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Background information
Birth name Carl Terrell Mitchell
Born November 27, 1973
Born place Chicago, Illinois, United States
Genre(s) Hip-hop
Years active 1990—present
Label(s) Atlantic Records
Capitol Records
Loud Records
Get Money Gang Entertainment
Website Website

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Twista Album

with Legit Ballaz
Legit Ballin' (11/30/1999)
It's Burning (Skit)
Don Juan (Skit)
Don Juan (Skit 2)
Pastor Ya'Dig (Skit)
Unprotective Sex (Skit)
Get 'Em Off Me (Skit)
Born This Way
Weeeee Straight (Outro)
. . .

No mothafuckin mercy for tha new millennium
It's Victory or Death
I'm tha Twista in this bitch
Mothafuckaz talkin 'bout styles and shit
And who bit what and who made what
Nigga fuck all y'all styles
I'm finna set this shit off like this here

Chitowns murderous mob gothic
Hard knock it give me tha mothafuckin ammunition I'll cock it
Respected like i'm one of Gods prophets
Gotta put it down for legit ballaz and you don't think
That i'll rock it annihilate that nigga
'Cuz like a lamb I was sacrificed for this verbal murder religion
Imprisioned by my hunger to succeed
By the heart I be driven
No shakin, no shiverin, get your shit to bleed
Reciting street literature, shall i spit tha creed
Now who them mothafuckaz talkin 'bout bitin
Go get me the pump-out of my trunk-I'm finna buss
Y'all better run punk
Fuck where you got your style from I be the one
Rippin the track and I'm murderin
I'm in the middle of killin 'em off when the guns dump
With a young pump two to the brain don't even harm me
You fuckin every party, you wont even startle
You' the harder crew of lyrical giants
Turnin mothafuckaz like u to microscopic particles
To hype, to stop it the modules on cruise control
Ride out on these niggas-bitches-ho's
Ain't takin no titles I instantly bruise your soul
Talkin that shit to me- trigger vicious flows
Get to rippin my clothes and start snappin like I'm
Sniffin shit up the nose, and catchin convulsions
Till i'm trembling no surrendering start shootin and
Knockin mothafuckaz out like Benalyn
Reminiscin' on that adrenaline
Oh, now you rememberin
Overdose 'em on poisonous poetry from the west to the wild y'all
Gangbagin like Gotti, rockin tha party
Straight up shockin your body doin it Kami Kaze style y'all

Hook 1:
Cause it's Victory or Death nigga, better stay out the way
When my adrenaline pumpin or you can get a..(click-clock-blast)
Die mothafucka die!
Ain't no makin me bleed cause i've got family to feed
It's (repeat)

Hook 2:
I would rather die before i cant prosper I'm a mobsta
Won't stop ballin, because it's meant to be,
It's Victory or Death I gotta hustle till i'm gone

To all the folks and the lords.
The bloods and the crips and every ward lets roll
You gotta go- for what you know
If it's retaliation get low
When you get to the calico let it flow
Make these niggaz know in the door
Make a mothafucka bleed for what you need
Cuz the familys gotta eat in the last days it's hatred and greed
Luv to the Gov's, B.M.'s, Field marshals, elites and the chief
Soldiers we better take heed and realize
Signs of the times, stand by yo 9,
Watch out for tha haters and write yo' rhymes
But the industry is set up to fuck u so u better be on the grind
Don't be one of the blind gotta stay alert
And put in work cuz time is almost up
Twistas, Hurricanes, and Volcanoes erupt
So we can't stop the struggle,
I'm killin my enemy, breakin 'em off and not givin a fuck.
And I pray to the Lord my soul to keep
When i go to the sky
Thank you from savin me form a torturous life of hell,
But hile I'm here I'm straight legit ballin until I die
Lets better these years, feel the blood sweat and the tears
Organize, I'll sit back and smoke a Philly witcha
Never scared of my peers, I only got federal fears
And I'm known to put it down for my city nigga
And when we get full of this indo
Hydroponics and Chronic lock up ya doors and tha window
Better go and call up your kinfolks
Cause the riders that's down with this mob
Will murder when the wind blow
Don't know what you info
We bring terror in this Apocalyptic era of Armageddon we headin in
And the only way we can survive is if we come hard
And strive to be gods instead of men!

. . .

w/ The Speedknot Mobstaz

Once again, another Trax productions
Rush for the 9-8, mobsta elites
Ain't it a shame how we make ballin' look so sweet
Especially when you ain't gotta hide your shit
You know what I'm sayin', you can just ball for free
Campaignin' your nation, in a legit demonstration
And gotta face incarceration
Eh yo, Liffy Stokes, let 'em know what's happenin'

[Liffy Stokes]
A nigga been hustlin' so long, God knows I've done so much wrong
I was 16 grown and holdin' chrome, servin' blows, we in' zones
My mom didn't understand me "Boy, you gon' die just like your daddy
from two to the head, dumped in the riverbed
I didn't to hurt you so badly," I was young and dumb
Fast life sprung of the money and hoes that it brung
Had a clip full of hollows to bring your momma sorrow
But now regret what I've done
Drama's all in the game whether gang bang or slang
I had to do my thang
When the shots rang, that's when it clicks in my brain
All the shit's the same
My nigga need a change, I had to get off out these streets
To get you out your seat
Flip a Trax beat, hit the crib and puff on a sweet
And let 'em feel something deep
Deep so the realest can feel
How I felt right before I bust that steel
Rappin 'bout my life of skrill
And the everyday struggles of a nigga in the chill

[Chorus 2x]
Come on and take a little trip with a legit balla
Chi shot-callers (Shot up the chrome and let's swang)
Tigers all up in the wall
(Some bitches in the back and a pocket full of scratch
take a match and spark up a little bud and get blown away)

This shit I've been tokin' is potent
Got me straight thinkin' about takin' Mary Jane and eloping
Blowin' smoke with the sunroof half-way opened
Countercode with the scope in close range
I guess he gotta aim, and stick a few thangs in the nigga's brain
No face straps (?) thinkin' that he can
Puttin' food on table is an everyday strain
But now I did finally flip my shit legit
And workin' a different angle of the game
Even though my hussle ain't changed
I'm still prayin' my best presence to overcome my pain
Singin' tapes of cain
The roads to riches seems longer than the freight train
And every little stop keep a nigga tryin' to plot
On the paper you done gain until you drain
But I put that on the foe
I'ma flow 'til I got no choice, or better yet no voice
But still by that time I hope to write enough rhymes
To own a fleet real estate with a Rolce Royce
Rollin' deep through this Chi-Town streets
With my mobsta elites on the way to North Riverside Mall
Givin' thanks to the all for givin' me a legit where to ball at
Keepin' shit tight for y'all

[Chorus 2x]

