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Background information
Birth name Carl Terrell Mitchell
Born November 27, 1973
Born place Chicago, Illinois, United States
Genre(s) Hip-hop
Years active 1990—present
Label(s) Atlantic Records
Capitol Records
Loud Records
Get Money Gang Entertainment
Website Website

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Twista Album

Adrenaline Rush (06/24/1997)
Adrenaline Rush Intro
Adrenaline Rush (feat. Yung Buk of Psycho Drama)
Mobster's Anthem (feat. Liffy Stokes & Mayze)
Emotions (feat. Johnny P)
Korrupt World (feat. Psyde of Psycho Drama)
Get It Wet (feat. Miss Kane)
No Remorse (feat. Malif, Mayzes & Turtle Banxx)
. . .

Adrenaline Rush Intro

[No lyrics]

. . .

f/ Yungbuck (Psycho Drama)

What happens when you combine the darkness with the light?

I'm bringing pain like two bad nurses, and the pain from these here
motherfuckin verses ridiculous thirstses involving hearses
to the dirt shit first picks and use'n autos to work with
Slugs to the shirt shit (just to squirt shit)
A wicked hit with an expert kick
and burst 'til the earth split leave you hurt bitch
Show you how worser than worst get in the zone
See the vein when the pain repel
and then they closin the curtains bitch
(when adrenaline's pumpin')
I don't understand discussion, only hear certain shit
I'm a misunderstood nigga and I'm off my square high
Got me reversin clips and dispersin shit

What can I say to make you see how the fuck I feel
to make me wanna jump off of the edge
I'm charged off of suckers gettin shot up off the ledge
No pain, instead of 'caine I took a blunt off to the head
(so tell me what it said)
Retaliate with lethal repercussion
I feel the reefer rushin
to go into thangs, like it's a wicked stick
Took the Benadryl, hot like I'm fin' ta steal
to get the kickin shit
for niggaz and bitches that I kick it with
I was born to get you pumped up
it's like some lead bust cause I give motherfuckers a head rush
Then yo' head bust when you jumped up
Cause what I said must've got you geeked, my eyes red puffed
from smokin shit that niggaz hit on to die
Make me wanna slip the clip on the side
And if you act a bitch on the side, if we have to
then the whole Westside'll let the shit go on and ride
when the trigga bust

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
That's your adrenaline rush
like when a motherfucker have to go pick up the pump
to make his opposition chest kick up and jump
when you lit up the gun to make your body get up and uhh
That's your adrenaline rush
like when a motherfucker have to go pick up the pump
to make a trigger pick up and dump
so turn the bass, kick up and bump
and let the rhythm hit off the trunk

pullin up and bailin out like we're carsick, I'm ready to start shit
start up buryin some heads like an ostrich
and unload the whole cartridge and throw the shells out the garbage
the hardest of motherfuckers could never achieve what I've accomplished
Yungbuck's my accomplice
Located his existance with my sixth sense like a compass
and starting on a journey established to stop this
rushin up the hearts of the niggaz to get em charged
what's the real reason?
All you haters try to murder me so now it's kill season
And even though I'm still bleedin
I'm comin after you cause I'm still breathin
And y'all can't trace me
I bury my victims in the wall like gacey too lyrical
and since its nipple my umbilical these flows is critical
This music is miracle like I'm biblical
Killin like I'm nuttier than buddy love
and still wouldn't leave a bloody glove and start the truck up
and speed the fuck up getaway smokin this blunt
Dump the adrenaline eruptin my viens I'm pumped up

And I'm calibrated at 360 degrees
See that's 300 niggaz that gon die about 60 slugs to do this deed
(Psycho Drama) we too much for the industrialistic fuck
with this on the brink of fuckin up some shit
Dismantle deduct some shit
It's hard to imagine what niggaz got nerves to do
(what niggaz got nerves to do)
So I guess I'll just take that fuckin' nerve from you
then think what I'm on the verge to do
And I got the urge to ooh let semi close yo curtains fool
from killin the verses fool I be one of the worstest dude
(you the who?)
I'm the worstest workin about 9 millimeters above your surface
unleash these thangs then I defeat yo purpose bitch you hurtin

. . .

always ever all days death before dishonor
comin back as though I can still see if you got static
fuck tryin' to steal me, shit you gon' have to kill me
and if somebody cappin Ima tell em what happens when my emotions erupt
shots make me duck, thats when Ima have to fuck you up

(verse 1)
its like uh, ah, muthafucka cant fight the feelin the way Ima fuck em
have an orgasm but for the orchasm hit em as if a 4-5 buck em
talk about a man being scared, I done killed him be dead in his tomb
still shakin
hit em in his body and his head, now be found in heaven with the wound
still achin'
I wonder if his voice still breakin'
better be cause I steadily
hit him with gats and styles that heavily
armed and dangerous and deadily
that ahead of me recieve two holes like the letter B
better you instead of me, breakin peace can increase your chances
to delete your advances for slate I can paint this peice on canvas
with a paint brush that a nigga cant truss like a god so I cant rush
wont crush
if you ever heard about a crew that cant bust then motherfucker it
aint us; dont touch
a mike or a gun if you aint gonna use it,
do it
claiming your weapons and tecs and you gonna be checked and fluid
prove it
cuz no matter who it is cant tell the westside to leave a bitch shedding
the young kill everyday the old itchin to kill cuz they aint offed
a nigga dead in years
shoot him dead in his, this style of flow is a verbal calico
make a chest ripple
they get a call from the sky sayin they all gonna die
dont leave the rest crippled

(chorus 2x)

(verse 2)
mikers, mikers be tryin to take mine and leave a motherfucker
cold as a crisis
with a technique as cold as isis, and mikes as my control devices
or do I gotta get off some nigga shit
show the biggest dick with the biggest clique that be hazardous if
I let the trigga click
you dont benefit if a nigga get from the rage if he live it just a
little bit; so go on with the riddle shit
if you got something to stress then get it off your chest and
we can take it to the middle bitch
and go on get it on and I bet you that the outcome is that I'm leavin
niggas out done, cut up
but its odd to see a motherfucker outrun just because he let his
mouth run so shut up
and sit back if you know whats good for you I can still overthrow you
I dont give a fuck about the fact that the hood know you
dont make a nigga have to show you
that Ima die before you make an ass of me stop as if you took a blast
at me and cause tragedy
that was how it was that was how it is and thats the way it has to be

