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Background information
Birth name Carl Terrell Mitchell
Born November 27, 1973
Born place Chicago, Illinois, United States
Genre(s) Hip-hop
Years active 1990—present
Label(s) Atlantic Records
Capitol Records
Loud Records
Get Money Gang Entertainment
Website Website

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Twista Album

Kamikaze (01/27/2004)
Pimp On (feat. 8Ball & Too $hort)
Slow Jamz (feat. Kanye West & Jamie Foxx)
Still Feels So Good (feat. Jazze Pha)
Badunkadunk (feat. Jazze Pha)
So Sexy (feat. R. Kelly)
Higher (feat. Ludacris)
Snoopin (feat. Danny Boy)
Like A 24 (feat. T.I. & Liffy Stokes)
Hope (feat. Cee-Lo)
Sunshine (feat. Anthony Hamilton)
Art & Life (Chi-Roc) (Memphis Bleek, Young Chris & Freeway)
. . .

"Here I am.."
"Here I am.."
"Here I am.."
"Oooh, yeah, here I am.."
"Come and get me!" {*echoes*}

On a rainy day die early morn', my lethal legacy was born
I see any rapper around, 'bout the fuckin mics I left torn
But they won't give me all my peeps, and there's only one shot to get G's
Get love for my MC's at home, but some of them still hate on me
Look how many years I done repped, hustled through the streets in the cold
It's fire but our first rap as ever, signed the contract a decade ago
Put Chi name on records in the East, put Chi name on records in the West
Put Chi name on records in the South, bitch how you gon' open your mouth?
To the motherfuckin industry, why you hate on me and my city?
Would it be an imbalance of power if y'all let Chi niggaz get cheese?
Or is it us holdin us back? Think hard when you rollin your sack
Whatever the case my Chi nigga, if it's in my means I got yo' back
What the fuck's really goin on, does the magazine know we on?
Don't he already know we established myself as Twista Corleone?
Well I'm holdin my city down, ain't goin nowhere, here I stand
You know where I am if you hate me {"Come and get me!"}
If you want me {"Come and get me!"} Here I am

"Here I am.."
"Oooh, yeah, here I am.."
"Oooh, yeah, here I am.."
"Oooh, yeah, here I am.."
"Come and get me! Come and get me!"

What did I do to deserve, all of this madness around me
Found me in the studio buryin myself and was smokin herb
Tried to kick me to the curb
To the back to the ditch to the dump to the shack but I sprint in the front
in the 'Llac with a fifth and a blunt in the back with a bitch and a pump
And I'm ready to bust at you hoes, ready to dump lames in ditches
Steady makin fakers bleed, L.B. family handle business
Comin into Twista's realm, journey with me through the pain
The hurt just might make you envision drama that could turn you insane
How much of my chaos bring tears, how many threaten my career?
How many threatenin to murder me but bitch you know where I live
Who the fuck do you think I is? Y'all ain't comin at wit no shotties
Why you think you can hurt like these years, yo all of my peeps can you sawed
Think you finna bring out my fears? Tell me why my success make you cry
And why my downfalls make you laugh, but I bet my hydro got you high
Never let hate back me down, stand forth like a man
If you want me {"Come and get me!"}
Wanna kill me? {"Come and get me!"} Here I am


We got Geo like Neo, of course we as sourcy as Morpheus
or we as sick as some Marcus Aurelius alias atheist
Look it's niggaz who flow be the achiest, I'm just a alias
Now why hate me is maybe is cause I'm controllin this radius
or this world and this whole universe, don't believe let me spit you a verse
Just when you thought you was worse I come wit worse that'll make you disperse
My allies know I'm too cold, my enemies know I spit thangs
My Lords know I bust that thang, my gangstas know how we still reign
My mobsta family steady ride, L.B. family steady click
While us and other crews collide, choose your weapon take a pick
Load up, click-clack, it's on ?finna bust, get back, run home
Come at me jokers get whacked with a strap to the back of the dome
Industry niggaz get gone, heard y'all be stickin Big Worm
I show you some shit that'll blow you now slow you down like you siz-urp
The Chi-Town's sacrificial lamb, well here I stand
firm if you hate me {"Come and get me!"}
If you want me {"Come and get me!"} Here I am

. . .

[Intro: Twista]
Here I am motherfuckers, thought I was gone, huh?
Y'all just gonna take my shit and run wit it, huh?
Oh I gotta getcha, I gotta getcha my adrenaline still pumpin'
Kamikaze style, I feel like, I feel like, I FEEL LIKE

[Verse 1: Twista]
Standing in the midst of a hundred thousand haters
Dynamite and C-4 strapped around the waist bloody tears in my eyes
Hit the switch making sure any motherfucker in the vicinity blow away and die
Kill'em off with an explosion get up bitches
Kamikaze on you hoes I'm the sacrificial lamb
Feelin the fury flow out of every follicle in my body
While you decompose die with a blunt of dro in yo hand
I'm uppin the itchy for fuckin wit Twista
If you fuckin wit me come back for you
Cause it won't be an issue
Got some nuts to come get me
Then boy you gon get the picture for flamin my swisher
Then hollows penetrate through your tissue
Fuckin' fed up wit your blood
As I hear the cries of yo homies screamin revenge got no mercy on them either
Go to war wit the intentions to annialate everything you stand for
Wit the death of myself cause I'm a believer
The blessings of sacrifice the messenger who cometh after the Christ
Next one to glisten after ice
Fuckin wit me is a bigger gamble then a pack of dice
I'll murder you and come at you again in the after life
My brother you can't bring harm wit guns
I'm armed wit bombs fuck all that shit you carry I got your obituary
A motherfuckin phenomenon-cause I'm ah come
Til they put all of us in a cemetery

[Chorus: 2X]
Now come and look into the mind of a man you don't really wanna fuck wit
(Kill'em All, Kill'em All, Kill'em All)
Looking death between the eyes and no one can save us

Suicide on you hoes if I have to, to make you die bitch
(Kill Us All, Kill Us All, Kill Us All)
Looking death between the eyes and no one can save us

[Verse 2: Twista]
Go to war like I'm untouchable
Yellin' out bloody murder while I'm bustin you (bustin you)
2 deadly fingers squeezing twin triggers steady touchin you
Screamin' like a demon like I'm finger fuckin you (fuckin you)
Just put my body in a room wit the enemy and I got a grenade
I'mma pull the pin out the sum bitch
Pop 17 sins out the gun clip
Smoking dro so fire I was on 10 after 1 bligg
Nigga you have now entered the chainsaw massacre
Takin more blood than a 2000 dracula
Slip the clip in the automatic and get to bustin
Horrific hollows while you prayin' to Jesus of Nazarus
A 7 day theory like makaveli flowin on a track that's scary
Wit a Mack in the back of the pelle
Spectacular how could you dare me I'm already willing to die
I'm comin back after they bury me
Its time for your confessions I be the priest
Celebrate and salute the sign of a suicidal soldier
Better become a bible holder
As I start to massacre men with a verbal recital that's colder
Deaths coming closer
As you let kamikaze enter yo body
Careful or you die standing vertical
And anyone that opposes I swear to God I'mma get you
Even if I gotta murder me to murder you

[Chorus: 2X]
Now come and look into the mind of a man you don't really wanna fuck wit
(Kill'em All, Kill'em All, Kill'em All)
Looking death between the eyes and no one can save us

Suicide on you hoes if I have to, to make you die bitch
(Kill Us All, Kill Us All, Kill Us All)

. . .

f/ 8 Ball, Bishop Don Magic Juan, Too $hort

[Intro: Bishop Don Magic Juan]
Yeah.. no introduction is really needed
But it's, the Bishop Don Magic Juan
Chairman of the Board, of famous playas everywhere!
Representin, green is for the money
Gold is for the honey, ain't it man?