On the bus in disgust will I able to throw rocks in my pocket
Nickel sacks in the other
For po-pos who watch, can't stop, it's hot
But I gotta make a profit for my baby and my mother
Straight up hustler
What's the mental frame of mind
That nigga had to have the roll
Be sold, or be poor up in these city streets
Or with the pistol playin' for you Mr. Reaper
Forgive those, I explode like c-4 so give me 50 feet
Bustin' shots in every directions
a nigga stop a moment from getting made
I done witnessed public aid, people get sprayed, the tip raise
And momma cry, why my bills won't get paid
If I have to I'ma send cheese from blows
Nobody can hurt me or run thugsta greed, GD's or foes
Workin' the spot 'cause we need some clothes
Who ever thought I'd be making money off of my CD's and shows
My crib got gats in the hall, rats steady crawl
Roaches comin' out the cracks in the wall
On the tip, bust it with my back to the wall
Work my way up to an ounce, now I'm back to a ball
Now I fin to spend stacks at the mall
Bend the blocks on barbers hopin' my profits stack a bit taller
Twista AKA "The Bitch Caller", bring your money to the mob
Just to be a pimp-shit talker

[Chorus 2x]

If it's on, I gotta ride out with my mobstas, hmm-hmm
It it's on, then I gotta ride out with the mobstas, hmm-hmm
If it's on, I gotta ride out with my mobstas, hmm-hmm
If it's on, I gotta ride out with my mobstas, hmm-hmm
La-da-da, la-da-da, da-da-da-da, da-da (Mobstas)
La-da-da, la-da-da, da-da-da-da, da-da (Mobstas)
La-da-da, la-da-da, da-da-da-da, da-da (Mobstas)

. . .

f/ Todd Nitty

Artilerry motherfucker, legit balling bitch but don't get it twisted
Ain't no hoes over here
Yeah, we got guns nigga, aimed at all you hating bitches
From K-Town to the Manor, Holy City to the Wild Hundreds
The war is on, and all my killers is riding
Todd Nitty, what you got for these hoes (click...clock...blast)

(Todd Nitty)
I got that 9 double M glock, with the infrared beam dot
Aiming at your knot, making your heart stop
Yelling out "Fuck Tha Po" who some call it 5-0
Better look out for when they pull that kick door
Nothing but gangstas, thats all who I hang with
Slanging them thangs with, came up in the game with
The fucking hood rats, because them some broke hoes
Me get a rich bitch and stick her for her dough
The Manor in that K-Town, thats how we put it down
Letting off fifty rounds, thats how our shit sound
Artillery up the ass, scullies and ski masks
9's and bubble masks, gunning at your ass
Motherfucking street thugs, legit ballers
Money and the power, moving that flour
Taking no shorts and taking no losses
Hauling niggas asses off in coffins with that..


One, two, three, 45.'s,
Six, seven, eight, nine milli-meter
Ten, eleven, twelve gauge pump nigga (4x)

A nigga riding with stealers, hustlers, killers all my life
Legit Ballers bitch, don't even try to fuck with us gangsta's
Because we some mobstas
You come with that bullshit, then pussy I'll pop ya'
See it's that nigga Todd Nitty, that be squeezing triggers like bitches
Who is it, the most left on nigga, they crept on nigga, with that teflon nigga
And it went BLOW! BLOW! body bag that bitch
Sent his ass to the morgue with the rest of them snitches
I heat 'em up like a motherfucking Newport
Left his ass with more holes than a golf course
What you thought boy, I'm from that 9th Ward
Where them stories are true about them Manor boys
How we leaving 'em, bleedin' and crawling on the ground
Like he's a dead nigga now


I got that love for my nigga Twist, for aid and assistance
He told me holsters, caught him up in some bullshit
Don't even trips though, I'm heading in your route
Soon as I roll up, we puttin' they lights out
Poppin' a clip in, with one in the chamber

Finna' ride on a stranger, put the hoes life in danger

(Todd Nitty)
Started letting off hollows, straight through they car door

I'm a G from Chicago, pull the game weightless where I go

(Todd Nitty)
Bustin' pistols with laser injects, putting holes in they Avarex

Going straight through your tailored vests, now it's you or your neighbor next

(Todd Nitty)
Now we got your boy tied up, to the hideout we ride up

They gonna show us the stash-pot, with the little handles side up

(Todd Nitty)
Took the money and lello, and thats hwo the day goes

Get the bankroll, gotta gank hoes, and I got the 44.
Time to leave finna' go
Hit 'em with that...

. . .

It's Burning

[No lyrics]

. . .

f/ Erika Kane

(Erika Kane)
I open up wide open and leave those niggas wide open
hoping for the next supreme stroking dream soaking
Coat in my choking, poking till I'm choking
Niggas croaking never welcome I ain't joking
you know I'm smoking I get the job done
I suck ya dick in front of ya man and make us all cum
leave em all sprung
dirt is awesome superb all tongue suck it like a dum dum
using mommy as the rule of dumb when you choosing em
now ya know you fuck with hood rat hoes
seeing Kane cruising and wanting me and you with them
cause it went down but you ain't true to them so who is them
I ain't lying shit
get up with a mady 9 chick that brings like to dicks
with Viagra's lips dips a tits and whips
leaving dirty tips that chicks while they ride
Kane had hoes around the globe open wide

wide open
like the 7 seas in the ocean soaking like tides rolling
babs coating she glad stroking
loving the shit floating the drip
the way you sucking the dick just keep on sucking it bitch

(Erika Kane)
ugh now let me tell you how I'm working that nigga
bobbing his dick up and down spiting jerking that nigga
licking that tip all around I'm I hurting ya nigga
Kane ain't nothing nice thats for certain my nigga
I get the dick wetter than Victoria Falls
I got ya danced up and drought as I move to ya balls
from taking chillys side to side and my baby ka jaws
get it straight nigga I suck a dick for the cause
nigga climbing the walls spread them lets like a bitch
nigga I get it all you cant handle this shit
when I get the jack in the dick then at the same time nigga
blowing ya mind lick your G-spot from behind
when ya gone find a bitch wet em like this
niggas is mad they bitch cant stroke em like this
the truth of the matter shoulda broke em like this
ain't sugar coating shit blood sucking the dick


(Erika Kane)
type of chick hella buff picture perfect nigga
if I jerk this shit you must be worth it nigga
I know ya had a bitch but I converted nigga
to a hot dick sucking that clit ass licking perverted nigga
got the nerve nigga pulling out a fat dick
like a bitch wont get it wet with a slick lip
lick on the tip with the tit lips
deep dish how ya tricking on some sweet shits
what ya mean bitch?
if you ain't sucking than swallow back of the Tahoe
mommy had ya happing like problems in sea like macono
bitch sucking ramodo
like hitting the lotto when tasting ya nothing
rub the dick all on my face while this nigga still cummin
still humming niggas stunning what you tryin to say something
"oooo slow down girl girl shit get back shit girl"


ugh huh
wha wha

. . .

