his ass on the solo
I caught him up on mo-mo cookin up co-co
I got to tip on the low-low
Bust it there like po-po takin lives with the, oh no
It's a 4-4, mini-missle with a silencer for the whistle
My favorite pistol, cause when I let that bitch ride
I know the homicide is being carried out in official
Niggas steady bumpin guns, but don't want none
Because of these hot ones that explode on contact
A manic that's prepared to die in combat
Besides all that a 4-4 keeps me laced, don't be petty to say
I can see the fear in your face
as I reach my waist for this warm embrace

I got plenty love for the 4-4
But when I pick it up, I don't wanna let it go
Because a nigga straight lovin' your warm embrace
I got plenty love for the 4-5
But when I pick it up, I don't wanna let it ride
But still I bust 'cause I survive from your warm embrace
I got plenty love for the nine-mill
And when I pick it up, I don't really wanna kill
But still I bust because I'm needin' your warm embrace
All you muthafuckas better duck and hide
Before I let it ride, the sucka stepped aside
Still I bust because I'm lovin' your warm embrace

I love the element of surprise when I'm taking these hoes lives
With my customized 4-5
Get enough ammunition to knock off you, your crew and some more guys
You muthafuckas better get wise
Make sure your first shot is sweet, tryin to kill the elite
Cause you ain't gettin no more tries
Hate to make a nubian mother weap, but fuck it
Long as I don't hear the hoe cry
Split a beam between his eyes and make that bitch nigga so wise
No matter what the size of the warm embrace of my forty-five
Make sure the nigga crossed through dies
You don't wanna throw them thangs
Cause when I cocked and aim it's time to think in a split second time
But Mayz ain't new to the game
I use the spark when the shots light up this thunderin crime
But niggas get bucked for dime and it's like you're a magnet for sin
Punk pretend to be your friend til they get close enough to your ends
To do you in, that shit puts me on ten
And make me wanna put the barrel of this solid fiend
Upon under that nigga's chin, plus he talkin big shit about war
Like he don't know my Speedknot Mob gon' win
But I dare one of you niggas to say my name
Cause I put a fuckin bullet into your closest kin
Just to get under your skin like a dirty syringe
Plus I know you can't win with a gun or a pin
So when you see Mayz come in the place you better say your grace
Before I fuck up your face like a can of mace
Before I get disgraced, I'ma catch a case
Maybe you hoes fear the wrath of my warm embrace


With you my passion, nina squeeze off seventeen, for sure
Hold you ever so tightly, I love you nina and never wanna let you go
Miss Millimeter's makin a mockery of motherfuckers gotsta be ruckus
When I get my clutches upon this hoe
Itchin' to let the barrel blow
Like a sparrow, how it flow, like an arrow, geronimo
Spit 'em up and swallow slow
I reload, clippin' your ass crack, you constantly blast back
Payback from flashback, some bitches know
Bust 'til I see the chrome from the intro
You was fucked from the phasin', deep with the cuts and abrasion
Erupts and amazin', nigga, my nina bucked
Fuck the gazin and enemies get tore up from the blazin
Fool you be burnin' them with your black ass
Murderous hips, hurtin' the grips, ride on personal list
Deposition die for servin' them six
Everyone of 'em with a hit but some are missin' of a jerk to the kick
'Cause I be working my bitch
Tryin' to pimp her but she a wild and a tame thang
Kick a static on when she gangbang, blast in the fullest moon
Niggas better pull it soon or else suffer hellafied bullet wounds
And even though I stay clubbed with some thugs, why call 'em stug
When it comes to her love, it's none above she drawin blood
Static under the bra 'cause everytime I take a hit at the bud
And give you a hug you gon' pop up a slug
Drinkin' remy on the block, gotta bust the glock
When the henny hit the chest, bustin' smith-n-wess
Fuck the discussion, I'm bustin' 'em all, clutchin' my balls
If I see y'all be laid to rest, let me hit the sess
Loose revolver used to be a problem solver
But the nina made me a baller
No strap could take the place of the black nine
Leave 'em flat lines, feelin' fury, you was born to taste
From my warm embrace


I got plenty love for the 4-4, 4-4, 4-4
Warm embrace
I got plenty love for the 4-5 (4-5), 4-5 (4-5), 4-5
Warm embrace

. . .

w/ The Speedknot Mobstaz
f/ Baby Boy

[Ad libs by Baby Boy]

[Mayz - Spoken]
Shorty, come here girl
You know you (?)
What's goin' on with your thick-ass
Check this out
I got this weed, we got this henny and this alaze
I got my guys the Mobstaz, Twista over there
You know what I'm sayin, we fin to do it up
We fin to kick it and smoke
You know what I'm sayin'
I want you to roll thick with us, let's ride