Pimp pimp onnnn, pimp-pimp onnnn
Pimp onnnn, pimp pimp on!
Then get your pimp on

[Verse One: Twista]
Peep how the Twist' puttin down the luchie while smokin a lot of dro
Whatchu know 'bout checkin yo' paper for a down-ass bottom hoe
Or snatchin yo' new fur model mink with the hood off the hanger
24-karat rings standin a half a foot off the finger
Custom seats are amazin tellin nobody could touch that bitch
Shoes my Maurie, piss by the month, he cut shock shit
Anything from my hoes when I ask, I get it
In the Cadillac I kick it, since y'all I wanted to be like macks and Bishop
Type wanna get up in the club, drinkin Cris'sy from a gold cup
Flossin my club, peepin persons yellin out "Chuuuch!"
Finna attract to trick politicians I'ma maintain pimpin
You can't change pimpin, from the Stone Age to the "Space Age" pimpin
From Southern mackin in Memphis to the playa mo' when you shoot to Chi
In the black diamond with fuchsia dye pullin out hoes like Supafly
All I gotta do is spit fo' lines
Now she got me chameleon gators with colors that flip fo' times
Now get yo'.

Pimp pimp onnnn (pimp on)
Pimp-pimp onnnn (pimp on)
Pimp onnnn (pimp on) pimp pimp on!
Then get your pimp on
Pimp pimp onnnn (and if you want it the 'Llac with three hoes in the back)
Pimp-pimp onnnn (feelin like a mack while you checkin yo' scratch)
Pimp onnnn (then you gettin yo' pimp on) pimp pimp on!
Then get your pimp on

[Verse Two: 8 Ball]
Uhh.. yeah.. yeah, yeah
It's the fat, mack - EightBall to most of y'all
You a hoe need a pimp, I'm the one you supposed to call
Shit talker, somebody's daughter she my street walker
She call me daddy, she a hoe so that's what I call her
Or big toed, hard-head ass hoe
The rougher I treat her she love a nigga even mo'
Brush my hair, manicure and do my toes
Knock bitches from them niggaz who act like hoes
I'm mink draggin out my 2? Paddywagon
Sittin on 2-3's, diamonds on 24 karats
Ball not a bitch ass, and I don't make deals
Peel a meal from a pussy, know how that feels?
High heels and furs, Lexus his and hers
Hpnotic, ex' and sex mixed with the words
Pull up, and let the window down, here she come
the American way, I was taught how to.


[Verse Three: Too $hort]
Playa getcha pimpin on
Gotta getcha game together man, all your women gone
To start all over, ain't nothin to a mack
Just put 'em to work, and watch yo' money stack
That's fo'sho' doe, everyday a G a mo'
Asked your little sister, "Girl, why you wanna be a hoe?"
She got turned out, like Red Riding Hood
goin to Grandma's house, now she lookin real good
while the Big Bad Wolf tryna eat her out
Pay up, the cash is what we be about
Squares, we don't care if you don't understand
Players break out the game power, you don't wanna go there
Say it in your prayers you wanna be like me
You down on your knees but it's not likely
to ever happen, so I just keep rappin
This real mackin, this ain't actin


[Outro: Bishop Don Magic Juan]
Yeah, Bishop Don Magic Juan
Ain't no shame, in my game
Good game, is happenin everyhere
{*Interlude plays in background*}
Playas in Los Angeles, Detroit, Miami
New York, Chi-Town, WORLD-WIDE!

. . .

f/ Jamie Foxx, Kanye West

Are you gonna be? Say that you're gonna be
Oooo,oooo, oooo, oooo, oooooo

[Chorus: Jamie Foxx]
She said she want some Marvin Gaye, some Luther Vandross
A little Anita will definitely set this party off right
(are you gonna be, are you gonna be, are you gonna be
are you gonna be, are you gonna be, well well well well)
She said she want some Ready for the World, some New Edition
Some Minnie Ripperton will definitely set this party off right
(are you gonna be, are you gonna be, are you gonna be
are you gonna be, are you gonna be, well well well well)

[Verse 1: Kanye West]
It definitely will
You know what I told her

I told her to drive over in yo new whip, bring some friends you cool wit
I'mma bring the cool whip, then I want you to strip
See you is my new chick, so we get our grind on
She be grabbin me, callin me +Biggie+ like +Shyne+ home
Man I swear she fine homes, why she always lyin though?
Tellin me them diamonds, when she know they rhinestones
She got a light-skinned friend look like Michael Jackson
Got a dark-skinned friend look like Michael Jackson
I played 'ready for the world', she was ready for some action
My dawg said you ain't no freak , so you bout to prove my man wrong
I'mma lay this Vandross, you gon take yo pants off
I'mma play this Gladys Knight, me and you gon get right

(*Lady talking during chorus*)
Now Kanye, I know I told you to slow it down
It's good, it's all good, it's beautiful
But now I need you to do it faster baby, can you please - do it faster, do it
(*Kanye talking*)
Damn baby, I can't do it that fast but I know somebody who can, Twista!

[verse 2: Twista]
When I catch you looking at the glist on my hands and wrist
while I'm layin back smoking on my cannabis
When it come to rockin the rhythm like Marvin and Luther
I can tell you when I'm messin wit Kan man and Twist in the Chi
And I be sippin hennessey - play some R&B
While I smoke a b - you can preferably find that I'm a G
And all this (well well well well)
Come wit me and sip on some Evelyn Champagne
You ain't know Twista could work it like the Whispers?
Hit the stop light, move it to some Isaac
His rims still movin so I bump a lil Spinners
While I'm smoking on a b - dippin through the streets
Bumpin r&b - and I got the leaf - on the 23's
And I do it (well well well well)
Wit my Earth in the Wind smoking Fire
Let me get ya sheets wet listenin to Keith Sweat
Put you in a daze wit Maze
Fulfilling her wit every temptation, slow jam, and havin deep sex
You ready for the world girl, baby come on go wit me
I touch you all over your body baby don't say no to me
And every moment controlling me
I love the way you be holdin me when I be listenin to Jodeci
And when I come over and bend ya ass, you be bumpin Teddy Pendergrass
I done hit it from the back, to the melody and rode it slow
Now I got to go up in it fast, but I'mma finish last
No matter how much of a thug you see
I still spit it like it's r&b, come to the club wit me
And when some Luther come on I hope you feelin me
and still will be in love wit me


[Hook: Twista]
Baby bump another slow jam
And all the lovers need to hold hands
And if you ain't got no man, hop up in my Brougham
I keep it pimpin like a old man
You gots to roll wit the plan
Cuz I got to then I - smokin' to the dome - then I got to bone
while I'm in a zone - got to get you home - while I roll on chrome
Baby bump another slow jam
And all the lovers need to hold hands
And if you ain't got no man, hop up in my Brougham
I keep it pimpin like a old man
You gots to roll wit the plan
Cuz I got to then I - take you to my home - we can get it on

. . .