Don Juan

[No lyrics]

. . .

f/ Johnny P, Turtle Banxx

Come on we can go on over you know to my place
You know to the Pendergrass style
You know come and go with me
It won't be long just for a little while
Right well check it out

(Turtle Banxx)
What's up with you miss?
Your lovely lips got me fiending for one kiss
I'm having fits just to be close to you
Give me once chance I'll make the most of you
What lovers supposed to do
Henny on ice a toast to you
I know how ya approaching, scheming on them noticeable thighs
and that innocent look in ya eyes
I know ya tired of them crooked guys
You know the type cheating just to get the prize on one night
and when the sunlight hits ya sexy alters
Mr. Heartless is in the darkness quicker than a loaded cartridge
I know you feel like a target (look here)
Don't bury your head like an ostrich (hey)
He gonna get his regardless, meanwhile lets hit the market (yeah)
Sitting hot dinner on the carpet
I feed you strawberries and chocolate in my apartment

[Chorus - Turtle Banxx, Johnny P]
[T] In my apartment, slip into your sexy garment
Candle lights and music set the tone now convince me darling
[P] Is it alright if I lay you down what what
If it's ok we can play in my apartment
Is it alright if I lay you down what what
If it's ok we can play in my apartment ut ohhhh

(Turtle Banxx)
I know you skeptical on dating based on your past relations
but I got patience plus I'm waiting on the right occasion
I'm yours for the taken ain't no mistaking this
Alone to see ya face and be bracing with every kiss
I'm hating the time we missed the fellas don't understand
It don't matter them are boys and I'm a man
Your boyfriend Buddy you calling him husband
When you not looking he trying to holla at ya cousin (thought he wasn't)
Play like it ain't nothing cant disguise the hurt in your eyes
Late nights I hear your cries for loving

(Johnny P) Come on baby

[Chorus - Turtle Banxx, Johnny P]
[T] In my apartment, slip into your sexy garment
Candle lights and music set the tone now convince me darling
[P] Now is it alright if I lay you down what what
Cause if it's ok we can play in my apartment
Is it alright if I lay you down what what
Cause if it's ok we can play in my apartment

(Turtle Banxx)
Street hustling now became thangs of the past
Money at last again help me baby channel this anger
Ready to blast at oppositions
They don't give me the chamber
I talk the strangest cause my homies only want paper
Don't get me wrong I won't put you in danger the nature of the streets
Ready to claim another life asking God to save us forgiven hearts
The tamers the youth is hard to train em
They only want money and cars status and stars living ghetto famous
Ain't this the shamest lets resolve the changes so they won't be namest
Broke starving and banging
like that old saying home is where the heart is gods will gods will

[Chorus - Turtle Banxx, Johnny P]
[T] In my apartment, slip into your sexy garment
Candle lights and music set the tone now convince me darling
[P] Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Is it alright if I lay you down
on my waterbed while we smoke this pound
Got ya feeling buzzed off the Hennesey
Tell ya girl that you wanna ride with me
Meet me out front in my six fo' fo'
I spit a little game now I got you home
And when ya man ask where you've been
been with me in my apartment

Baby I want to play.. let's go all the way

(Johnny P)
In my apartment in my apartment
Mmmmm let's get it started girl

I really want to play.. take me away

In my apartment in my apartment
Mmmmm let's get it started girl

. . .

f/ Bennie Franks

whatcha gonna do when we come for you
its a stick up put ya hands up
tell me whatcha gonna do when we come for you
its a stick up put ya hands up
(in background up above ^)
oh man don't shoot me man oh man
man my daddy left me this shit man
oh man please don't kill me man
why you all wanna do this to me man why man

[Bennie Franks]
I need these dubs for my Chevy Caprice whodi
is that in the Y2K now how my shorty gonna eat whodi
what the fuck a nigga supposed to do
when you flashing money cash hoes in one of the chosen few
now how the fuck I'm supposed to see when all the lights go out
and how the fuck I'm supposed to sleep when all the hypes come out
shut the fuck up and drive you asking too many questions
now have you ever taste a barrel of a 3-5-7 nigga (nah)
what the fuck you trying to hide hold on roll up ya sleeve
dam (thats my watch) presidential Roley with about 400 g's (ah man)
what the fuck you got a heart disease (nah)
let me see that (my daddy let get chain)
Damn I ain't know ice coming easy playboy I got to hide that
Take it off (take my shit man take it) take it off what else you hiding
(ahh) 6 tv's custom interior riding huh (come on man)
how many birds ya had to flip to get this here
matter of fact when you were on fall's magazine Baller of The Year (ah)
you got the shorties on the block while ya balling outta control

{*phone rings*} no don't (oh shit man)
get that that might be one of your hoes
hello (hello)
hello (hello)
hey you alright man why you gotta call or something (whats up)
you know I been sitting down here waiting on you
I got these exotic birds what you gonna do man
(where ya at where ya at) why you calling me for
(where ya at where ya at) nova shit burning on many city 30
90 state bring all the shit aight (gotcha)

whatcha gonna do when we come for you
its a stick up put ya hands up
tell me whatcha gonna do when we come for you
its a stick up put ya hands up

tell me whatcha gonna do when we come for you
its a stick up put ya hands up
tell me whatcha gonna do when we come for you
its a stick up put ya hands up
(in background up above ^)
you done balled too long roady
its outta large wilds roady
cu I'm a struggle too long roady
so say good bye to them birds roady

[Bennie Franks]
hey I got a lick
wont you meet at the spot bout 9 (for what)
I'm thinking making this nigga flow
cause I a just then stoled his shine (alright) matter of fact
one of his homies supposed to be at the gas station (for what)
and he thinking he find his skull but he be lucky if only a man patient
now you ain't gonna act like Eminem moment
(what) and get a guilty conscience (shit any miss of drama
I'm gonna convince bustable anyway what the stage flight
one of man its late nigga I'm bringing duct tape
and garbage bags to make your shit wrap tight)
if its audible I ain't really trying to kill em (why not)
the city holding and ain't affordable
but with you I'ma split it get off the phone talking shit nigga
we wasting time (where he at)
in the trunk knocked unconscious sleeping on the ground
(what ya riding Bennie)
a V12 dash 600 Benz (man high it up)
man like pearl black with some 20 inch rims (chi chi material)
a platinum crown on the hood looking inferior (man yo ice and Roley)
we been praying for this shit (man huh) like it was a ritual (I'm on my way)


[Bennie Franks]
I got a shaky feeling something ain't right I feel a setup
there go the conscious are playing us ain't no way we getting wet up nigga
(on the real I see do what if he working undercover
why don't we pop this nigga off or what we gonna then accept this trouble)
then fuck it they gotta catch us nigga ride or die
from high speed chases to court cases we riding high
its my name I'm playing so best believe I'm a victim (ugh huh)
I got plans to take the fans for ransom
I hate them bitches
(man yo thats on you
I got the call for duty to come through
I brought the duct tape garbage bags and gloves so we can put em to use)
so lets go on with the plans then
tell em dude sent us for the yay
let em in get the merchs and blast him
(man Bennie you bought the silence you will need for the noise whoa
see the man up the block dam what if thats them boys who calling us man)
fuck em tell Nick to bring a truck to block they view (what)
so we can set an example on what can happen when we come for


[Bennie Franks]
now say yippey ki yo if you need more yay
(yippey ki yo cause we need more yay)
say yippey ki yo if you need more yay
(yippey ki yo cause we need more yay)

(hey hey whats happening fellas)
shut the fuck up search that nigga
(whatcha talking about man I don't like that man what the fuck
hey where my gat man I knew it man I knew it ready lets go)

whatcha gonna do when we come for you

. . .