(chorus 2x)

(verse 3)
its like uh, ah, sit back and let the shit just straight marinate
I pull the stage curtain back like norman bates
performin hates smokin on some reefer performin fate
its a constant struggle for us white boys with the shit hittin licks
in the scuffle for us
my nigga lucky made him bleed fear is if to proceed to bust
if he a different type of breed from us
so yall petty niggas need to hush; two straight to you brain means pains
even if it aint things to taunt pain like rage till my brain is wicked
aint even lived out a quarter of your lifetime tryin to push product
and aint servin the right kind and aint strivin the right rhymes
but Ima shorten your lifeline
through the pipeline I vocal cold bust em plus them with killers
jaw stealers throw dealers rushin parties bloody body chillers
pretty casket fillers
cuz those niggas got they shit together
we come pay to Creator's Way and dont gotta be but then again whatever

. . .

This goes out to all riders worldwide
Let that playa ass nigga Twista be your guide as we go on a ride
where playa hatin killers and the hood niggaz thrive
And lame motherfuckers can barely survive

[Verse 1]
One morning I woke up next to a thick bitch
Took a shower dried off brushed the gold teeth like Slick Rick
Tapped on Obsession colonge like Doug E. Fresh in the flesh
Think I'm blessed with the zest after slippin on my slick fit
The high discover me, hit the front porch
Two women butterly lovely in front of me got my head gone
I sent the bitch in the bed home cuz one of them
got chocolate big thighs and the other one was a redbone
Where y'all goin y'all thick as hell
What's your name I wanna get up with y'all tonight shit
I got some homies that lonely never phony we on some hype shit
Call up the buddies you be tight with
We ain't really gon be doin too much though
We just ridin around bumpin sounds trippin out while we flame janes
Tappin the horn at the homies that gangbang
and slang 'caine to maintain to mob's the same thing
Or we can chill at the crib and play spades or kick some ass a bit
Speedpass the clit and get passionate
Grab the buckle and unfasten it
and we can get into some ol' nasty shit
Live if I could decide to try, don't play me bogus
This ain't no spin move and I ain't got no time to lie
Tell your girls we gonna be sliding by
but hit the weed tip first cause my clique got to be riding high
cause it feels so good

It feels so good how we kick it in the hood like so good
(When we ridin high)
Rollin through the hood with Phillies and hoes
Straight pimpin with nowhere to go
And it feels so good the way we kick it in the hood like so good
(When we ridin high)
Rollin through the hood with Phillies and hoes
Straight pimpin with nowhere to go

[Verse 2]
Me and my homies hooked up some cowards took up
when niggas we lust smokin some but the flame tight
Trippin off how we survivin the rugged terrain
and try to hang tight getting fucked up on gang night
Used to be gang fights now we gotta try to relax with the scrap
Even we sent Deebo back to back to back
We still be holdin' stacks of packs
Rollin through wit black blacks, blunt reds, ash trays, and crack sacks
Hustlin and chillin's what I'm focusin on
Fiendin through bitch's cribs hopin it's on
If ain't no strokin we strollin along
Rollin the chrome out really trippin
because we take the smoke to the dome
Bumpin the tunes while bigger roles and herringbones
glisten from all the sunlight
Peepin the fe's with their hair done tight
Booty hung right and every night we see at least one fight
Hookin up with my fellow Westside cliques
Now together we mush
but when are we strapped through and rug cutters
Just like the envy and jealousy throughout the other is love brothers
Ridin every one of y'all my muhfuckers
So put the Black Magic on the tires and get the wax off the chrome
We gon' to blaze on till my brain's blown
Hopin to get my thang on
Not matter what block you stay on kick it
Round the world it's the same song
(so the Mobsters just flame on)
For scratch we was willin' to squirt some blood
Now we got up on hittin the cuz
From stealin' tips where they're swum the doves
mo' we got up on some bud
Straight hittin' up the block searching for love
Reach up and hit the deep lung then we gone
Smokin delight the body right what the party like
Are you as live as I come roll with meso we can ride the sky
But only if you let me play with you while we ridin' high
cause it feels so good


[Verse 3]
Sittin back cruising through the slow breeze
thinkin how can I get mo' cheese
Bumpin a system costin 4 G's
I stay on my P's for the po-P's
Split the Phillie with my door keys
Scoop a female to the crib good get my boy to bring a blessin through
Sit on the floor playin Tekken 2
Lesson two I'm adressin you
Turn out the lights like the World Class Wreckin' Crew
Bring out the best in you
Confessin true lies about your inner thighs
and where they been hopin maybe you be my lady
What's the potatoes without the gravy
what you feelin on maybe soft with the silicone baby
but can you pay me?
Cause daily we be riding in the dope stroll
while rockin dope flows I'll lose the spot if I choose to stop
We can cruise some blocks and talkin' about
how later on you comin' out your clothes, shoes and socks
Now is that news or not?
Come I step on the gas slow and smoke on this last "O"
Get a "B" and split it now watch me kill it
Tinted windows took a sealin' off in the Astro
on billets take a choke on so I can really feel it
Thinkin' about not having the rich life
but the hood life was still a good life
and that we know always and forever though
for ever more rollin in the ghetto with nowhere to go
and it feels so good

. . .

Shit, niggaz got me higher than a motherfucker off up in here, man
Damn, the fuck y'all get this weed from?
Motherfucker overdose or some shit off this shit, god damn
Check this shit out though..