Oh you didn't think we can it again
Twista, Kanye West, from Po Pimping to Poppin Tags
From Chunkiest to Slow Jamz, oh baby
We can even make you a overnight celebrity
Know what I'm saying, come on

Why don't we, play something these hoes'd like
Drive whips, I know they like
Twista, you told her right
(I could make you a celebrity overnight)
Give you ice, like Kobe right
We sorta like Goldie right
The way, we mode em right
(I could make you a celebrity overnight)

Girl I see you, in them apple bottom jeans
Chinchilla on your back, I wanna know your name
Girl I'm Twista, I could blow your brains
Put you in a chameleon, 0-4 Range
Still sexy, when you smoke that flame
Jerk you like a chicken, when you throw that thang
She got me hotter than a oven, the way that she talk
Switching to freaky, so I'm loving the way that she walk
You looking good girl, you oughta be in pictures
Listen to me, I see your career going sky high
Taking you home to the crib, in the Chi
And everytime I see your thighs, I cry when I drive by
Watching you should be a thrill, got the fellas
Hustling trying to get, steady screaming my-my-my-my
Walk on the carpet, with the bells that flick in the dark
Kicking it on the couch, at 106 & Park
I can see your beauty, on the big screen
I can see me freaking you, with whip cream
I can see you on stage, at the awards
With a dress better than Jennifer's, and doing big things
Kick it with me, I can mold your life
You looking good girl, show you right
Dre told me, you the prototype
I can make you a celebrity overnight

[Hook - 2x]

You want fame, you can take that path
Candlelights, when you take a bath
You got, such a sensational ass
I'ma get you Jimmy Chew, and Ma Baker bags
I can cop her, a 2000 and 3
Make her smile, when she sees Spre's
I can get you on cd's, and DVD's
Take you to BB's, and PCBG
I can get you in the places, to be into
The people to know or show you things, sticker than to
I wanna be your lover, undercover Don
And protect you from others, don't ever let a brother pimp you
If you want the style, you can rich your blood
Y'all take a look at her, she got such an astonishing body
I can see you in some Gucci, or Erika Vali
And I bet she gon put a hurt on em, hard in the party
And you know you kill em in the club, we go
You was born to be a po', how you gon sticking fo' do's
And I love you, cause you freaky with the dope clothes
Drop it to the flo', let it go when you roll slow
And I love it, when I hit it from the back
And you get on top of me, and have a brother going oh-oh
Girl I love, how you roll me right
I can make you, a celebrity overnight


You see, see baby girl
You see how you make a brother break down
I just gotta ask you, what you need
What you need from me, oh you wanna be a star
Are you messing with the right one
I can take you there, I can make sure
You've got all the finest things
Let me be your manager

Come here girl, I could see you bored
Took you to the queen, that I see you for
Take you shopping on sprees, in stores
I'ma get you, to the MTV awards
We about, to do a show tonight
You looking good girl, show you right
Take you places, I know you like
I could make you a celebrity overnight
Come here girl, you could hang if you bored
We could do, plenty things plus more
I'm about to have you, change in the stores
I can even get you, to the Soul Train awards
We about, to do a show tonight
You looking good girl, show you right
Take you places, I know you like

. . .

f/ Jazze Pha

[Intro: Girl]
This goes out to all sides worldwide
Let that playa ass nigga Twista be yo guide, as we go on a ride
Hood to hood, chrome, leather, and wood
And it feels so good..

One mornin' I..
Woke up next to a peanut butter and a caramel chick
Feelin fucked up, flicked out, freaked on
Thinkin' about my new truck with tha' deep dish
Meanin' deep chrome, deep chrome, in the deep dome
After a massage and a m閚age, we got in the shower
Let water trickle down the crack of the back of they booty
Got out the tub and went back to the master bedroom
One put on prada, one put on Ludi, I put on gucci
Duty calls, I'm bout to hit the scene and ball
But before I leave I spray on some Issey Miyake
Take my truck up to the wash, put the sparkle back on
Wax on, wax off like Mr. Miyagi
Go to the liquor store so I can get blunts, get Yak
So I can sip some while I split one
Chronicle enter ever pholical of my body
Calmin' down every molecule, makin' sure I don't trip none
Hit one..
Hop in tha' ride, come and kick it wit me
So I can take you through tha' so-and-so hundred block
And show you how my people be kickin' it in the windy city
I wanna show you where I hang out at, where we make our scratch
While we sit on leather grippin' wood
Where tha' hustla's got packs and the G's got stacks
And tha' pimps got lacks, rollin' through the hood
And it feels so good..

[Chorus: Jazze Pha]
And it feels so good
Turnin' corners with my pinky man
Through my hood
Chokin' on a B and switchin' lanes is understood (understood...)
I'm a baller livin' pimpish
Man, leather and wood
Said it feels so good (feels so good...)

Now I done seen plenty niggaz flip twenty's, flip twenty one's
Flip twenty two's, flip Jordans, flip two-fours
Mega ballin', new clothes
Momma got a new store, tv screens, hundred-forty spokes
And we fittina' roll, right off madison to the manor in a drop-top Lexus
Sippin' henny rollin' reckless
Feelin' so motherfuckin' good I could roll my vehicle to Texas
And spit it like, this is for the syrup sipper's..
Gotta slow it down so you feel it, plus it make the words figure
And spit some screwed shit and do shit so that you understand
When it come to spittin' rapid-fire lyric adrenaline then I be the motherfuckin'
Get the love, when I hit the club gotta freak in
It's the weekend and the DJ bumpin' "Tattoo"
Track move like some southern, black blues, or like the Cooper, got cruise
And they got shoes it's packet-proof instead I be the hottest rap..
Dude...Ride to this while you peel, yo, hood
You could go around the block or travel the whole world
When you come back it's still yo hood
And it feels so good..


I spit some game wit the intellect
To the media, like I'm in the Encyclopedia Brittanica
Come and take over the world wit' me girl
If you good I might can see if I can be yo manager
Get yo career on track and yo life on point
And I'll show you how yo taxes go..
Tactics flow quicker than a hat-trick go, smokin on some fire, galactic dro
I know it's good when you smoke that fire
Puff that herb, get that dirt, hit that lick
Cop yourself a motherfuckin' Bentley car
Cop yourself a motherfuckin' Bentley crib
Pop that ass, throw that dick, twork that thing, bust that nut
Drop that top, turn the base up, put you a chameleon paint on the truck
Get iced up, bumpin' Twista grooves
as I cruise new shoes rollin' smooth up in K-Town
In my city come and feel it ghetto blues
if you snooze you lose don't pay dues for the tre-pound
Take the time to kick wit' yo home girls... And feel yo nugz..
Keep on hatin' on the L, big family we gon' steady come up
And I'ma still smoke good, and it feels so good..

[Chorus] - repeat 2X

Roll one, light one, smoke one, sip some..
Roll one, light one, smoke one, sip some..
Roll one, light one, smoke one, sip some..