Don Juan

[No lyrics]

. . .

f/ Turtle Banxx

this is Joliet Correctional Facility
you have a collect call from inmate
yeah this is Tucker
to accept this call please press 3 now
thank you

(Turtle Banxx)
hey sis let me speak to momma
who me on find besides all the drama
the system took me in but then they took me under
I suffer being another number
I wonder if I could conquer dis criminal structure built to puncture
the hearts of men
when them guards come in the bars and the pen
I know I'm in hell and its hard to win
I stay up late lying in the dark for me
thinking bout the night the police came marching in
its like they wouldn't stop barging in
asking momma what mob I'm in
try strictly left us some scars within
fighting back the lyrics of a favorite baptist him
its over now cant hold a child
mold a child scold a child or own a child a soldier now
baby hold your tears
become a teacher mold ya peers
let em know its cold in here
this ain't the way to spend them older years
I'm over the fears of the world
no longer momma's pearl in here
its all clear them older cats school me to the game
I'm all ears no mo rats or any cold beers
the ghetto famous disappear

(chorus 1)
they run up in my home
and took you from my world
now ya gone and I'm feeling all the pain that your going through
(chorus 1 in background of chorus 2)
(chorus 2)
sometimes I lay back in my cell crying
hells blind but I hope I make it through this jail time
trying to stay focus but I heard they mad me panic before
I guess thats what I got my family for behind bars

(Turtle Banxx)
I'm running outta time
momma there yet
where my little brother let me holla at him
whats up cat
I got you covered
stay in the books them streets is a motha
undercovers posing as hustlers exposing the brothers controlling the
struggle by any means
brutality got the police running like the enemy
our community need more hugs instead of the slugs the guns the drugs
got crime on killing the love the spirits above
drop a warning sigh its only 1999
but all I think about is 85 them good times
momma give us her last dime
icey cups you drop yours I give you mine
true love define us to divine
calling it on another's pride but I hate to see you cry
the rain come shine
my family feel my pain inside
by the way my baby momma getting married
brought tears to my eyes I just hope my son happy

(chorus 1)
(chorus 1 in background of chorus 2)
(chorus 2)

(Turtle Banxx)
ran to the phone got a hundred guys like me
and all we have is precious minutes to reach our people our free
brother listen be strong for momma
let her know I never meant to cause her no drama
the pain make my vain cries thunder
will I recover my name and still discover how the game become us
look how they done us
watered down our pride and drunkers riders g's and hustlers
we gotta guide our younger theres better days among us
never let the rage you under upstage the promise till tomorrow
and the C's just follow wont feel the sorrow
for the misery we wallowing time swallowing
them better days in this gaze got my mind boggling
oh momma and hey lady I miss you
and them ways you raised me them hard head things that drove you crazy
realize ya son took a lot of heart from ya
its phone check time I'm gone momma I love you

(chorus 1)
(chorus 1 in background of chorus 2)
(chorus 2)

(chorus 2) 2x

. . .

Pastor Ya'Dig

[No lyrics]

. . .

f/ Darkside Ballaz

I thank God that I found my piece of mind one more time
Since I'm dyin' I'd rather go right now than to be waitin' in line

(verse 1)
play with mine you'll find that it's the wrong damn move
I was the wrong damn dude
Gino told me do the usual leave him in critical
my brother Bruce told me that he didn't pay dues
you snooze and lose
so what I'd do is make this man take a bath in his shoes
and it was all on the news
see I knew that it would be that me or him gonna bleed
and it wasn't gonna be me
so what I did was popped one up in my chamber and I sent 3
no women no kids
and I'ma shine on this nigga like Mop 'N Glo
you think he stopped and load
he jumped down with the rocks and a bomb on a dope
but he didn't have to be so bold
he rushed the Mob like a blob with the glocks and more
and even called the cops on Sko
he be shitty chi with the diamond in the watch in the coat
the medallion to match with the rope
no cars and the trucks in the cars that he ride
lookin' like a star when he glide
I swear to God when he hear the bullet fall through the sky
he be jackin' like a rabbit tryin' to hide
kinda hard to catch a nigga who be gone in the wind
purple Navigator and a Benz
a new ??, the old niggaz that he used to fuck with
took a fall for strength of a man

(verse 2)
(Sko get it) before I step outside and do my job for Allah
pray to Allah, undo Allah
anythang go wrong I pray to Allah
anythang go right I give my praise to Allah
anythang in sight I'ma bless for Allah
everythang tonight I'ma test for Allah
everythang you write I'ma erase yo bar
if you ridin' tonight you better hop out yo car
cause the moon tonight is traced in 5-star
I feel for ? my sisters at the bar
y'all be aight just keep yo self to yo self
y'all can see aight out on the streets it's double dare
over there it's the end of the road East 99 find my kind
still blind to the times and the signs
on the streets niggaz killin' elites
killin' ???
killin' the chief
5 stars in the governor
everybody gettin' covered up
wrapped up in some bloody sheets
I came off the deep saw throw my heart
niggaz slangin' a V with the L's on his way all the time
since I'm dyin' then I'd rather go right now
than to be waitin' in line


(verse 3)
I cant seem to get away from all the things in the world that bring me down
and I cant seem to get away from all the pressures
and the pain that I find myself around
but I need a little more time for me to survive
all the dirty things that I did in my life
I can walk by I can try to crawl by I can run
but I cannot hide from my piece of mind
I hit him clean in the middle of his dentures
he was getting carried away because I let him slide
a couple times he went off on an adventure
bloody murderer only to die it the Darkside
and god I like to for killin over some Benjamins
but it wasn't about my money it was bout his pride
he had to run to the van he was defending it
in a line of duty he died for a piece of mind
I never knew I would have to murder the motherfucker
I was the one fighting and piecing and increasing the peace
I could (?) hit me and my brother
we was the reason for a record that cd release
we B.I.B. to the avenue about the trigger time
you can't be alive in the hood when we dirt ride
and motherfuckers got down cause never could
never survive with the goods that god provide
so as I bogus wack him for doing my job
eliminate niggas that hate cause they ruining the mob
I choose got bruise when I toss that guy out in the squad
while they flossing the cars we busting and turn into god