Now pussy player haters say that I'm too raw with it
but y'all thinkin cause I be talkin shit
them hoes say that nigga cold as hell
Fuck what the punks are talkin bout
I wanna get up with that big ballin bitch
plus niggaz feelin what I'm on as well
Blunts got my mind in the zone
The one that's rocking fresh Pelle Pel's
True to the shine on his bone
Somebody beatin up the block on fresh rider rims
If it's me hell, you can tell by the design on the chrome
Crying on the phone
Hoe thinkin I'm in love with her
cause she took me shoppin and had me tryin on cologne
So I left her on the line with the tone
Got up with this other bitch
Brought no weed cause she firin up her own
So hurry with the Phillie bitch, I'm really sick
off of some illy shit
Here go a rusty razor blade, but still it split
and fill it with the killer shit so I can really trip
It's like the bud was tailor made for milli-clips
and mac-10's, I lit the bead from the back end
Straight to the chest and it got me sprung
My lungs started collapsing - shit nigga what's happenin?
The sess got me trippin off the drums and guns, ready for action
Duck and swang on either upper thang
Try to be tougher, bang, scuff and hang
Suffer pain, left deranged then youse a bogus m'uhfucker mayn
System be struck a vein, I'm too strange
for m'uhfuckers to compete with
I'm on some infrared heat shit
with a deep clique, what I eat sleep shit
Well if it's a freak bitch, she can suck a sweet dick
til she's seasick; blockin niggas out like an eclipse
When smokin them devils put your hands together
like you know the host
Cause ain't no nigga that can resist the words from the Twist'
Leavin niggas comatose from my overdose

Chorus: Twista

I done put the fuel on it, take a pull on it
Me overdosin on weed and sendin all y'all off into a thang
Kill off all enemies while makin G's, catch you off on your knees
and snatchin fees now that I'm up in this game
I done put the fuel on it, take a pull on it
Me overdosin on weed and sendin all y'all off into a thang
Kill off all enemies while makin G's, catch you off on your knees
Niggas rollin me beads just so they can hang

Can you figure out the cause and effect?
Niggas comin on your set
Thugs comin out they drawers with a tec
Victim bleedin from the neck
Shirts is getting wet, shorties yellin threats
Lookin for the one who called for the deck
Now they airin out the hall in the spot
Hitting stomachs leavin niggas pinched up
Bodies balled in a knot
Bullet holes in the wall from a glock
Searchin for the one who called in the shots
Hypes crawlin for rocks
Goin all in the socks of the recently deceased
from what was released
From the chrome beast to the dome piece
Visions in my mind bein increased by inner beef
with some grief, but when I chief on some strong leaf
I'm snappin hard enough to make a nigga try to check his own chief
Violate him but can't annihilate him
Pickin up his own teeth and it's on with the microphone deep
Stimulate him with pistols penetrate him
Nerves still jumpin cause adrenaline pumpin is a m'uhfucker
Hit him with the steel bloodsuckers
Murdered the bud lovers makin sure every one of you hoe studs suck us
And I bullshit you not if it was full clips, two glocks
you would still die or you'll get too hot
Cause when my fuel kick you'll drop
Hypes is trickin on you
Tell me where he at bitch and you'll get two rocks
(Okay!) Cause when my tool click you'll pop
Can't this hype nigga stop shit, I'm hazardous
Makin musical miracles like I'm Jesus of Nazerath
Yet disasterous, smokin on halves and hash, fuck if it's cancerous
Bust ass to the beat cause I mastered this
It's hard to breathe, I'm bustin like an A-bomb
cause I'm in the zone, twenty-two a cold shit up my sleeve
It's hard to stay calm thinkin about the bitches that I'm fin' to bone
Hittin my enemies and competition up with lethal blows
that's damagin, flows that's callous and we're leavin
thick ladies frantic and people in the industry panickin
I thought we got in this to get out of pistol handlin
Now it's possible m'uhfuckers could start vanishin
Fuck the Anacin I be toking plenty and stankin from stress
and flowin over notes; them studs thinkin they can get close
I know I got you trippin off the shit
a nigga said off a overdose


C'mon and toke on a dub with me; I love cities with parties
that's full of bitches where they let me rub titties
Be able to pack a snub with me; in case we get in some static
and gotta start leakin blood from stud skinnies
So don't ask if it's the bud in me; because for some reason
I smoke on some weed and get too wicked and raw
It can't be nickel or soft the way it's chokin me
potency'll have me rockin mics
and givin your bitch dick in the jaw, I'm hookin the law
You're lookin in awe, took what you saw
Got the B's pen and pad out the bottom drawer
Then got to bitin and formulatin some shit you called your own
but take it to the rehab cause you got a flaw
To put it simple you ain't cold enough
Trippin out like you can't control the stuff
Lackin rhythm like you known to bust
In a different zone from us
You niggas need to sit the fuck down
get a swisher and roll this up
If you think I'm speakin too bold, whassup?
I ain't even on no hoe shit; plus the mob is so thick
I'm the type of nigga you should wanna get up close to
and take a smoke with
If there's static then check yo' clique; my mind is so sick
I be tweakin with speakin releasin energy to show I know the ropes
Cause when it comes to this rap shit
niggas will choke til I'm ghost
while I breath reefer smoke from my overdose
Try to put me to the test, gimme some buddha bless
I'll show you who the best
Release the vocal trilogy..

[Traxter] Aight T god damn slow it up mayn!
M'uhfuckers done felt you mayn! We can go to the next shit
[Twista] God damn man you stoppin muh'fuckers and shit
Man I'm tryin to get my zone on
Let niggaz hear what the fuck I'm doin man
[Traxter] I mean you done zoned man, let's go to the next cut baby

. . .

Yeah we gonna do it like this
Mobsters reign, we hope you feel this
Speedknot Mobsters

Verse 1:

My click been strugglin half a lifetime tryin to get our shit on
got no G's to sit on, even so niggas sell packs to get on
but let me take you to a place
where these niggaz learn to better pain and stress
look a murderer in the face, comin up with a wilder range you're blitzed

1, 2, 3, and to the 44, the good, the bad, and the ugly sticken you
fleein through the front door, and we gotta do one more
even though dealer watchin me like the lottery
we can still fulfill this westside oddessy mobster prophecy

Well mobbin what can be better than weed, drinks, bitches and loot?
hangin off 20 G's cause you got more money to scoop
lives a hustler by nature, fiend for paper, schemes and capers
constantly eyed by neighbors, who do the Feds favors?
it aint no major dough, what this lady yeya blow
as long as its payin me for my occupation criminal
pullin up on hoes, as the weed smoke blows, the absence of a mobsters presence
is the reason she chose, as the regency rolls, it rolls, the pearl white O's
mobile, shit im a ride high til i die, get killed
smoke like fields, forever dodgin blue shields,
we're blue steel i got full proof escape skills
we're paper chasin leavin trails of shell cases
and chasin to the part of your body
where the bloods wasted, on the life taken
Chicago aint a city its a nation
its all this my foundation within the mobster organization