. . .

f/ Highbeam

[Verse 1: Twista]
I know you heard the terms chicks are like cars
Well I treat bitches like drinks
When I step in the club and by out the bar
So let me quench my thirst with you and a friend
Instead of the juice & gin
Why don't I pour out the drink and you hop in
Glass full of ass for a true motherfucker
With that that turquoise Coogi on
You remind me of a blue motherfucker
Your friend was sexy when I seen her in Prada
But I think Gina was hotter
Cause her skin tone was like a pi馻 colada
I saw two Japanese chicks that got bodies
So I ordered them a mai tai and hot sake, then I got cocky
And asked them do they come to this club a lot
Well ya got a brotha hot
Hop in my bubble drop
Can I get a double shot?
Or get wit these two mamacita's one wit the karma of margarita
The other one like two shots of tequila
And they all fine I really don't know what to think
As I get bubbly and choose and try to figure out

[Chorus: Highbeam]
What's my favorite Drink?
Girl can I sip on you
Sip on you
What's my favorite drink?

[Verse 2: Twista]
Don't want the middle Cosmopolitan ass
I like the one that makes your face drop like a Neopolitan mast
No telling what these thick bitches would do
Reminiscent of a big old pitcher of brew
But hit ya like a slow screw
Dip in a strip a club in LA with a bankroll
Where the weather ain't cold
So I can see some hoes slide down a poll
I met two dancers named Moet and Cristal
I was checkin they style
We had a session It was wet it was wild
Then I dug these two twins thick wit Hennessey one was Remi Red
With skinny legs
Both of them game to give me head
With a little bit absolute vodka for they homie Tasha
Tell her to come closer
So y'all three can give me a Sammy Sosa
If I was mayor I would campaign ass
Drunk politician with women swimming around the champagne glass
Drink so much that I might hurl in the sink
And if you ask me why
I couldn't figure out

[Chorus: Highbeam]
What's my favorite Drink?
Girl can I sip on you
Sip on you
What's my favorite drink?

[Verse 3: Twista]
If you would suck my soul
I shall lick your funky emotions
Look at that big old donkey you toting
I wish I could pour some of you in a bishop's cup
And have a toast wit King Boo
And celebrating the fact that you thick as fuck
I holla Church cause its pimps in the party
Let me sip on ya body
Get a good buzz of ya like you lemon Bacardi
Or a long Island havin sex on the beach
Or in the 'llac sunroof let back with the tech on the seat
Got a red bone I call her strawberry daquiri
Bring her back for me
Carry packs for me
Had her suck off my facultay
Got a little mamma name Mimi
Who remind me of Martini and Asti Spumante
How she move to my cd
I got a chocolate chick who deep throat
She help me shake up dope
She the complexion of Crown Royal and Coke
And they making it hard for me to decipher and think
As I get bubbly and choose
And try to figure out

[Chorus: Highbeam]
What's my favorite Drink?
Girl can I sip on you
Sip on you
What's my favorite drink?

[Outro: Highbeam]
Hennesy mixed wit some of that Alize
Gimme a shot of that Remy
And a whole lot of Tanqueray
Keep it comin with that Cognac
Pop the Moet lets sip on that
Naw playa put ya money back
Cause these drinks on me
Give me a bottle of that Belve'
Long island iced tea
Hook me up a martini
All these dinks on me
I want to have a sex on the beach
How about a gin & juice for me
So put away ya money G

. . .

f/ Jazze Pha

[Chorus: Jazze Pha]
(Badunkadunk) All in your face when you're at the club
(Badunkadunk) Slide down the poll for the 30 Dub
(Badunkadunk) Look at your ass girl, it's so much fun
(Badunkadunk) I tell the DJ, I mean ya #1
(Badunkadunk) What? (Badunkadunk) Rock Yo!
(Badunkadunk) All That (Badunkadunk) Bounce Yo!
(Badunkadunk) Big Phat (Badunkadunk) I Love Yo!
(Badunkadunk) Tell the DJ, I mean I'm #1

[Verse 1: Twista]
Ooh! Shit, damn shawty look at the muthafuckin' fatty
Come to daddy, tell me what I gotta do to get you lickin' in my custom caddy
Never wanna let you get up out the ride
When I burst to the lip my mouth is wide
Look at titties with them little bitty shorts you got on
With the thighs hangin' out the side
When you work it you gone hurt these other bitches(That's Right)
Hurtin' em' mean with the way you struttin'
Even though you only walkin'
You still lookin' like you shouldn't do that shit in public
I can tell from right now what I see you workin' with
You ain't even gotta ask for the blunt
Booty so phat, gaps so nice, you can see ya ass from the front
You finna hurt how you twurk that thang
You want me to hear when you pop it baby
Fell in love when you came up in club, with a whole bottle of Mo'
Don't pop it baby!
I know you got up on some rump shaker time
Just let us see what you can do
Sip a little something while you bounce that ass
Girl you gotta Badunkadunk


[Verse 2: Twista]
Now bounce that ass, hurry up for the Bentley
Now gone drop that bikini for the Lamborghini
Now let me see you in a car for the big grown
Love the way you shake it for the dollar
Holla at me when you see me
Now I don't wanna see nobody full of rigimortis
Go head and jiggle for the more more money that's in his hands
Go head and hit the shades with ya thick ass
Now come over here by the table and give me a lap dance
Bend it over come and get this dust
Come take it off now we in the cut
Gots to hit that from the back
Shorty gotta lil junk in her trunk
Look at how she make one butt-cheek freeze
Look at how she make the other cheek move fast
Look at how she switch, make the other cheek move
Then move both sides then clap that ass
Remember them times!, when you met two shawty's
And you really want the cutest
But you let her slide, cuz the other gotta really big-o donkey booty
Now shawty think she fine, only if she really knew the truth
I ain't gone lie, girl twurk them thighs
I'm in love with your big Badunkadunk


[Verse 3: Twista]
Can you make it go wobbley-wobbley, come on and follow me
Take you on a ride on the 'C' and umm!
If you let it jiggley-jiggley, make it go wiggley
Baby you can never get rid of me and umm!
Twurk something, ooh yeah
Yeah that booty softer then a teddy bear
So phat I can barely stare, with a darier, that's scary there
Come and drop for a nigga named Twista
Come and pop for me like a pistol
Got Badunkadunk's from a MOB and got Badunkadunk's for Jazze Phizzle
Girl you deserve respect, you look so good girl I commit you
The hottest thang on the menu
When I'm off up in the strip club, I like to get you
Twurk that thang, bounce that ass
Work it all the way down to the floor
Climb to the top, shake it up-side down
Side of the muthafuckin floor
Work that crown, give a lap-dance
Shake it like it's for lady-groups
Take all the ballers to the V.I.P
Girl gone work yo Badunkadunk


Shake That Thang Girl!(Repeat to the end of song)
[Jazze Pha]
This! is a Jazze Phizzle Product-shizzle
My Nizzle! Hah!
Twista!, Chi-Town, Yeah
What? Legit Ballin' Daddy!

. . .