. . .

f/ Bennie Franks

no muggy manny man gonna feel this shit here tramp
try out the (?) bobby land rasta man one land one land live one land love
you come you come you test the rasta
you come you come you test the rasta
you test Bennie and I told ya motherfucker boom
now ya fucking dead

(Bennie Franks)
I drop bombs like who say mad ass
verbal ammunition when I solve a blast ass I stash cash
assassination like Ras Kass
bitches and 10 hut
I'ma money making soldier cause I don't give no fuck
the world is mine
you stepping over gages grenades and land mines so hand mine
if you was around nigga you probably ban mine
off the loado watching out for the rorrow popping at the po po
99 brinks truck candy apple sitting on normols
them niggas don't wanna see us come up
so fuck them marks for the legit ballers for the world blow up
its ain't no sold off shit I'm still top of the mess
check Tom disrespect Tom teflon through his chest
and fuck em for T
I'm rolling in my candle camouflage
wing ding and white wands and now I ready to march
embark on this who trying to whip the lyrical arsonist
look learn and listen my baguette still glisten
my nine shines its 6 past 6 so bitches prime time
who in they write mine nigga trying to define rhyme
L-E-G-I-T ballers
give it up for them pistol pistol the knuckle street baller
come on

B-E double N I-E Franks
B-E double N I-E Franks
B-E double N I-E Franks
B-E double N I-E Franks
(chorus 2)
its a joint we completed niggas ballers boy
thats the money making soldiers bringing all the noise
ain't nothing on ya block but them vocaling toys
riding tinted out real straps hoes galore

(Bennie Franks)
now it don't get no deeper than this
mr. obysis come on my style with a twist
I'm out the midst
checking ya style is too close for coffin
put me to stand and nigga ya playing
If your all shit surrounding I'm abandoning
I strike back like heaven on
I'm on a spree taking out all niggas sounding like me like Andrew Cullonon
y'all can go to a reawrike guiness on a one road business
its a sin to swallow all the witness now I'm guilty by suspicion
I know this shit got ya mind twisted so who I make concern
tossing this shit like blind bitches touching ya ass getting burned (ahh)
212 of them degrees wrecking impostor emcee's chop em off at the knees
face to face with your enemy
I'm G.I. to C-H-I C-H yo heffa
fo fo go go blow em outta his a betta chose yo
the return of the funeral cage right
come on ya all do wanna do it to Tillman or a Ben Jagger
cause its that nigga from the 3-1-2 capital double L-L
bring the noise shit we bound to burn them boys
although he's a nice guy and when the drought is to em I brought em pain
come on rasta man tell em what the the thang hey

(chorus 1)
(chorus 2)

(Bennie Franks)
B-E double N I-E Franks
who want to come test me now think
the game is over its officially my time
you fuck around nigga and get ya label shut down
who them niggas try to diss and made a clip but they miss
y'all shouldn't a let me tangle legit ballers and twist
I axe ya wrist off (i ya ya)
who can I trust hits ya (i ya ya)
who can I bust I fiend for cash put beans on fast got singers as jack
I told ya save that shit for last
guard ya glamoura I'm fucking up opponents and challengers
shoulda charged ya stamina here comes the
watch me damage ya
we mash and bang with mask and thang
get jacked ya name reclaim the game and I'll blast ya fame
you say the war is on bring it I spare you
come back to my city nigga I dare you

(chorus 1)
(chorus 2)2x

well you test my family I look here now motherfucker
you test Bennie and I told ya motherfucker boom
now ya fucking dead, they might not know

. . .

Unprotective Sex

[No lyrics]

. . .

f/ Erika Kane

you cant ride a bitch from the chi so make em bite the dust
Kane got the thangs that a girl bout to bust
sticking all y'all love for the love so get down on your knees
less you gonna kick it with us then here grow some weed
riding through your ghetto smoking terror through lanes
your areas game in the world of this bitch Erika Kane
make you shine off your 20's come off all ya money
and cop with yo scratch man
come back on the block and serve to full contain

(Erika Kane)
diabolical bitch over beats like stylistic and stylistical shits
would think I was working outta calico kits
ride or die as if I was your geronimo bitch
high as the sky I throw ya body up with hollow point tips
swallow ya dick then hit ya for ya keys
more about me I like them weaves g's and pussy fees
cd's for cheese niggas is swee
pussy platinum would leave em I'm saying
I ain't playing bitches got to eat
only streets it ain't nothing nice bitches dying for ice
ride these niggas raw sucking em right
paying the price shit we got life in em
I got all these niggas locked what they bumping huh


(Erika Kane)
the world is my domain like the devil and shit
spit game just to keep the ice bezelled and shit
the prettiest bitch even if I was the ugliest
I still had these niggas licking my clit when its the bloodiest
throw what on ya shit run ya name to the dirt
nigga I'm Ms. Kane and you gots to put in work
I be sly with my shit wink an eye with my shit
whatever I gotta do to get em to ride with the shit
I ride high with my click do or die with my click
got the flick in this bitch and we all ball legit
type of chicken want all ya grip
assets and estates
type of chicken smoking pounds right down to the shake
ain't no give and take nigga I'm taking no giving
its a wild ass ride sometime I hate that I'm living
thats why I smoke B's to the head and don't think about kicking
keep my mind on this money cause a bitch got to stay flicking


(Erika Kane)
everyday I scheme for cheddar get cheddar scheme for mo cheddar
all ya bitches follow me always been a trendsetter
go getta in 96 I got em wetta
gold digger always in it for the treasure
more liquor might make the durb betta but fo sho
if ya hit her off with the dough she'll make the swerve wetta
just consider me licking you low nice and slow dadda
figure figure a good to go oh you ain't know dadda
I had these bitches tilly from the titties to the thillies
peeping the willies splitting my phillies whole shitty
all up in my grillie yeah bitch I fucked ya nigga silly
me and my kitties taking over this whole city
seeing me coming he trick 90 now I'm humming
licking ya dummy got ya skeeting over ya tummy
getting ya money ask a nigga Kane pussy sunny
yo Deion a honey one hit nigga leave it bleeding and runny

. . .

f/ Turtle Banxx

you know man Turtle Banxx
I want you to go in there and get them niggas man
let em know the drought is over man

game recognize game cock your pistols and aim (wee straight)
all about hustlin and bustin for change (wee straight)
to go there we can get in this bitch (wee straight)
ballin for scratch ready to die for this shit