What's up miss thang, tell me what's your name
Coke throwin', I'm that rugged brother Mayz with a hyper but a flow
Let me take you for a cruise and we go to Tahoe
We can smoke and ride to the remix of "Nice & Slow"
Ain't no reason to say no, all I want is a good time
By getting in the 50 yard line and bump and grind
We can get our grub on but I ain't spendin' a dime
Except for (..?..) swisses and wine
I wanna drink until we're boozed at the match of playin' (?)
While I'm takin' you to school we can trip and get cool
And talk about how fun it is to break the rules
Then you do these fantasies to try something new
Baby let me sell you the dream and make 'em come true
It ain't all about sex but we can do that too
Get you something to go back to tell the girls in your crew
I hope you do so I can get with them and tell 'em how you feel

Girl I just wanna smoke with you
Girl I just wanna smoke with you
Some with you

[Liffy Stokes]
It ain't nothin' like bendin' curbs, puffin' herbs
On the mission for derb 'cause all week all served
Now it's time to lay back with some cogniac
Pullin' up blow, tell 'em where my homies at
Push on that pack tell 'em niggas I'll be back
I got a green broke down for some else to grab
A bitch in school, kicked off the piece and loot
Gettin' derb loverly as we cruise the coupe
Hoes swoop like troops to dive in while I'm drivin'
Got a wave and choosin' a slick nigga who's rotten
Bumpin' it feels good, chokin' on backwoods
With a pocket full of scraps, the sun beams on the wood
It used to be henny but now it's remy (?)
And mo' poppin' got me the (?) with (..?..)
Partyin' with my people as we sit, we're payin' dues
So I make it my business to ride up and smoke with you


[Baby Boy]
I wanna smoke with you
I wanna smoke with you
I wanna smoke with you
I wanna smoke with you
Smoke with you

Sex you with the different flows, (?) the O's of three different drawers
Pimpin' though to pop a hoe, roll in my Optimos
I can illy with the doves, make feelings with the tounge
Henny all the time, fuck that, I really want some fun
'Cause this canibus, scandalous, it's romantic, it's Romeo
Look at my 4 forty-O see how much (?) be blow
Show for sure, met this click names Swisha lick a low
Hit the demo, tappin' hen (?) on, you know
Now must've been those parties up in (?) with rollies
Then I'm ghost like Obie Kinobie with a bitch and my homie
And (?) get roadies
I can swole and roll in no trays
Smokin' this sticky spliff with Lif and purple haze with Mayz
Blaze on Baby Boy, smoke out from the lot to the bungalo
Where I run up and hoes do shot right up the nose
Come up with those, by the way now girl, now I know you ain't finished
When the sticky menace get in this, we gon' get down to business
Let me smoke with you


[Baby Boy]
Can I smoke with you
Can I, can I smoke with you
Baby can I smoke with you
Baby and your friends too
So baby what'd you wanna do
Can I smoke with you, baby
So tell me what'd you wanna do, oh
Smoke with you, ooh, oh
So baby what'd you wanna do
Can I smoke with you
And your friends too
Oh baby, yeah

. . .

w/ The Speedknot Mobstaz
f/ Shock The World

Saw a little motherfucker and y'all was ready to bend
Left the mob for something petty but then fetti got thin
Now you back where you begin while I'm livin on ten
Got inns sittin in a Benz wit rims sippin on Hen
Wit Stokes, Twist, and Mayze while you broke bitch I'm paid
Should of stayed but betrayed look at the cheddar you could have made
You started with the mob thought you was harder than the mob
But ain't no one motherfucker larger than this mob
Swear to god, for y'all C-Wall ain't got love
No only one that's gonna be on you side is this hot slug
For the dead and locked I'm throwin my mob up
Cock and bust to all y'all bitches die for crossin us

[Liffy Stokes]
I smell some bitch niggas amongst us, now they gone
And when you see me on the streets be strapped cause I'm at you dome
And that's wit or without a mask on, cause I'ma blast on sight
Even if it's in traffic in broad daylight
The only way you live if it don't spray right
But you out your death wish so if I miss you'll be facin barrels by midknight
And that's on these four fingers I hold high
Anybody who crosses my mobsta family they die
I hollered at my boy James to bless me wit some mo' thangs
A mobstaz hard to kill like stopping off of cocaine
I'm leavin out sweated no dynasty clicks crushin bitches wit this
Nigga your songs ain't shit, they can't even fade our skits eat a dick