You don't wanna see these murder guys
Princess cuts hurt ya eyes
Got the chicks that work them thighs
Pull the top back on the prowler
Like the car ain't circumcised
Burglarize hoes
Leave ya eyes closed
Bricks in my truck while I ride slow
Smoke yo fire dro
No repercussions
He was disgusting
Turn my volume under ten
To keep my speakers from busting
If them people come rushin
Can't say I froze
Won't open the doors
Bout time they caught up
I done exposed of my outer clothes
Car in the garage
I say good God
My day was hard
Call two freaks up for the m閚age trois
Parlaying hard
Sade was suave
When we was screwing
Sheets was ruin
If beef is brewing
I'mma put slugs deep into
Money they be pursuing
The nerve of these jealous bastards fo hatin
Master my patience
Them custom wood grain caskets is waitin
Passion for satin
They must have
Gave them a blood bath
Had to show them who really holdin shit down wit they tuff ass
We alias
They wishin they be us
Cant three eighty us
Cause we'll wreck everything within a ten-block radius
When ya see me betta speak with love
Or leak some blood
I got connections with all type of BM, Chiefs, and GOVS
Deeply plugged who gotta retire from crime
Bout to hit that big lick
So we gonna pull it

One last time
I got some good news man
Some good news
We gone come up if we just make this quick move
Lay it all on the line
Hit'em in the body and da dome
Left the after party wit the chrome
Come up wit a milly
Soon as everybody know that I'm gone
Cause I made it mama your son he's a success
Now you ain't got no reason to stress
Gotta keep it Gangsta
Cause I'ma Hustla
Do it like a balla
Cause I'ma a mobsta

Cause it only takes a second to pop me a snitch
Call up my connection and cop me a brick
And he sent a chezovoceian chick
She was actin cocky and shit
She like watchin blow at the hotel
Wit big dreams to never stop being rich
And she wasn't too sloppy wit dick
Said when she get on she was gonna cop me a six
Platinum blue spreewell shoes
Detail smooth
On some Mickey and malery me and my female crews
Type of demo what's the beno
I gave her two six plus ten four
That's twelve five for the brick
And five hundred for the plane and limo
Plain and simple called my guy and told'em thanks and send more
Meditating plot on my lick when I smell them frankensen blow
Do my thugdizle I ain't scared of this
Fly ya head like peagus
Bloody up that necklace
Hoe I'ma Aries
Them terrorist fucked up the lick when sendin chicks on the plane
Put a major glitch in the game
But I'm get me them thangs
As I come wit new ways to travel watch my shorties get on em
Comin back wit pound and packages wit the scorpions on them
Of course we been on them
Niggaz know they two for forty and want'em
I done seen truck load wit more keys than accordion
And you think I'm past up that quick fast dust
let me mask up
That ain't a fast truck
Get yo ass stuffed


I spit words that be gangsta shit
Make hustla tip and ballers rich
Hatters sick mobsta hitz
I'm the shit
You can't see me visit the optometrist
Cars I flip unorthodox like Dr. Bonovich
Prada lic but nigga got whooped
Should of seen shit was funny
My old connection he got reason to gun me
I know he took the money
Even if I probably wrong
Turn down the volume
Shoot him on plastic to lay his body on
Fuckin marcon
Two to the caveza
Pincha puto
That ring on your pinky was too cold
Got pinch for two O's
And a half brick my staff is sick
Had him confess like a catholic
Always thought things was funny now you don't laugh at shit
Stupid bastard bitch
Never fuck wit Twista, Turtle Banxxs, and Stokes
Coming up dro flowin slangin dope
I tried to chill
but when I see a lic to make the world mine
On the love
I think I got to pull it

. . .

(feat. R Kelly)

(Intro: R. Kelly)
Uhh, uhh (uh-huh) uhh
Yeah, this is for all the sexy ladies out there
Uhh.. walkin around downtown
Shoppin at the malls, yeah
.. I see you in your sexy jeans
Manicure, pedicure mamis
Your hair is good, yeah, I see you

(Chorus: R. Kelly)
LADIES! (You're.. so.. se-xy) So sexy
(Per-fect.. for.. me) And I like you
(You're.. so.. se-xy) So sexy
(Per-fect.. for.. me) And this is for

(Verse One: Twista)
My ladies that be steady sippin Cris'
Always lookin nice, put some ice on they belly or they wrist
Girls that be thick off in they thigh, I wanna kick it in the Chi
They gon' be fuckin with some Kelly and the Twist'
Baby now look, model girls, Gucci and Prada girls
and all the ghetto divas in the hood
Women that be steady stackin ends
rollin Lexus or Benz with rims and know how to keep it lookin good
Go on witcha fine thick ass
Somebody gon' snatch you so I gotta make you mine quick fast
See I come and pass, I don't really wanna wonder
so I gotta put her numbers on my sidekick fast
Rollin witcha mob workin hard, gettin money, pullin capers
If I ain't got papers you will bring me some beans home
Supervisor givin orders on the job
but you still lookin good with them skin-tight jeans on
Lookin hot in them heels, I think I want that
Come and back it up to the bottom of my throwback
With you rollin yo' rims lookin like a Kodak
Watch I drive I wanna smoke, she will roll that
Miss mobstress rollin with the hardest
Holdin it down like a female Joe Pesci
And I wanna make her a made woman
and I hope she gon' let me, cause she looks so sexy

(Interlude: R. Kelly)
OHH! And this is for them girls that be wantin - the D
And this is for them girls that be lovin - the D
And this is for them girls that be ridin - the D
The ones that like to keep the D up inside 'em now
So many girls off up in the mall boy a nigga be in the club (ohh!)
Soon as one of them walk by me and I be like, "Yo whassup?"


(Verse Two: R. Kelly)
All the shrimp and lobster honeys, downtown shoppin honeys
Stayin on the grind, gotcha own car and crib honeys
Dro puffers, Remi sippers, V.I.P. real honeys
No dummies, takin no shit from a nigga that's full of shit honeys



(Verse Three: Twista)
Me and my clique was - rollin thick on 24's on a dirty lick
Met a chick, lookin fine and her measures was
36-24-36, come here shorty
Ain't no reason to be scared of us
Lovin how you do your own thang
And how you smokin on your own flame
Lookin finer than a girl that be groovin on Soul Train
I try to to hit her with some cold game
I hope she - feel me; try to holla at a shorty
Get a better vibe wit her while I'm sippin on my - Henny
I wanna kiss her on her body
but I gotta make her holla while I'm givin her - the D
Gotta really love a girl
They know to kick it but she know she gotta make that - money
Goin shoppin for the minks and the leather
but come back and bounce that ass - for me
My East coast girls, that's what's up
Tell my Southside shorties we can get it crunk
My Cali girl make it bounce like a six-fo'
My Chi girl bust down, make it straight buck
When I see up all the girls that get down for hers
I gotta get up wit her if she gon' let me
Career woman with some goals, fuck the broke-ass hoes
Baby girl cause you look so sexy



. . .

f/ Ludacris, Wildstyle

[Intro: Twista] + (Ludacris)
Yeah, you know it's about to go down right?
(Yeeah!) Got to let them know who is this? (Ludacris!)
And who else nigga? (Twista, wooo, ahhh!)
Uh, uh (check it out)