(Turtle Banxx)
don't you know that talking shit ain't wise
nigga I'll advise you and your guys to get the fuck outta my presence
I got trigger eyes
venom plower situations reaping bloody demonstrations when the heat dies
you won't see guys conversating
only homicides and yellow tapings
no suspect no motives mad villains living bogus
if we don't catch you you best believe we tag whoever closest
and make you feel the motions
Turtle Banxx got kill notions thats real potent
have you ever see I still smoking
senile emotions you'll soul cokeland
not a body open fuck ABC's
best to be on P's and Q's I'ma get diseases if you snoozes
you ready yet?
you better study your tech and be a threat fucking coward
or face trigger vests with celeb ways to wreck
off with all heads and all bets
I'm on your neck sending straight .57 threats at your neck nigga

straight .57 till your face don't blink
nowhere to run no time to think
so what you wanna do when it's on like that
in a chill when we steal and your soul get snatched out ya body
shotties to your face don't blink
nowhere to run no time think
so what you wanna do when it's on like that
in a chill when we steal and your soul get snatched out ya body

catch me with a semi on cop
been in your block dumping 17 shots in your spot
putting niggas in shops ready for a box
made my getaway slick as a fox
taking the ditches the cops
escaping visions of prisons and locks
my mission don't stop no pot to piss in so the plot thickens
I keep hearing gats clicking
see I'm into strange places
wear a mask to cover up they faces if they want me why they procrastinate
is it just in oasis?
perpetrated by my imagination
apple texas trojan am I tasting
my own death gun fire got me toned deaf
so I say a silent but I save my ownself
can you clone death?
like they do life I see the blue light hearing the sirens
amongst the madness and the violence gun firing
tragedies of lying in to I want a murderous round boy
that let niggas don't talk infa-red triggers caulk
a nigga trying to cheat life
now death says name affiliation in the street life
I see nights away from the mics
far from the henny and ice where many ya like for the riches and life
while shaking the device with a camera device like dice
from pistol fights nickel hypes murder and mics is life
in the Chi and Suge Knight
so think twice or faces vicious types in pit fights


the blocks hotted the cops watching for anything unusual happen
they been stoping profits three days in tracking
drug traffic distracting clientele with drug habits
load them thangs and make them slugs happen
enemies of surprise got em frantic
scattered and panicked damaged by any 11
ducked behind a treasure box let em have it
managed to get away hide away your weapons
probably still there but they ain't telling
belling to the bank for my safe deposit
gotta take my grub on these narcotics properly watching
with a copy of my face composite
description all the way down to the J's I'm rocking
laser dots and the ducking police dogs hunting
resistin everything I'm touching
blood running down from the barbwire bloodening
choppers hovering sirens coming closer
grab our toaster, I'm supposed to surrender
but I done heard the shots from the trigger of a


yeah yeah
you see man
I told you man
get them niggas man
they know not to
the drought is over
the drought is over man
Turtle Banxx

. . .

Get 'Em Off Me

[No lyrics]

. . .

f/ Big Body, Highbeam

put ya guns down
its time to squad now
ya'll then kick it up in the club dont try to run now
he's saying thugged out
but back in 88 bust I heard ya plugged out
thats what ya name and became and moved down south
still the bitch you was in the city
mo money mo cash mo hoes now ya sitting on 20
if it came down to it nigga fuck your mob
and if ya wanna get em all we can squad and squad
I say now who want they ass kicked ass kicked
who wanna get touched with plastic plastic
I see ya standing in the path trick path trick
now do ya wanna be around bitch around bitch
cuz I dont give a fuck if the club on ya block or not
cuz if ya step on our toes then its bound to get hot
its bound to get heated all of us we got a SK and a chopper
better utensils bound to break me off proper
from the 51st ward nigga
we all ghetto so while ya practice looking hard nigga
you need to let go and umm remove ya bodyguard nigga
how ya'll wanna do it
we can take it to the yard nigga we rob niggas

break em up
fuck that let them niggas fight
break em up
fuck that let them niggas fight
I cant breathe somebody get em off me
I cant breathe anybody get em off me
break em up
fuck that let them niggas fight
break em up
fuck that let them niggas fight
I cant breathe please get em off me
I cant breathe mothafucka get em off me

back the fuck up
who in the hell wanna get it on
Ima bout to pull a kick door like that nigga James Jones
lets move these bitches in lets get these niggas out
is that your girl keep talking shit Ima slap the gold outta her mouth
cuz Im a real nigga for all my trio niggas
Im squashing the issue cock back hit em in his grill nigga
fuck how ya feel nigga
jumped in make ya drinks feel nigga
tear the club up like the mafia till I make a mil nigga
shorty shake something
the way you look and make a nigga wanna rape something
standing on the side of me
oh no but drunk at the bar looking like ya wanna take some
and if somebody ask how much my bitch cost
with an ignorant ass I burst like that and bound to get tossed
reload this disrespect for that nigga
that'll be your arm and your leg
your arm and your leg
when he jumped up like a bomb in his head
lets see and we make thugs like us make bloodshed turn clubs red
get in the middle of one of my fights Ima leave ya all dead


(Big Body)
well I fell up in the club tonight
hit the bar had broads on my nuts cuz Ima balla
legit is dub click real niggas to fuck with
Big Body and Highbeam we all up in this bitch
tearing the club up tear the club up
popping that hoe shit that gets yo ass fucked up
so what ya thought nigga that we was soft nigga
hell no nigga get that ass tossed nigga
five strength dont slang a gang fucking banga
and in our head shot rearranging ya frame
Im like ugh ugh ugh beat this nigga down
security cant get us off ya ass now
we dont dance no more like Goodie MO-B
all we do is squad and a 9 milli's
Chi town to the dirty south we gonna get ya crunk
when we fall up in the party watch the deck go up

. . .

Me and my closest roll dog
came up in an early age on the corner servin cane
gang bangin and everythang
we some mutherfuckin gangstas
broke to the right
Blood in Blood out brothers and we swore that was for life
servin them keys and be clocking them g's and
we got whatever you need just a come and see me
or my mutherfucking nug bout to show this city up show love
or catch that bug from that nine millimeter slug
i broke bread with this nigga, i bust lead with this nigga
heard he fucking with the feds
can't believe it, not my nigga
selling me for the cash, was he moving too fast
talking behing my back to them damn hood rats
i'm going crazy aint that a bitch
you try and get bitched and your closest rodey
turns into a snitch
just smiling and laughing in your fucking face
went behind your fucking back hooking you with a fucking case
going insane and i don't know what to think
paranoid out my mind as i take another drink
of that hennessy motherfuckin cognac
got me reaching for my nine
bout to peel this niggas cap
so i waked out the house
and i headed for the corner
i seen that nigga creeped up on him
bitch yous a goner
up that itchy to his temple why'd you try to fuck me Rodey
starting crying seeing me
nigga this aint to New Jack City
and my name aint no mutherfuckin Nino Brown
a tear roll down my cheek and i blew his brains on the ground
sirens all around lights all in my face
dick boys on the case so i headed towards the gate
bitch freeze
bitch please
thats what i told them punk ass cops
all of a sudden i heard the shot
couldn't believe i just got popped
didn't drop, turned around, grapped my nine, then i pulled it
started yelling just like fates âЂŒBitch i took your fucking bulletâЂќ
everything turned cold and got dark
i couldn't feel nathan but the beating of my heart

Blood in blood out
i thought that we was family
can't believe he crossed me
got to break him off G
am i my brothers keeper
i thought that was for life

. . .