If its gonna be shakin it up, if its gonna be cookin it up
if it aint hustlin and we got some skunk we gonna be smokin it up
(well I'm a payin mobster for life, caught with gold and ice)
(Speedknots roll two shots too cold to die, know im a get high)
its an everyday thang for my Speedknot Mob to hang
callin cops for thangs, readin to squab or bang
takin your riches, cause we know we snatchin your bitches
the wish I reign my family gotta maintain , its a mobster thang

Verse 2:

Im a fat booty fuckin, love gettin the sucks in and bustin
givin niggers punkin heads for nothin, while bumpin, handle my functions
my pistles pumpin, got hoes jumpin, a mobstas always into somethin

I can feel Killuminati lookin over my shoulder
somethin keeps tellin me to get mine before its over
smokin on plenty of buddahs, the brand to get blessed, with forgiveness
for the last time I'm sent on the survivin quest
from hustlin 24-7 to makin niggas get undressed
The mobster in me got to be obsessed
with lucci and success, so I can care less
if I gotta be lootin and woopin,
I'm sick of beggin niggas for rides
id rather be the one thats scoopin
cause in these last days its day to day hustlin for me, i wont rest here
fat ass chain and 3 blades,
trippin on that 2 faced, that nigga sweatin dick
while i rock the stage,
like these bitches is just tryin to get paid to give a nigga AIDS
like I can use it for turnin tricks
or either for hittin licks and then rap about the shit
in one the mobster's greastest hits,
and when we come to your town(?)then raise it
finest skunk we just can roll it up and blaze it

Chorus (2x)

Im gonna make it through this New World Order if i gotta be rappin and robbin
you cant stop the Speedknot from mobbin and if you try we squabin
we waitin for you to fall off the square so you best keep your head up
when these shots how niggas roll, cause we dont believe in goin head up

On this week 100's, 50's, and dubs, trigger finger itchy with snubs
hit me wit love, black gloves, red eyes (?)
t-shirt up on my face, fucked up and ready, I cocked the 380,
got a grip that was steady adrenaline
rushin po-feddy, while lives is rolled with Sisqo
may we rock the tightest flows but tinto up with the clips though
gotta find out what yo pockets hit fo, cause i aint that scummie
mother fuck (?) got no time for rockin,
choppin in the car stoppin with a stack ofpacked money
but you trustin me, then I cup this shit,
snatch all of your luxury, try touchin me
actin tough as shit, my moms is a bust for me
fuckin me or make me hate you,
permanently sedate you, when the bullet penetrate
you its goin straight for your face you, unless we chase you
when we escape through your pockets
by all means necessary the rest is secondary
comin for back til my flesh is buried, the test is carried for me to survive
and hope we still will be thick, with a trilogy click but now seven
mobstability shit


Ha, I just take a pull in the hail,
thinkin about my niggas thats locked up in jail
my mind dwells on crime sales, we wipin off mad shells
only time will tell if we gotta use em'
aint lookin for stack , but if we got into it

. . .

[Music Intro]

[Verse 1]
Since I'm blown let me flex this
if its somethin on ya mind recline and check this
so smooth not reckless
we can get high and ride from Chi to Texas
Give the game up since I came up put my name up
check out the rhythm
make the mob wanna flame up
struck a match or a lighta(lighter)
and listen to a young rida(rider)
On the side of Pimp double tril
make you lighter than a feather in yo DOB hat
Bitch now listen can you solve that
I can tell you were the mob at
at the click cuttin' somethin were the broads at
Thinkin naw playa
smokin weed till its all out
we can fall back
shootin dice fo small scrap
Dre 4 watcha call that
Pull out my Georgia bows
And those that froze got caught by the po-pos
Headed for the 4 do(door) Bonneville
flossin off behind the wheel
theres a pill
took a chill
but I still had to pause
and if I pause
its because I______

Can you smoke it riiight
with a playa like me and you
(oh baby)
Can you smoke it riiight with a playa like me and you

[Verse 2]
See I'm
laid back in my lex pumpin' game at two rats
and I rolled like two sacks
ever since you were my homie
came up
in the same truck
full of drunk hunnies holla who that
laid back its a couple of hoes
tryin' ta see were my head was at
want some problems shit
lets get busy wit the party shit
were the blunts and Biccardi shit
But the way she was dressed
you might as well have nothin' on ya body bitch
Infrared on my side cause you know how hot it get
messin with the proper cheese
to put what looks good on a proper chick
but really dont want the men and the fans to pimp block
Sposta(supposed to) last til these pimps cash them CCs
Heavy Gs 96
strippin clips bout(about) nationally
Back seats and DOB hats
havin' sex in drop tops
now liquor on ya mouth and spot

Can you smoke it riiight
with a playa like me and you
(oh baby)
Can you smoke it riiight with a playa like me and you

[Music Break]

[Verse 3]
I make my money on the DL
close shop on the Pontiac Re-bell(rebail)
to the mall to ball
we all apart
cause a brother gone floss in front of these females
To the retail
5 double 0 Periet
double 0 d suits
just to go with the boots
and I scoop
up tha loot
pay the cash
and dash past a lad while I'm in pursuit
put my foot in motion
exits(exit) the sto(store)
wit my brand new gear
spittin game in her ear
tell em if they please me Im theirs
tell her meet me here
Get a Digital camera
Girly had to rough em up
But Ima handle her
like a man
Ima stand
if I fall
and when I fall
then the serum gotta make the call
(This part goes really fast)
let them all by the miniature clothes
I suppose I can dress
to impress these hoes
Gator shoes
fresh gashed from head to toe
Only wearin in the do(door)
what thew playas know
Flossed out when they see me
Niggas wanna be me
Never woulda pimped free
Pimp costs
And I get lost on the slide
to the air
gettin' high while we ride

[Music Break]

Can you smoke it riiight
with a playa like me and you
(oh baby)
Can you smoke it riiight with a playa like me and you