Nigga cross the mob so what's up
In every destination retaliation gotta fuck 'em up
Nigga cross the mob so what's up
In every destination retaliation gotta get 'em up
Shit are y'all about ready to die for this fetti fuck everyting that's petty
Down to do dirt lets put in work
Stay together whether we rappin of slangin ye together
Get the paper but don't cross the mob and get hurt loyalty's first

When everything was all good y'all niggas threw the wall up
But when the shit hit the fan I watch you bitches ball up
Now you time is all up, fuck who you call up
My niggas all bust, my killas all nuts
What the fuck you call us, what you say about C-Wall
Playa hatin how we ball, nigga we'll be to see y'all
And you mob gonna end up the same homie, put this pain on you
No love my slugs got them thugs name on 'em
If he wit his kids I'm blow his brains on 'em, put the chains on 'em
Go insane on em', guess he done wit that work range on em
Rain over, so nigga respect my mob like royalty
'Till I'm dead y'all hoes dred my love, life, and loyalty

When you come strapped in a circle
No I'm finna hurt you
Cause the mob put me peeped all of your loopholes
Cause the trigger work you
Bust all of you bitches and all of you hoes
When the bruh come
Thugs betta run shit look at what thugs want
See what drugs done
When held the gun got you runnin from a loved one
Thought you was down to die but you been found to lie
So fuck you can't trust you, gotta bust you
Crush you now you can't lick hits and hustle
Try to flex your muscle
But my criteria gotta over comes yo strategies
Try to make a mob out of peas
I can ride on you wit Money-T and an amount of cheese
Plus I had a lot of bud in 'em
I get mad at the budgin' 'em
Whippin out the stud in 'em
But I ain't even studying
If again and it's on I just put a slug in him
Duggin him dead and headin hoes off at the pass
Open up a can of kick ass
Toy wit me loyalty die quick blast

I roll wit straight mobsta leaners
That always carry beamers
And exercising trigger fingers on niggas who come between us
Shockin' the world wit young slingers
And we can't be defeated, even if you triple team us
Cause this game got my mod deranged if you in pain
Kamokaze like my nigga Lo if we loose to you man
So ready to aim cause it ain't shit to explain
Shots to exchange plenty of paper in the game
To help us remain on top of the world until we go bang
Doin our thang while y'all niggas just hate and complain in vain
But it'ws still gonna be the same we gonna mob forever
And out shine all you bitch ass niggas together


. . .

w/ The Speedknot Mobstaz

*Liffy Stokes*
the stress of everyday living is slowly corrupting my soul
Im 2 months out the joint on papers walking with 3 years parole
I did 4 and a half a slab and shit a nigga was dying
I'm finally back in the world and its hard but I'm still trying
not to fall and risk my freedom again trying to ball
while waiting for this pussy ass job to call
and it ain't hopping
got me tipping to hear them things popping
cash bags dropping
with plenty of cane for recopping oppurtunity knocking
its what I'm on
I cry when I'm at home cause I'm alone
24 years and grown with a future unknown
my heart was torn from the pain of being back in the game
but I'd rather die getting my hussle on and live like a lane
so its back to pistols and cane
plotting on licks hitting stains
the mob life runs through my veins
its too late for me to change
these streets got me deranged
strapped up and paranoid
ready to add on situations I can and can't avoid
plus big voices getting hot
they constantly sneaking on blocks
they trying to bring me in unconscious
but them pins got popped
now they got me on the run
cherishing every last breath
but I ain't going back
its freedom or death
that be my motive for murder


*Liffy Stokes*
now I know you the judge of life and death
I ain't evil or nothing
but somebody done brought me pain and sorrow
so I'ma have to kill something
let me count the ways that I can repent
trying to stay holy and focused
but that evil in his eyes let me know that nigga too bogus
that be my motive for murder

I'ma survive these streets another day
I know the pain in my heart won't go away
these mother fuckers try to murder me
and won't nobdy hurt my family
thats what he gotta die