Born This Way

[No lyrics]

. . .

f/ Ms. Kane

[Man talking]
Sup pimps? Pimps aint pimpin now that's why they got to get out the game
Women have mo' money than the pimp, aint that cold?
Hoe have mo' money than the pimp
Hoe have mo' money than the pimp
Amen, Amen
Hoe got mo' money than the pimp

[1st verse] Twista
Do a playa like Twista got game I do declare
All these niggas out here claimin they pimpin truly there
Like new rhymes I got to feel these hoes I'm in there like booty hair
That's my duty there
And I got a public announcement for all you mufuckas worldwide
Word to me shit for Keenbean all let her pimp a dream team
If you aint got paper your girl tight
You let that girl slide
If it was me she would have to be out straight humpin
Shit she would have to do something
I was pumpin big back in 96' I need a new lick
But I got on a handle that function Legit Ballin or nuthin
I got it down kinda like dreadlocks
Smackin like Red Fox
Strollin slow
Smokin dro
Could you ever tell me how these ladies out here coulda flow
Paper than a pimp that's the way the game go

That's the way the game go
This shit done changed
Niggas done switched roles
Pimps aint got more money than the old hoes

[2nd verse]Ms. Kane
Hmm, hmm, hmm ,hmm
Guess the po pimp need him a hood rat
Cause a chick like me want a house on a hill can you buy that
Where my ride at
Its type come out 99' stats
Let my ins, stack while you still po pimpin up in a old Lac
You got to school me though
Got me everything down to my kings so you owe it to dough
Treat a trick like flow it to dough
Don't be ashamed if your game fall short for the love of this hoe
The name Cane and I'm lovin the dough
Nigga holla all night if your talking bout given me mo'
Got a song that'll make you fall like a body like a bottle of Glyphs on shape
When I'm touchin the toes
Got you touchin the moves hittin the store
Type of daddy getting dollars from the block ha
Bet you pimpin in the block bringin me gifts furs and rocks
Ban Prada out of stock ha
Motion competition locked on
Getting Twista NBA droppin hot ones
I'm a chick and gotta clock ones
Get yo' game tight
You found it vic then you pop one


[3rd verse] Twista
Steady pimpin in the cream dog
Sip on some Hen
Gimme the flame
Show me the bud
Now I'ma pull a call
But its difficult when these lames all call bout
"Baby girl I don't wanna break your heart"
Steady drinkin off
Takin her out
Pickin her up
Come up off in the club offerin love
And softenin up
Where you get that game from huh bruh?
You comin weak and cant be pimpin her on the daily and leavin the dubs
Baby know you a scrub
You gotta be more like the pimps in the industry
Much love to Eightball and MJG, Too-Short and Ice-T
Pimp C, Bump B, and Suga-free
Playa exact is what you couldn't be
Cause you a lame used to have game but shit done changed
Couldn't take the reign caught up by these busy dames
And I heard you let em' the 6 and the Range
If you cant mack don't attempt to
Cause all women aint lame
Matter fact the hoes pimp too
Ms. Kane will fuck around and pimp you
Coulda had control of her but they way you trick her she meant to
You the type of pimp that's strange yo'
Have your girl flip the script on you or beat you out yo' change dough
I hang low smoking the furry cango
While these sucks looking for love somewhere over the rainbow

. . .

f/ Highbeam

Weee straight

Extra extra read all about it
The Legit Ballers came out with with an unbelievable album
Fuck a truce put the side on the news
Got killers that'll ride from the loc to the deuce
I heard a shot proof flip nigga gimme a bitch
at the Martigra crowd flipping the trigga
You still a bitch nigga
Sticking ya head up at a meter now you die how do ya figure
Acting hard with your Capris on
I come out at the neck of the woods on ya ass nigga ease on
And where ya from no ain't shit to me
Bring that ass to the tailor talking shit sent ya ass history
Evident you you weren't meant to be
Jacking over another niggas loot and fucking up the currency
Born and bad seed outta the crowd
Like David Gunna you don't wanna see me angry pal
I'll raise up on ya ass like a root canal
Get fucking up shit like the trenchcoat mafia
Unbelievable how we popping ya

(Chorus: Highbeam + Twista)
(H) Them state street boys will get ya
(T) Betta be ducking when you running or they gonna hit ya
(H) Them Westside guys will get ya
(T) Burning the rubber off the 20's before they get with ya
(H) Them Southside boys will get ya
(T) Ready to roll straight outta control scummy off the liquor
(H) Them Chi Town boys will get ya
(T) Throw up your guns and bust a slug and be pre scripture

Let em all know now we piece and spit
Talk about shit bout we ain't choking thangs
I gave two to the motherfucking pork chop and watch his body drop man
Let em test the skills of us niggas thats triggerly inclined
Dump off on the rocks and monica red link
while blocks young guns on the grind
Out on the field what would a tribe nigga do
In a kill or be killed situation
Drama's what you motherfuckers facing
While he running I'm walking like Jason
Shocking your motherfucking body like grave dig
Then we dumping you all the say did
I bring pain to y'all niggas who be hating
Forcification bout my nation got me sniffing up information
Gimme the body dig a ditch
Bury the motherfuckers like old ancient blue prints
Execute you use em find em hit em split em 4 to the vest
What a way make to rhinos rip through the flesh
God bless us thugs that hold our own controls
On a mission yaking the snitch know to get it on
24 hour ghetto jeep is at the door
Lynch mob made me how you and your goofy click
and your throat is gone, suffocating em by dozens
Running with grim reapers handing out some good guns
And it all kicked off some shit you said
Now look at the little pus dressed up in red

(Chorus: Highbeam + Twista)
(H) Them state street boys will get ya
(T) Betta be ducking when you running or they gonna hit ya
(H) Them Westside guys will get ya
(T) Burning the rubber off the 20's before they get with ya
(H) Them Southside boys will get ya
(T) Ready to roll straight outta control scummy off the liquor
(H) Them Chi Town boys will get ya
(T) Throw up your guns and bust a slug and be pre scripture
(H) Them St. Louis boys will get ya
(T) Betta be ducking when you running or they gonna hit ya
(H) Them Houston guys with get ya
(T) Burning the rubber off the 20's before they get with ya
(H) Them Cleveland boys will get ya
(T) Ready to roll straight outta control scummy off the liquor
(H) Them dirty South boys will get yet
(T) Throw up your guns and bust a slug and be pre scripture