[Verse 1: Ludacris]
Sometimes I think that I got to see a little bit of brighter days
Cause I confine myself to a city near you in a solid cage
And you could look to the left or the right but I'm trapped on center stage
And I could rap to the beat, but I don't know how to change my ways
I still hear a fool and I track them, distract them, and whack them
Jack a nigga for the day to days and I yak them, attack them, and sack them
Get a weapon and I crack his brain cause I'm a hustler, baller, pro
And it wouldn't be right for me to be around busters, and crawlers, and hoes
But I'm a pimp at night, so talk shit and I'm a lift them up off of they toes
With a street sweeper regulating quarters, and ki's, and o's
In a two-seater, Ludacris and Twista with bags of dro
Smoking, choking, get them open, croaking
It's so potent - I'm hoping to keep on floating
Soaking wet and you can bet, people I'm high
I'm seeing lions, and tigers and bears - oh my!
And I can't hide it or keep it hidden, good riddance I'm felling good
I'm weapon-concealing, stealing my neighborhood
Would, could, and should break a nigga off
They'll see you later, go to the doctor, hold my balls and (cough)
You caused some vapors and I caught the throne, brain blown, honey I'm home
Give me the microphone, and fools is like, "leave me alone!"

[Chorus: Twista]
Throw it up if you get high, get blow, get drunk
If you want what I'm on, come on and kick it
Let's ride, smoke dro, beat the trunk
All the bad ass bitches that want to party
Just shake it, great players get pumped
Me and my thugs, and hustlers in the party
Get money fuck hoes, get crunk

[Verse 2: Twista]
(Look out!) I put a little bit of hash on some motherfucking purple haze
I feel it all over my body, adrenaline with the Bacardi
Got me up and then rippng shit in a rage
In the netti cofetti with a belly, Gucci
Timberland stepping on the petal up in the Cadillac truck
Want to get me for the wood
Better get the whole motherfucking hood to come and give you some back up
We can get into it and if you want to do it
I'm leaking the fluids out of the bodies that want to come at this
If they all get some blood for fucking with thugs that I bury
My adversaries better not want none of Twis'
Represent for my city, anybody that different with me
Got to get him for thinking it's a game
And whether you from my city or not, talk shit
I'ma kill him especially if he say my name
I've been up on him - I handle my business
And I'm a stick him up for the scrilla, from K-Tilla, smoking on a fat piller
Murder haters that don't feel a
Niggaz claiming they want to bring it, but really don't be killers
Balling out so hard the size of my rims grow to a hellafied sight-scene
When the dough become no bigger, I'm going to drop that 2003 on 19"

[Chorus: Twista]

[Verse 3: Twista]
We balling out of control, I floss on, play on, pimp on
A speed deamon, pedal to the metal when I'm in the zone
Hang on cause here I'm gone
In the motherfucking wind when I'm sippin on Henn'
I got paper, you owe something
And I done came a long way from letting me hold something, to roll something
Find a body, then fill him up with some adrenaline
And then kill him and send him to the cemetery
With a flow for the whole world like a poet,
Check icy cold, your Pop's so hungry, he mends a berry
Shit, and when it come to shipping good
Who that?, who that?, I got the sack open
And the herb got the flow so strong
Hot them on crack, the track is for back-to-back smoking
Never come up with it unwise, and he
nigga you ain't untouchable when I spark the heat
Coming at you like sharks to meat
the blood is softly, I can tell when a mark is hard as we
Come fully loaded cause I'm hard to beat
always screaming where a beat and the dro at?
You know we love that cut up
In the back of the club with purple in the back crying
Twis' and Ludacris get fucked up

[Chorus: Twista]

[Outro: Twista] + (Wildstyle)
Pass me the..
Let me smoke my..
(Yeeah, this a Wildstyle production
Twista and Ludacris collabo, get it, get it

. . .

f/ Danny Boy

[Intro: Danny Boy]
Have mercy.. mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy.
Ohhhhh, ohhhhhhh-ohhhh-ohhh.. {*harmonizing*}
Have mercy, mercy, mercy, mercy me

Now, now, when my boo let me break 'em off, freaky when we makin love
I can do shit to you that'll make you shake in lust
Comin through how I be stoppin off, kinky when I make you cum
How could you wanna do shit that'll make me break the trust?
Shoulda knew you were sheisty the way you lick me on my body
and actin shady when I'm out the crib, lightly
Cause somethin bogus just to fight me spite me all in my area
plus I'm a Sagittarius, you a Pisces
For some reason we be clickin like we on business
but you be on some bullshit
Askin me where I go, what I do, how I kick it
Won't you get with it baby girl, I don't cheat on you and pull shizz
Now who don't wanna roll on, chrome with then go home with
Get you to the crib, give you some grown dick
I let you hold my pounds down, purchasin you phones and fits
How many times I told you, I ain't known shit
But you steady don't listen even though it's your friends that listen
Gotta have trust, but you won't back up on a couple I'll catch you wishin
Claimin that I'm fuckin on another bitch and
all in my privacy on no premonition, you trippin
Tell me why do you - doubt a brother, in one ear and out the other
Cause in my shirt you done found number
You steady lurkin while I was up in the shower
dumpin all of my pants pockets, trippin cause you done found a rubber
And all I gotta say is.

[Chorus: Danny Boy]
That's not right (that's not right)
Snoopin through my things (you snoopin baby, snoopin baby)
I don't do it to you (I don't do it, I don't do it)
You shouldn't do that to me (I don't do it to you)
That's not right (that's not right)
Snoopin through my things (snooooopin through my things)
I don't do it to you (and I sho' wouldn't do it)
You shouldn't do that to me (I ain't gon' do it to you)

[Danny Boy]
I was sittin in the front just watchin videos
Readin my magazine, my Vibe magazine, yeah
I coulda sworn that I turned my damn 2-Way off
But damn I heard it ring, I think I heard it ring, yeahhh
If it's somethin that you think that's wrong got you feelin insecure
I'm grown ?baby let me know, and then I'll let you know
Cause I'm the one that's footin the bills
And I'm not the wrong one, that's for real
You can get your shit and go, gooooo!

Now you don't see me all up in your dresser drawers
You don't see me goin through your Jag
You don't see me in your celli; you don't see me
searchin through your thongs, and you don't see me though your Gucci bag
Baby you got the shabazz; sometimes you need a swift, kick up the ass
just to to see how far a foot can go
Would you wash it and took it slow, couldn't though
Pressure cookin low, bitch I hope you find what you lookin fo'
I'm losin focus from fuckin witchu, don't get me charged
Come in from a show, my whole closet be picked apart
If anybody should be paranoid in this motherfucker it should be me
I'm the one smokin hydro by the jars
You need to leave my stuff alone, go and get some business of your own
cause me and you ain't spendin precious time together
Baby don't touch mine, I shouldn't need a "don't touch" sign
I ain't explainin nothin, you can find whatever
And all I gotta say is.