9 times out of 10 you can find Mays trying to hit a better lick
if it ain't coming up with the dopest shit
then I'm trying to cop the thickest brick
cause life in the belly of the best
is equal to povertys bottomless pit
where bitch niggas trick
and thirsty mother fuckers beat you out of everything you get
but it seems like everybodys trying to make some type of come up quick
before its too late to get straight
and the most I make is final pick
anywhere they shit like riding slick
with a thick chick slobbing your dick
even if it means fighting these niggas in cases
as long as neither ones thick
cause I swear when I get hit
I go in a crucial rage like a flick
turn straight lunatic
making all these bitches niggas hear their final tick
but that don't mean my minds sick
just cause I'm motivated by a lot of cheese
when trees by the p's
and fuckin fine fee's and 3's with ease
for sho the skilled poets
within in the mask up kill for it
I'll whoop a fiend with a crushed grill
I'll bet his dumb ass'll stil blow it
bullshit ain't nothing
I'm trying to get this first mil in the bank
and drive a bullet-proof hummer tank
so the next haters who try to air me out come up blank
and I'ma have to sacrifice your life
with a wrath thats stronger than christ
and forces of life thats know to do damage to human eyesight
I guess its true
moneys the route of all evil
cause crooked or legal
its all manipulated by the eagle
and be my motive for murder


lord knows I was hurt from a judge from the start
how I'ma hide love from this mark
this nigga made my homie die in my arms
had to put a slug in his heart
mother fuck that stuff
it was just a grudge on his part
my boy was young and ambitious
took his dreams and wishes
try to do right but my attitude like blast them bitches
drowning all my sorrows in bottles of yack
and a quarter ounce of dro want a rap
I'm bout to snap
here come the big pay back
looking up on the dresser for the black and gray strap
I'm crying and shit
I was hurt so bad I felt I had to go kill him
even if a slug hit him
I was still hurt enough to aim at myself and die with him
can't control them pains
now its time to throw them thangs
visions of the stud don't stay
empty the clip of am out right
ambulance come around
by the time the hypes
taking of his nikes
I know it sound cold
but this bullet put a hole in my soul
?never shorties years stole?
he was only 17 years old
and at the funeral I got to watch his mama's tears roll
and I know he used to wild sometimes
carry a 9 but you took away your sunshine
no more reminising on the fun times
balling and coming at bitches with blunt lines
but this nigga ain't going to want mine
for the pain I'ma handle this funk and dismantle this junk
fuck all that
in all black and then pumped
to run up on this nigga
tip up on him then jump
mission to kill armed with a fist full of steel
eyes gleam with the fury
never thought I'd be facing to 2 mothers
in front of a prosecuting team and a jury
how did one murder turn into 2
revenge had me shooting thorugh hate
I couldn't stop
in the mist of the action
is when that little ? got shot
all because of my motive for murder

. . .

w/ The Speedknot Mobstaz
f/ Vicky

[Chorus 2x]
Hey lover, am I the only one
Or are you selling your baby a dream
(Am I who you thinkin' of, who you thinkin' of)
Hey lover boy, am I the only one
Or are you selling your baby a dream
(Am I a sucker for love, a sucker for love)

Damn, I'm trippin' 'cause I never really felt like this
To me women used to be only fuck foxes
But it's like with you I cherish every kiss
I know it's a risk but you make me wanna come clean
I wanna make you my queen
Put you in a crib and give you plenty green
To help you fulfill all your childhood dreams
Only for your love I fiend
'Cause the way you put it on me make me wanna scream
And fuck you in places you ain't never seen
In a private boat as we float down stream
Yeah I already know you done heard this before
But the way you make me feel is real
Playas don't love no hoes but stayin' true like you do
Got me head over heals, so tell me what's the deal, baby
'Cause you lookin' too fine to not be mine
And I ain't gon' never be satisfied
Unless you're on my side to the end of time
I can tell you think I'm lying
But I swear to you girl this ain't no scheme
You stay on my mind, even in my sleep
You keep a nigga havin' wet dreams, on the real

[Chorus 2x]

[Liffy Stokes]
From the first time I met ya, you was on my mind all night
A Maybelene queen with a body too tight
Wearin' black and white and some brand new Mike's
Draped in ice, attitude nice
You the type of woman that I need in my life
To add a little spice, cookin' nigga steak and rice
I can see ud one day man and wife
Walkin' down the aisle, havin' our first child
Plus our marriage worth while
With a brand new lifestyle, I could walk that mile
But baby I need you right now
In my arms caressin' me
I can see your eyes undressing me
Girl it's destiny and love is the recipe
But this way's got the best of me
On everything, I can guarantee you better things
If you just get rid of "what's his name"
And let me in your world
So I can show you, baby, that my love is real and not a game
So can a brother come through
So I can show you, boo, just exactly what I mean
It don't matter if you fuck me tonight or next month
Babe, only time can reveal a dream

[Chorus 2x]