(2x)Can you smoke it right
In the back seat of my car
Choppin up this pa-per(paper)
wit my homies do-or-die
1st time:(oh yeah)
2nd time:(check it out)

Can you ride ride ride ride ride ride
Come on gir ride ride ride ride
Wontcha(Wont you) ride ride ride ride ride ride

. . .

f/ Johnny P

[Johnny P] Let me play with your emotions

Verse One: Twista

Well a motherfucker could never control me, only squeeze me and hold me
That's what the hoe came up and told me
Now is she bold G? But in my mouth is where the gold be
Cause I be pimpin her like Goldie
Gotta get paid in this age my fingers ain't made
just to be choppin up confetti with, if it's already thick
you better study nigga if you ain't with it you can get it
cause I ain't even on that petty shit
So who the fuck do I competi with?
The rhythm I kick, is like a rhythmly-wicked-arith-a-metic
Pick em up quick and then give em the dick, thinkin I'm innocent
They up in the mall shoppin for me pickin a fit
I got them heffer's nose red
and when we get in the bed, I be leavin em with rose legs
Stuffin that made em wanna pose dead
but you already got em until you get up in them hoes head
I don't mean to sound bogus or nothin
but it's the bomb when I be havin them cuties thinkin
I'm in love with em, when I'm rubbin em
Be gettin pub with em, in a club with em
Smokin dub with em, huggin em, freakin in the tub with em
After gettin paid from her she ain't trippin
cause she know she got what she paid for
She honor my name, I gotta tame, here it go
Now we speakin with the game on ways to make mo'

Chorus: repeat 2X

[Johnny P in background: let me playyyyy, with your emotions]
(Let me play with your) emotions hoe
To the rhythm of a hi-hat, take a puff and lie back
Let me stimulate your mind, body and soul, I know you want to try that
Now motherfucker can you buy that...
Tell me baby can you buy that
I got you under my complete control, you know it's worth more than
diamonds and gold, now don't be bogus and deny that

Verse Two: Twista

Now how the fuck you gon' act hoe, I saw you creepin out the back do'
What you runnin from a mack fo'? Lay you on your back slow
cause you know I got you with my lasso
Blow your mind like a afroCome and take a glimpse of the stairs
it's the aroma of a pimp in the air, I betcha notice the smell
It's like a lotus when I flow dis, cause my eyes be the lowest
if you didn't notice then you bogus as hell
I'm puttin women under my spell, like I'm up in their brain
pumpin their vein with game for the anatomy that's feminine
They're fillin em up with adrenaline, got em geekin
we're speakin approachin up a pimp like a gentleman
Submission is surrenderin, it ain't no endin if it's on
with a blunt from the bomb side
In the right place, with the right mind and the right line
you can get a lifetime contract
They be wise until they look into your eyes
a shorty freaked when she spotted mine
Took her over to my crib, lay low, hit her off from behind
then she signed on the dotted-line, the hoe was like
"Oooohh Daddy... why you doin me like this?
I'd do anything to be with you, you got me gone in the head"
Ya mind, I don't mean to make a disaster up
like my Dad to master love
But if a motherfucker breakin you for every penny you earn
then how could you still show the bastard love?
I guess it's cause I'm cold, shit
Thought you was gon' be spendin me I betcha think you sho' did
but game recognize game, now you lame in the brain
Stupid bitch that's what you get for tryin to gold dig, now


Yeah, this be Hype, the Verbal Tantrum
Kickin it with my man Twista
If you should suck my soul
I should make your funky emotions
Nothin is good unless you play with it
Play with me baby

Verse Three: Twista

I know you think it's blasphemy
but won't you give up when she ask for me? After he passed the beat
Since you said I was your Magesty, I had to see
and when you get paid, there is some cash for me, is it a tragedy
that I can get her so gone, the hoe be trippin talkin up her love a lot
But the only love I got, is when I'm grippin like I wanna hug the Glock
or when I rub the twat, or pickin up a dub at spots
Fuck the hoe thugs, the clubs, and the phony perpetrators with dimes
The speed knots match voo-Do or Die, Psycho Drama, Crucial Conflict
Be pimpin with em gators and dons, collect the papers and dolls
Player haters remarks will get smoked to a blunt dust
Sso keep walkin the next time you hear grown folks talkin
motherfuckers betta shut the fuck up, cause we make the women suck up
You insist to be trippin while we be gamin like Don Juan
What up the filet minion, the grey poupon
them hoes are staked to charm, because we make the bomb
Now I don't mean no harm, but either come on in or get on gone
and let me pull my pouch of snuff
In between your thighs, come take a pull and vibe
and let your tongue go coastin low, now

. . .

I know a whole bunch of motherfuckers thats prepared whoop
Leave a body bloody red to scoop
Poppin off lead for loot
Shot the pussy up from head to boot
Just for talkin dramatic when it was static you was scared to shoot
Police prepared to swoop
To catch a nigga on the runway but don't none stay for the white chalk
If aired out your tip whatch your lip niggas pipes talk
I you wasn't seen then you might walk
Even if it ain't the time of day niggas will find a way like locos off of nodos
Cappin when you servin your blows niggas doze hoes
Got the popos posin as hobos
Take a photo of him please
Tell the Chi Town he freeze they don't give a fuck if it was DT's
They be up like the sea breeze on CC's
And they handin out these murders like free cheese
Could you pass me the B please
I got intercate shit to kick even though I campaign with a gang
Bumpin though in different denominations in the nations,
and the nations racin worried bacause I'm slangin the thangs
If you can ahng up at my town up a K Town
if you dissin them then you dissin me
Niggas actin like they glad to die so if you had to try,
if they faded you it wouldn't mean shit to me
just a unsolved mystery

Before I saw his body lyin down
I heard a motherfucker crying now
Have you ever seen a bitch nigga give into mysery
And left an unsolved mystery
Before I saw his body lyin down
I heard a motherfucker crying now
Call the popo the man and mess
Shot up his head and chess
Put to rest now the rest should be history
Before I saw his body lyin down
I heard a motherfucker crying now
Have you ever seen a bitch nigga give into mysery
And left an unsolved mystery
Before I saw his body lyin down
I heard a motherfucker crying now
Niggas actin like they glad to die
So if you had to try
If they faded you it wouldn't mean shit to me