[Chorus] w/ variations

Now when I get up in your ooh-watcha-katcha
Move to the mm-ch-ka mm-ch-ka mm-ahh, don't lie
You peepin the details of my fax, mail and voice mail
and E-mail and why sugar, don't try
to come up with the justification for what you doin
The relationship's about to be ruined for what you persuin
Steadily tryna see who I'm screwin like I'm fuckin the nation
It's nothin but hatin that the homies be doin
Spittin rumors all up in your ear, tension in the atmosphere
Baby what's the mission here, listen here
You lookin for numbers and fist in hair
It must be here for a reason so quit before I have to make you disappear
I can do without you pokin through pockets
Prophecy's potent, whatchu peepin fo'?
I hate the way that all this time to tell what I been thinkin
shoulda told you when I thought about it a week ago
But now I'm tellin you.

[Chorus] w/ variations

{*Danny Boy ad libs*}

. . .

f/ Liffy Stokes, T.I.

Make dat ass roll like a 24 (24)
Lemme see you make dat ass roll like a 24 (24)
Shawty make dat ass roll like some 24's (24)
Lemme see you make dat ass roll like a 24 (24)

I can make my ass roll like a 24 (24) [repeat]
I can make my ass roll like some 24's (24s)
I can make my ass roll like a 24 (24)

Now drop it (now drop it) to the floor
Spin it like some stop and go
Drop it (drop it) to the floor
Spin it like some stop and go
Roll like a 24
Lemme see you make dat ass roll like a 24

Now I could tell from back in the days when we was shawtys in the hood
Dat you was gone grow up to be thick as hell and lookin good
Now you 21 and them thighs ain't no crunk
Lookin fine as hell like a penny junk up in the trunk
Make a nigga get (get) what you want
Put dat ass on dubs
Feel it when you get the party crunk

Feel it when you twirk it in the club
Feel it when you get down on the floor
Love when you get down on the low
Feel I wanna jack dat ass wanna bump and get that ho get the hoe
Baby I jus got some 24's and I love to watch em spin (spin)
So let me see you make dat ass roll like my rims
Spinnin like omega jones
Pop dat booty fo my squad
Work dat booty tho it hard roll it like a ?


You already know hoes down pimps up
When pimpin step up in the house put ya bitch up
I got a remi bottle instead of a pimp cup
It shine like a summer day when my wrist up
She wanna wave now cuz my nigga Twista
Dissed her then bounced wit her sista
I tell her keep her head down and her hips up
You can keep dat pussy imma tear dem pretty lips up
Let dat ass roll like 24's on a big truck
And ya g-string let it bounce when da beat bang
Make it drop like dem cars in a g-thang
Pull up ya skirt and work it like da hook keep sangin


Come on shorty make dat ass pop
Drop it like a rag top
Shake it likes its bongo
Stir it up like credit rock
I got a pocket full of tens and dubs
I'm up in the club drunk as fuck stuck
Lookin for love
They lookin for dust
And I got dem in gods we trust
A lil game a lil fame
I'll have em pilin in the church bus
Puffin da juan dro straight up to the condo
Open the bus doors head up to the 12th floor
Its bout to crack now layin on my back now
She shook one cheek at a time den dropped it back down
I'm goin through a game
I never knew they name
All I know is when she got low a nigga lost it man

You got my thang on swole back dat ass up
Girl you got my thang on swole now make dat ass drop
You got my thang on swole make dat ass bounce
Girl you got my thang on swole now make dat ass prompt

Break somethin shake somethin work somethin twirk somethin [repeat]
Break it shake it work it twirk it [repeat4]
Shawty lemme see you make the left side move (side move)
Now let me see you make the right side move (side move)
Now let me see you make both sides move (sides move)
Now baby bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce

. . .

f/ Cee-Lo

Man I know we had a lot of tragedies lately
I just wanna say rest in peace to Aaliyah
Rest in peace to Left-Eye, rest in peace to Jam Master Jay
And everybody lost in the Twin Towers, and everybody lost period
All we got is hope..

[Verse 1: Twista]
I wish the way I was livin' could stop
Servin' rocks, knowin' the cops is hot when I'm on the block
And I - wish my brother would've made bail
So I won't have to travel six hours to see him in jail
And I - wish that my grandmother wasn't sick
Or that we would just come up on some stacks and hit a lick (I wish)
And I - wish my homies wouldn't have to suffer
When the streets get the upper hand understand we lose a brother
And I - wish I could go deep in the zone
And lift the spirits of the world with words within this song (I wish)
And I - wish I could teach us all to fly
Take away the pain out your hands and help you hold 'em high
And I - wish God had never gave the men power
To be able to hurt the people inside the Twin Towers (I wish)
And I - wish God would've turned they hearts righteous
When they started to take innocent lives and become snipers
But uh - we will never break though they devastate
We shall motivate, and we gotta pray, all we got is faith
Instead of thinkin' about who gon' die today
The Lord is gon' help you feel better so you ain't gotta cry today
Sit at the light so long
And then we gotta move straight forward cause we bite so strong
So when right go wrong
Just say a lil' prayer, get your money man, life goes on... (Let's go)

[Chorus: Cee-Lo]
Cause I'm hopeful, yes I am, hopeful for today
Take this music and use it, let it take you away
And be hopeful, hopeful, and He'll make a way
I know it ain't easy but - that's okay
Just be hopeful

[Verse 2: Twista]
I wish that you would show some love
Instead of hatin' so much when you see some other people comin' up (I wish)
I wish I could teach the world to sing
Write some music and have them trippin' off the joy I bring
Shit - I wish that we can hold hands
Listenin' instead of dissin', lessons from a grown man (I wish)
And I - wish the families that lack but got love
Get some stacks, brand new shack, and a 'Llac that's on dubs
And I - wish we could keep achieving wonders
See the vision of the world through the eyes of Stevie Wonder (I wish)
You feel me - and I hope all the kids eat
And don't nobody in my family see six feet - ya dig?
I hope the mothers stand strong
You can make it whether you with him or your man's gone (I wish)
And I - wish I could give every celly some commissary
And no popo bring the heat on our peace like they did R. Kelly
And I - wish that D.O.C. could scream again
And bullets could reverse and Pac and Biggie breathe again
Shit - and one day they can speak again
I wish that we only saw good news every time we look at CNN
I wish that enemies could talk
And that Super-homie Christopher Reeve could still walk (I wish)
I wish that we could walk the path stay doin' the right thing
Hustle hard so them kids maintain up in the game (Let's go)

[Chorus: Cee-Lo]
Cause I'm hopeful, yes I am, hopeful for today
Take this music and use it, let it take you away
And be hopeful, hopeful, and He'll make a way
I know it ain't easy but - that's okay
Just be hopeful

[Verse 3: Twista]
Wish the earth wasn't so apocaliptic
I try to spread my message to the world the best way that I can give it
We can make it, always so optimistic
If you don't listen, gotta live my life the best way that I can live it
I pray for justice when we go to court
Wish it was all good so the country wouldn't have to go to war
Why can't we kick it and just 'em on
And in the famous words of Mister King, 'why can't we all just get along?'
Hope we can find a better way to shop in peace
And I - hope we find a better way to cop for keys
And I - wish everybody would just stop and freeze
And ask - why are fulfilling these downfalls and these prophecies
You can be wrong if it's you doubtin'
With the faith of a mustard seed, you can move mountains
And only the heavenly father can ease the hurt
Just let it go and keep prayin' on your knees in church (Let's go)

[Chorus: Cee-Lo]
Cause I'm hopeful, yes I am, hopeful for today
Take this music and use it, let it take you away
And be hopeful, hopeful, and He'll make a way
I know it ain't easy but - that's okay
Just be hopeful

Na na na na na na na na na
Just be hopeful

Na na na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na

. . .