Baby I'll drink your bath water about a pint
Think I'm ever gon' give your love away, uh-uh
I ain't sayin' you never lovin' another nice stud but shit
I'm cravin' you every night and we just met on a night
But it seems like I've been knowin' you all my life
Ain't it funny how you be thinkin' you never be true enough, but you the one
A helpless seeks succumb, lovin' you more than everything
But my dollars, (?) and smokin' sticky up through the lungs
I can see you havin' my sons, screamin' your name on my next tape deck
In the city, no hear my pretty go
Quick to break a 54, put you on my video
Young and witty hoe, the only thing I'm feelin' pity for
I don't know what I was frontin' on
But I don't see nothin' wrong, sprung or gone
My every heartbeat's weaker, follow the leader
I promise I won't hurt you baby
Don't feel the heatseaker 'cause we gon' be smokin' on sweet cheeba
Take my boo to the mall and go shopping until we fall
Get you the finest things like diamond rings
Even though my mind is strain, I'm tryin' to change
How we fuck and kiss and the hugging make me bind the pain
No lying, no game, you gon' give me some, hey now, we freakin' up in the cut
'Cause I just sold you a dream hoe, like a girl did to my homie
Your house was spittin' and we fuckin' the uh
A sucker for love, a sucker for love

[Chorus 2x]

. . .

w/ The Speedknot Mobstaz

Haha, heh, last time for the mobsta
Get up in here and do our thang, heh
That's how we gon' do

Get down to the club
Chokin' on sticky and everything was loved, oh yeah
Look here now
Then on came the lights, hey
All the niggas and bitches in the party was feelin' high
Liffy Stokes bring it

[Liffy Stokes]
Tonight's gon' be the bomb, it's warm and calm
I got to take this cool in my arm with an ounce in my palm
I done took the bottle with Don, and I'm back for sure
Actin' a fool, gettin' skully, mixin' henny and mo
With plenty to draw, and we gotta blaze by the door
With too much M to the O from rushin' the dance floor
Mob style runnin' wild through every section and aisle
Drinkin' River, pissy now, collectin' numbers to dial
Talkin' loud, flash the cheese just for the haters and keys
That try to catch me sooner so they can cease without the cheese
Through mobstability, y'all be killin' me
With that weak shit, a nigga just came to party
With my guys and women probably pitchin' couple of innings
Break em down through my winnings and come out Detroit grinnin
With my paper and ladies on the E doin' about eighty
Tryin' to get to the (?) so that freaky bitch can lay me

When the mobstas rock y'all spot
Watch all the niggas and bitches start dancin'
Big ballers wave y'all knots
'Cause y'all the ones playa haters can't stand with
The mobstas rock y'all spot
Watch all the niggas and bitches start dancin'
Big ballers wave y'all knots
'Cause y'all the ones playa haters can't stand with

I'm bendin' curves through the gym straight smokin' and drinkin'
Westside, mob style, and the mink and the lickin'
Trippin' on the cutie that's winkin'
'Cause she know we got the shit that rocks her block
And put the boom in your box and make your speakers pop
So I take this as my cue to make sure shorty don't snooze
The mobsta's rockin' tonight at the House of Blues
With some mo and some crews and now she lookin' in dues
Talkin' about bringin' our homies and puttin' on dancin' shoes
It's like that y'all, let your paper stack tall
So when you hit the club you can ball and get some numbers to call
Don't worry about the playa haters leanin' on the wall
Because when they get the gold and start to ball
They gonna have to fight us all to the end
Playas get a glass and a set of twins
In different clothes so they can be a thug's extend
'Cause when this party ends another begins it don't stop
So flash your knot and beep me at my guy's red shop


Hey hey, oh suki-suki now, look here now, what's cookin' now
Shook it shook it, child, shake it down, let's boogie now
From the hood and I be the chief, feelin' good as taters and waiters
With playas with the ladies pullin' up in big-ridin' Mercedes
This party gon' fade me, smokin' with the brokes and the brothers
Cherry gators, yo dawg, this pocket's full hundreds and rollers
I'm kickin' it out with tippin' dippin' off from the laws
In the glance of an eye with drawers, while they hustlin' just to ball
(?) so I bought a drink, sport a link, recall the mink
Hoe figure she was pretty and think maybe I ought to wink
And she takes a glance, party'a boomin' so maybe I got a chance
This cutie got too much booty and I asked her to dance
Flippin' 50s in my hand, champagne all up in my face
Takin' pictures, (?) close 'em all bitches' probably in the place
Straight po pimpin', I'm trippin' (?) it's the weekend
Steady quickin', take a pimpin' and pay the scraps for sneakin'
'Cause when the...

[Chorus til End]

Throw it up, are you a true money maker
Throw it up, 'cause you a big time playa

. . .

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