[2nd vesre]
In a hoopty shorty's will design a spot
So when the get pulled over them people wouldn't find the spot
But if you ain't got it hid you have the flowest
if you can throw it and motherfucker its a nine to knot
Just go back to where your thang lay
Cause lo key niggas they started out in the gang way
But if you wild when your aim spray
Them niggas that you aired out is gonna be comin back the same day
In the middle of a war you ain't on the tip
if you get the guns and clips to keep doin what you doin
Is it the same chiefs that got the same beef
claimin they ain't been doin the bruh be givin it to 'em
Flamboyant niggas must be slow
If your bitch ain't get popped then its a blessin she a lucky hoe
Cause no matter where the fuck he go
In K Town they will dress him in a casket and tuxedo
Cause you can't be actin thug roof
Because of Hennesey and drug use these niggas love juice
Some don't even considered gettin caught
cause when you talk up some shit the gonna be quick and let the slugs loose
These motherfuckers heart is love boo
Especially like them niggas up at Ghostown Windy City snipe
Cause its a pitty when hype
For niggas wanna get witty
For comin too pretty
Get the chilli filled and desipher
To pay the piper and bow to viper
Twice is rough
Now is what I'm kickin hype enough
Cause everytime I puff and write this stuff
I kick a frenzy facin fuckin and fury cause I dont like to bluff
So if we ever get into it and let the static get to me
Lets squash it and make it history
Niggas actin like the glad to die
So if you had to try
If they faded you it wouldn't mean shit to me
Just an unsolved mystery


[3rd verse]
Now listen they be kickin hocus pocus
I done said shit to put your motherfucking eyes out of focus
So writing what I wrote is hopeless
If you see our base and you said then you better be ferosheous
And matter fact I hope the dopest
For to try to cope this is hopeless
Cause my lethal rhymes
Is the kind that can beat you blind
And pre-design
I pee through mine
Like I see through lines
Check the brain and see define
The reason I'm gunnin I tried the runnin
Cause I should have let you know
I don't give a fuck you was fronted because you was blunted
West side to the hunters you can't step to hoe
In the state of emergency urgenlty the ambulance will come
And then the law will come demand the gun
But bullshit irrelevence they need evidence
or trippin on elegance they be holdin out they hands for some
If anything they'll hand 'em some
Or get wit him here come the victum he be shot up in his pants and lungs
Cause he actin hard and ran his tongue
Don't mean another nigga he meet in the street gonna be the man to run
Cause a prison is some shit to see
Matter of fact fuck the talkin my lip let me hit the B
Niggas actin like they glad to die
So if you had to try
If they faded you it wouldn't mean shit to me
Just an unsolved mystery

. . .


Hold all of the murderin' up, if you gotta bust a cap then aim it up
If you religious praise it up, if you gotta get high then blaze it up
For the ones who never gave it up,
Take a champagne glass and raise it up

Agony was the feelin' when I saw his blood spilling
Poppin' lip and taking over his tip is why he had to kill him
Now his bodies in chalk and no longer can talk so then a life is lost
Somebody tricked off and the killer was caught
So now his lifes his cost
You might get caught
So to make a move these motherfuckers is petrified
All the best that tried won't even slide
So just bless the rest that died
Is it a test of pride when inside
You grip a trigger but you didn't wanna pull it
Could it be a motherfucker that you notice
On the other side of the bullet
Should it matter now you figure fuck it I'ma waste him
It's just a murda for the nation
But some end up locked up, broke up
For felonies and over overly motherly abrasion
Now in front of me encased in a coffin is a body
With people around sad and froze
Teardrops and rain
But folks didn't really feel the pain until the casket closed
I was drastic chose and the mother threw a frown
Even though the gunner was found
Cause it seems like yesterday when he was running around
Now he under the ground cause they gonna get down in these streets Even
though you pack a piece for heat these niggaz urgin' to bust
The game ain't the same so stay away from the curb
If you out there serving em' up and

hook (repeat)
w/ "make a toast to yourself for survivng in a world that's so corrupt"

Agony was the feelin' when I saw his blood pouring
Tragedy mess a man look in the mirror then I see the stud mourning
As these streets erases others it encase a brother
You had enough heart to waste this brother
But could you face his mother I was faced with other
Type of problems that had held me back
Couldn't tell me jack now I'm gone in my own zone
You ain't gotta tell me that so me trail me back to a time
When a motherfucker 'd lost his will survive
Me and my folks had to hustle and steal for a meal
Eat or had to kill to survive

I remember when you had my back
When the relative passed and my momma cried
When the house caught flames
You collapsed in my arms when you heard that father d' died

I take drama in stride
Even though I had to go through a thing to get myself together
Still suffer but the worst is gone
So it's on till' the roamin' man have his shelter
But if I end up back on the streets again and I had to recieve my fate Smoke
weed at the wake so the pain and hate escapes
To keep the kids straight
Cause you did straight if your seed proceed
As long as they keep learning and keep growing up
Right now we survive in a place that's full of doubt
And about to self-destruct

hook x2

Visualize in invisible eyes how I individualize
Critical cries of pitiful skies that rain pain upon the ghetto land
Where the unforgettable dies
Subliminal lies mean a motherfucker never gone make it
If he don't peep it and keep it in check soon
Womb to the tomb death is in the next room
If a nigga ain't realizin' a k's and tech's doom
Let's assume another brother wanna laugh at you
I think he just took a blast at you
You won't have it you killed him
There go the trigger try to kick it but his niggas coming after you Telling
you a stranger must be crazy
To step it to a motherfucker that's dangerous
Cause it's a gang of us throwin' knuckles in the scuffle
If we have two things of bust
It's cocaine to us and my brains to dust
I represent you up there so I try
Long as I leave my enemy bust vacinity crushed
I don't really give a fuck if I die
So why lie my people should be glad to survive in the land of the lost It's a

plan of the boss leaving motherfuckers dying
With their grandmother's hand on the cross
So I take a stand when I talk ran instead of walked
To chalk another victory
How you did the caper hid the paper
Breaking other niggas off is a mystery
With the chemicals and drugs all of these criminals and thugs
Just keep comin' up better watch yourself ain't no love in the streets In a
ghetto of a world that's corrupt