When I wake up in the mornin' love,
And the sunlight hurts my eyes,
Then somethin' without warnin' love,
Bears heavy on my mind...

(Twista) Let's get them dollars,
Let's get this money,

(Keep my mind on my...)

I keep my mind on my money, money on my mind,
I got my finger on tha trigga, stayin' on tha grind,
And when I wake up in the mornin', I got's to hit a lick,
Saw the 2000 and 3 Navi, on Sprees wit' a kit,
Soon as my eyes see tha sunshine,
My thoughts is jukin' the block, and dodgin' the one time,
Peep how we movin' the rocks and wit' pounds of dro before I double my shit,
I can serve sixteen ounces for six and get back ninety-six,
A killa for tha skrilla... Nigga, Best not be stalkin',
I got's to get them bigga, figga's, fuck what you talkin',
I represent them nigga's ballin' wit' jewelry full of zickels,
Down to the nigga's chasin' million, their dreams' servin' nickels,
And I know, one day, I'm gon' come up,
And when you see me, don't hate, that I blowed up,
Get paid whether you legit when you slang, or tippin' off 'cane,
Until I take a dip in the Range, I'm flippin' them thangs,
Gotta get that money man...

(Chorus: Anthony Hamilton)
It's a lovely day, just got paid,
Stack it up, be on my way,
Lovely day, lovely day,
Lovely day, lovely day,
It's a lovely day, just got paid,
Stack it up, be on my way,
Lovely day, lovely day,
Lovely day...

A hustler's definition, is a hustler for scratch,
You serve a motherfucker, you serve him for that,
I'm makin' money off of verses when I spit 'em on tracks,
And if I ain't sellin' no records, I'm servin' them packs,
I got a, clip full of hollows, money makin's my motto,
Semi-auto and Marlboros in the bottle, 'til I hit the lotto,
Wit' dreams of ownin' a records label, flippin' words,
My nigga flippin' buildin's better than he was flippin' birds,
I got tha, mentality and tha motive I'm on a mission,
For tha money, you can get it too, it's all about yo ambission,
Play yo position, provide the plans, and follow procedures,
In tha six-hundred, blunted, wit' a pocket full of hundred's and Visa's,
Love, when I get that dust, hit 'em up, re-cock then I get back up,
Love, when I get that gig, get a crib, get a car when tha grip stack up,
It's still in the evenin' if I'm sleepin' paper problems,
Soon as I get up it's just another day, another dollar...
Gotta get that money man...


Got love for the corporate playas that's ballin' rollin' jags,
Got love for the thug nigga's who get' it on tha ave.,
Love for those, who can make a mil and sit back and laugh,
And love for the fine stripper's who get it poppin' ass,
Love for the single parent's that's workin' through the struggle,
Love for those who gotta make a livin' movin' muscle,
Love for those who gotta watch tha hater's rollin' bubbles,
Causin' trouble every time a young brotha try to hustle,
And if I can't, legally make or not...
Then I gotta get, right back on the block...
And if it no work we do a stick-up and whip-up a concoction,
Might leave yo face down in the dirt because hurtin's not an option...
Gotta get that money man...

(Chorus 2X)

(Outro: Anthony Hamilton)
When I wake up in the mornin' love,
And the sunlight hurts my eyes,
Somethin' without warnin' love,

. . .

f/ Freeway, Memphis Bleek, Young Chris

[Intro: Young Chris]
Young Chris, M-eez, my nigga Free-Wheez
The boy Twista

My life on the track (Okay)
Up and comin'
State Prop Chain gang (That's right)
Get low (Get low)

It's the Roc in the building nigga
It's the motherfuckin' Roc bitch, who hotter than us?
(Okay, okay)

[Young Chris]
Ayo..ever since a young buck, I been on the come up
Known to dish the raw, dish the law if they come up
And cheddar 'till the sun up..
If there's a ransom and the law get involved, then we never get it summed up
Never put ya gun up, if ya come round me
I go to war wit' niggaz 'round the corner from 'round me
You could front 'round me, but I read through that
Wit' the mili' and I ain't talkin' 'bout no Segal mac
Niggaz see shoot back, we can see to that
Hit yo front letters see through back, bring yo peoples back
And I used to grind out on my friend's spot
'til he's mom wanted my Tim-bots
Now my paint got me discounts
Or trans-quo all around the world, like I was signed to Pimp-dot
And if it's ten targets and I got ten shots
I'm tryin' to leave at least nine out of them ten shot..

[Memphis Bleek]
I got my mind on my money, money on mind
But some say its a gift, I don't write but I rhyme
I, complete songs with just one try
Tell 'em it's no lie, I beef all my life...dogg
I never think, it's already there
I find ways to say it, so you motherfuckers hear it
And when you hear it you feel it, you know its real so
This is how I live it, how it's pictured for real...nigga
I'm shittin' for real
Diamonds against wood, underground king for real
Big crib when I lay, yeah I'm livin' for real
Trust me the guns come off the shelf whenever shit'll get real
Automatics and extended clips, that's what I'm hittin' wit'
Dummies in the black rhinoes
Yeah, they be killin' shit
Masked up kidnap shit, that's how my niggaz get
Chi-town, NYC, that's how my niggaz get..

Yes, just picture me rollin'
The smith and wesson'll stay goin' put a hole in yo chest
It's just, another hustle paper gettin' made and fold
Get mad, you street niggaz finally made it
I swoop five, he know the ride, heavily loaded
Deliver pies like cake, they go straight through yo payment...yup! don't really wanna war
With the State Prop clique, if ya clique shot us, squad up
S-P game so damn tough, the 4 4 in the 5th tucked ya'll can't hang
Transporter turned rapper, get a camcorder film my life
Still acclompished, tryin' to fill they cups
The rap version of Mandela, call my bluff
We still the street dwellers, feel my pain (my pain)
I spit a verse and split a clip in the rain
A fool-proof when the full force open you up (what!)

Twista will rock you, you don't want the thug apostle to pop you
Hostile when I drop you, turnin' everything colossal to fossiles
I speak street gospel, all they life I spit words and paint portraits
For real niggaz that hold down they fortress and serve off of porches
Hit 'em in the body wit' the powerful forces, that'll end all your doubt
Make you clean up your house, bag up an ounce, hit the dance floor and bounce
We blessed wit' the talent, fuck wit this clique, it ain't gon' be easy
'Cause you fuckin' wit' Twist if you fuck wit Chris, Bleek and Free-wheezy
So speak and breath easy... Or the scutches my future in 3D
I like wars, I'm from a city full of vice, lords, and GD's
Breeze and souls, 2-6's, kings, VD's and stores
Spanish cobras and all the true soldiers survivin' are gone
Watch me spit if for the killers and hustler's, flippin' all the pounds and
Hate on me I'ma bust at you hoes, and I put eleven down wit' a clip
Niggaz servin' fiftys and hundreds, when I see you and I'm on yo tip

. . .

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