Whatcha gone do when them niggas run up to you
Don't fold stroll mean mugging you with them thangs out
How you gonna play that terror roll
or let the merch unfold slaughtery act at 11 to it and then die
Laid off in the streets with a psychotic thugs wont stop playing for keeps
He waiting to get tipped for your and your peeps
Clock ticking slow its a quarter past three
Lights on lights off in your community
Your block's having problems with electricity
Beat gang and in the presence of the one you envy
So go collect strucks chains greens and weed
Burn off a little bit of rubber if you ride with me
Slipping the clip in and put your pistol back on your hip
And I'm giving you half of the wild green
Down with them niggas Mobstability
Let's keep em feeling me we bogus with vocal trilogy
Get in a game where you get crapped out
Spooking the mouses with design got them niggas pulling macks out
For the love of the green liar promotion
Hell if I expose ya mad assed out blowing some backs out

(Chorus: Highbeam + Twista)
(H) Them state street boys will get ya
(T) Betta be ducking when you running or they gonna hit ya
(H) Them Westside guys will get ya
(T) Burning the rubber off the 20's before they get with ya
(H) Them Southside boys will get ya
(T) Ready to roll straight outta control scummy off the liquor
(H) Them Chi Town boys will get ya
(T) Throw up your guns and bust a slug and be pre scripture
(H) Them St. Louis boys will get ya
(T) Betta be ducking when you running or they gonna hit ya
(H) Them Houston guys with get ya
(T) Burning the rubber off the 20's before they get with ya
(H) Them East coast boys will get ya
(T) Ready to roll straight outta control scummy off the liquor
(H) Them dirty South boys will get yet

. . .

w/ & The Legit Ballers

Check this out ya dig?
You've vome to the last and final record
Toxic gettin crunk on you hoes
My nigga KX-Zilla, Steve The Guitar Man droppin the rythm
And I got the whole Legit Ballers family up in hea nigga
A yo Beanie Franks
You the early bird of this muthafucka

[Beanie Franks]
Picture a niggas thats raw
Amber fire his ass and what we'll say is what we saw
Muthafuckas I slaughter
Blow 'em out the water
L-E-G-I-T that's Ballers
My styles as lethal
As a bitch that's found with AIDS gettin loose
Nigga before you get spraid wit some hot shit
While you run I pop shit
Yo ghetto aint no harder than mine, fuck that block shit
You cant manage them thangs
The robber takin and born in the range
Battle the match and bang
I hold my gun up high screamin "Fuck 'Em All"
Then I get in that as like cholesterol
I got the game lock dowm like Alcatraz
And if you escape you betta haul ass
Cause when I catch ya physically and mentally
I bring yo ass on the block thats the penalty
Put 'em in the hot seat grab a hoe
I'll show you some shit that'll make your eyes explode out ya skull
Cause bein odd ont the block is a N-O
Niggas didnt know that I could go off, and show off, and throw off the law
Turn, send ten shows that'll burn
Whats left is a muthafuckin dent in the alley
Beanie Franks is the shit on the Grand Finale

Thats tha shit I'm talkin about nigga
Now its time for Turtle Banks to spit

[Turtle Banks]
Turtle Banks
You know its my turn to buss
And make weak muthafuckas turn to dust
And if you weak you die in the streets of Chi
Its deep drive by my bullets fly in the seat
Them niggas aint ballin mufuckas fakin
Scared of facin Legit Ballers at ya crib waitin
And now you shakin
Call the guys to come chase me
I make them punk muthafuckas buckle up for safety
A bitch, a pickle, a chicken, a clique, niggas is sick
For they skits and they scurges
Now I'm pimpin the pain cause I'm urgin
And rearrangin your muthafuckin face like a surgeon
Lyrics layin wit a four thats what I be fuck settin every peace
My shit to yo ass I see
O, for my mob status I'ma lay low
Representin Legit Ballers and niggas biten the flow
On the streets or the stage
A 45 or a gauge
Thats why me and the Twista always hittin the front page
For what? cause we so damn cold
And when we enter the car niggas cluthcin they hoes
So fuck it, fall wit dust and get snatched
While Nitty bustes the facts in the Grand Finale

Yeah 'lil nigga its been once for you bitches
Y'all cant touch Legit Ballers
And just when you thought it was over
T-Nitty in here doin danger

The names Nitty, you know I'm comin off like a gangsta
Disrespectin the mob I gotta bang ya
An everyday, cituation when I was caught by
Fuck a car, I do a muthafuckin walk by
When the G to the A-M-E
Leavin whole fuckin familys greivin
Cause if I miss some I gotta burn ya
Then I'm aressted (For what?) attempt murda
Never out done only out doin
Fuckin them bitches and then I leave 'em boo-hooin
Why?, cause they addicted, to what the dick did
The pleasure and pain the wing ding inflicted
Given niggas two to the head
Boy you can't mess wit a mad and hard head
Fool, I'm a straight low neva broke
Cause today I be a balla, shot shot caller
I dont give a fuck about one
Them hoes aint even got love and they boo-hooin
Now when I take it pass rap
While I'm still gang bangin bitch nigga catch a cap
Not easy but my nine easy to kill wit
Especially if you poppin bullshit
The N only I to the T
Especially my dogs on the muthafuckin Grand Finale

Yeah that shit was bangin
Last but not least Twista up in hea
The orignator of the style all y'all niggas been biten
And to show you how its done

Swingin, singin my raw was through rap
To the rythm c-cock back T-O is in the back
So if it makes you giggle I figure you thinks its petty
But to me its kinda Tilly
(Tell 'em what) I'm makin fetty
Trippin off the man tho we buzzin while I'm thuggin
Get drunk and discustin the way I be bustin pistols and hustlin
Dont take second for me to pop off my nine
Cause I'm the tiggy-tiggy Twista nigga what have been on out of the pick
But I was harder T-W-I-S-T-A to the formula
Its cold cause we been smokin on dro
So nigga when you take a listen
You wonder who I'm dissin
D-O-N-T L-E-A-V-E without permission
The "Baller-T" aka "The Swisher Roller"
"The Bigger Gun Holder" so I be damned when a nigga role up
Ever compete wit Mobster Elites
Much Less beef
Its like you comin on my tip wit no heat
Never smile when the Twistas in the club
Cause I got a mask and gloves
And I might be bustin out slugs
I'm comin raw cause I'm smokin on kali
Gang bangin wit Mobsta Elites on the muthafuckin Grand Finale

[Toxic] & Twista

[Yeah thats how real muthafuckin ballers lay it down nigga]
[Now its time to run down all the muthafuckas that made this shit hea happen]
My nigga Jag
[My nigga Big Ed]
Big Fud
Calla One
[Chris The Engineer]
[And these all the niggas from Legit Ballin family]
[Beanie Franks]
Miss Cane
Turtle Banks
[That nigga High Beam]
The mobstas Liff and Maze
[Chine White bangin the beats]
[My nigga Twista]
And the rest of the whole Legit Ballers family
Ya dig?


. . .

Weeeee Straight

[No lyrics]

. . .

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