. . .

f/ Ms. Kane

Verse 1

Dear love I was thinking how I should be starting this
mean difference of ways still I can light you like an arsonist
put my heart in this particularly funny when we start to kiss, marvelous
How I see you in the cut chillin' with your homies gettin' fucked up
I got fantasies of you carrying me home
I hope you stayin'alone I'm into givin'pleasure echoin' rhythms of my
manly moans
Don't be playin' me wrong I'm too grown for games,
mental manipulation ain't the occupation for the playa you facin I'm
cuz you see I don't be really quite comin on the same boldly and bodily
fluids with every word that 'curs
Girl you deserve some herb and company to be with , fuck whoever you
were gonna leave with
I'm the one you should see shit, I found some love like Adam and Eve
who you should be with your body I squeeze quick
Stick through the sheets are your arms and see don't be alarmed if I
make you feel good all over
cuz I be droppin the bomb that's cuz I'm in the beyond even though
niggaz in the hood is all soldiers
You still gonna suffer the consequences defenseless thinkin about
becomin my wife
if I rock you tonight you be the love of my life
cuz I be huggin you like I'm huggin the mike, plus I'm the one thats
rubbin' you right
And able to stick my tongue up in your navel and lick till you drop
even though I like to hit the twat
I'm realizin' theres a variation of ways I can get you hot
I'm in to learnin' you so pick the spot, I'll get pleasure too but let
me hush and let the lust get a check
I know you don't want me to hit it yet, but don't act like its a crime
cuz it hasn't been committed yet,
but baby won't you let me get it what? get it wet


(get it wet)
gimme some tang and alize let me tickle your body, after the party we
can pleasure will you come let me
(get it wet)
let me saturate you body with honey and lick it up stick it up after
release and let it rupt' is it enough to
(get it wet)
try to marinate your mind whats up am I deserving enough just cause we
up in the club don't be bogus cause you let me
(get it wet)
but you be the only one I be thinkin of gimme a hug you got me sprung in

verse 2 (Ms. Kane)

Last time I heard you was playing with emotions and po' pimpin'
all up in the clubs smokin' doves fuckin' hella women
Now negro, what's your steelo you want to get with me though
them mad at them zeros and lo-dos
You ain't no (?) weed leaves, (huh?) pussy fees, (what?) lex keys,
for Ms. kane see a half is for my mommy fuck tommy, he ain't tryin to
ask how I'm lookin'
smooth head got you right in the bed you need another lover like you
need a hole in the head
Instead of all this talkin let your tongue do the walkin' on down this
fuckin' with a wild hundreds bitch ain't that some shit
guaranteed to get you wet
Simple kiss from p.t. lips it won't take a gang of gifts just to hit
come take a little glimpse of these sweet hips
when that ass in the air cause an eclipse, on the freak shit
What you know about this slick clit, send you in a thang when you feel
bitch run from a virgin sup a 'burban get the derb 'n leave you hurtin
Steady splurgin' when I'm servin', get you wetter than a persian the
X-rated version
I'm urgin' but I ain't thinkin' you can get it yet
but if you good in a minute you can get it what? get it wet


verse 3

M, m, m, m, got to be more careful don't hurt 'em girl you sexy when you
then nigga come hurt me baby with a splash
aggression of nana I've never had
As I enter the scene with aroma fresh cologne all that carob on
flamin' up trippin' while stanky roll on
herringbone on gettin' my pose on to the dome strong take a sip of
liquor I'm on bone
Huggin you like I ain't seen you in so long what's up girl, I execute my
unique approach who be the most
willin'to learn and try to be like I got some experience if you need a
Or we can ride tonight and kick it like the homies, who? only me and you
smoke b's up like a cigarette, till I can only see a silhouette and even
though you won't admit it yet
I can tell in time you want me to eventually wanna let me get it what?
get it wet

. . .

f/ Mayze, Malif, Link, Turtle, and Liffy Stokes

[Liffy Stokes]
I hang wit pullers of automatic triggers and gold diggers
My mob’s full of go getters
Go live or die by the cold niggas
Wit drama bringers ear ringers and pistol slingers with itchy fingers
Getting high on inhaling nigga smoke that lingers
Buck wild hostile we verbal barrels threw nostrils
My hollow point apostles turn living flesh into fossils
It’s through gospel niggas will wet it vick Malif’ll shred it
Beef on these streets only gets the best of you if you let it

Well it’s that Westside nigga from K-Town always gonna stay down
Lay pounds on the table, smoking while watchin cable
I’m able to lick the shot from the porch of my block
And when the gun spray stops there’s no information for cops
Nigga I’m heartless some say I role wit the forces of darkness
But the closest I burned to death is the reason that I spark this (Spark this
Dramafied premeditated homicide that coincides with the day you die
Cause G, I’m about to let it ride

Petty niggas down when the bullets fly,
no remorse your fuckin wit a mobsta
For fuckin wit a mobta
If you got your shit right then run and hide,
cause I got a slip quick clip on the side
For fuckin wit a mobsta

Fuck the car jack we do a body snatch
Tie niggas up in the trunk wit them rats like a mac for owning scratch
SpeedKnot’s unstoppable muderin as many niggas as possible
Makin heaven a hospital, and where I’m from it’s highly probable
In a Benny reefa roller street patroller stackin clips for lethal loadin
In the city where secrecy’s golden
Live or die in the Chi, we kill demeanors wit inferred beamers
Death is the sinner
whether the Reaper awaits your fate with your soul on his finger

Nigga you can’t retreat
When the Mobstaz greet you with bullets like Robert De Niro on Heat
And makin killin look sweet
See a nigga like Mayze break the safety I hold the clip ‘till infinite
To show your definite when I make you cry blood like I broke your virginity
Shit my Mobstaz is straight cheat vs. killers for cash
Quick to stick your ass and flash this 3-80 and rainbow macs
And now you thinking of bringin that bull shit in this direction
Just cause you rap a lot don’t mean you can’t get a lethal injection

Picture Link the mercenary fuckin you like missionary
Position them missile carriers precision ‘till them bitches buried
But a mobstaz sip on Sherries snitch niggas sing like canaries
Where we wrong be carrying clone Periyon and Herringbone
We on the streets in territory we chill come and get you chest pealed
Hot steal and banana clips standing on tip you get your flesh filled wit rhinos
Energies feel for my soul they holdin captive
Visions of living strengthy posses me lets make it happen


Smokin on sweet reef for the beat freak
Cause it’s in the heat seaker of the street sweeper
Think I’m lying if you want shit is deadly as slugs
Got you swimming in the blood like sea creatures
Cause you done lit to the land of the lost
where our straps looking as pretty as bitches
But pullin up in a hearse to a church is the curse of these hideous witches
Hittin hoes wit, 44’s and four by fours wit the pain of a figure four
Wounds hit you like a hit will blow
Every nigga on this track I’ll pull a trigger for
If you test the rock vest, pullin slugs like a lockness
I’m a for show protect my chest
Everything in holes is what I unload and not less
Until meals make progress
Y’all niggas no who y’all be never let me see your face in my spot
While you still be facin your block I’ma be erasing you block
Snappin off like Jason on rocks tastin your knots
Cause when it’s pockets for profit
I can’t stop it this mob got me
If you ain’t gonna pop it don’t cock it
Cause if we working you, ready to us carrying clips that’s reversible
Takin all our business personal diss wit a verse we all hurtin you
Bull shit aside, (Niggas is knowin I fill another wit holes and not hide)
Better role if not ride unless you hoes don’t got pride
No remorse when your fuckin wit a SpeedKnot Mobsta

[Chorus 2x, variation on last 2 lines]
If you got your shit right then run and hide
Cause I got a slip quick clip on the side and drop ya

. . .

f/ Johnny P

[Johnny P]
I can get inside your head
all day everyday, and play with your emotions..
Let me get inside your head
all day, everyday, and play with your emotions..

[Twista over P in background]
Huh.. yeah it's Twista again y'know
These females be trippin me out y'know?
Certain stuff they be sayin
Like this other female she came up to me
(This other female she came up to me)
She said a little somethin like this
(She said a little somethin like this)

I thought you love me though? Now how you gonna be wrong
just cuz you know you got me gone in the head?
You be twistin with the lovely flow, but whatchu actin all ugly fo'?
Left me alone in the bed
Where you goin cause I'm not done, cool til you got some
Trippin when I got sprung, but you ain't fly love
You da shit but your petty money can't but love
Is that what I does? My reply was, you know why cuz
I could tell you was prone-to-bone niggaz I hang around
But the reefer I was zonin on, make me the one you freakin on da mo'
from how I lay you down
Now you trippin cause I'm not attached, hangin with a lot of rats
Her concerned whether I'ma act
Now you the momma mack, comin back with a lot of scratch
Go on witcha bad ass, but I gotta catch
I done peeped the way you look into my nigga's eyes
I done recognized that I won't be hypnotized
Criticized, no more inner cries, now I'm ener-gized
with my eyes on the prize just a flick of thighs
I can't let nobody ride with me that'll lie to me
Smokin stanky up and play with me the way you do
And you trippin cause I played you too? Sho' you right
Take the whole thing in stride like the way I do
and let me play with your emotions slow

Chorus: Johnny P, Twista

I can get inside you head
All day, everyday, and play with your emotions
[T] Let me play with your emotions slow
to the rhythm of a kick-drum, take a body get sprung
Let me stimulate your mind, body, and soul
You know I got a quick tongue, so if you want some get some
Let me get inside your head
Everyday, all day, and play with your emotions
[T] Let me play with your emotions slow
to the rhythm of a kick-drum, take a body get sprung
Let me stimulate your mind, body, and soul
You know I got a quick tongue, so if you want some get some

Now tell me how you gon' act though? I saw you creepin out the backdo'
Whatchu run up on my mack fo'?
Lay you on your back slow cause you know I got you with my lasso
Blow your mind like an afro
Come and take a glimpse of the stairs
It's the aroma of a pimp in the air, I bet you notice the smell
It's like a lotus when I flow this, cause my eyes be the lowest
If you didn't notice, then you bogus as hell
I'm puttin woman under my spell, lock them up in the brain
Pimpin her vain with games with the anatomy that's feminine
Then fillin them up "Adrenaline"
Got 'em geekin we're speakin approachin up a pimp like a gentleman
Submission and surrenderin and ain't no end in it
if it's on with a blunt from my bomb sack
In the right place with the right mind and the right line
you can get a lifetime contract
Then be wise until I look into your eyes
Now shorty freaked when she spotted mine
Took her over to my crib laid low hit it raw from behind
then she signed on the dotted line, and she was like..
(Ooh daddy.. don't make me feel like this..
I don't want nobody else, you got the bomb!)
Your mind I don't mean to make a disaster of
like when daddy mastered love
But if a bogus brother breakin you for every penny you earn
then how could you still show the bastard love?
I guess I'm with a cold clique
Thought you was gon' be spendin me? I bet you think you sho' did
But game recognize game now you lame in the brain stupid trick
That's what you get for tryin to gold-dig
Now let me play with your emotions slow


Whassup girl? It's the Twista and the Verbal Tantrum once again
with a sack big enough for me and a friend
You do know how to roll B's don't you?
Well let's fill one up with a dub and a little bit of love
And take it to the head
for some of this long-lastin blunt passion

I know you think it's blasphemy
but won't you show my boys and pass for me, after he past the B?
Since you said I was your majesty, I had to see
and when you get paid then push some cash to me
Is it a tragedy, that I can get her so gone
that she be trippin talkin up "I love a lot"
But the only love I got, is when I grip a mic
or when I hug the glock or when I rub the twat
I'm pickin up a dub in spots, skip the studs in the clubs
and the phony perpetrators with jobs
The Speedknot, Psycho Drama shocked the world
Triple Dark, there's a Conflict, be pimpin 'em with gators n darts
Collectin papers n gobs
Playa haters remarks'll get smoked to a blunt dust
So keep walkin and next time you hear grown folks talkin
other people better shut the (fuck) up
Cause I make the women suck up
You insist to be trippin when we be gamin like Don Juan
Without the filet mignon and Grey Poupon
The thieves just ain't the charm because I made the bomb?
Now I don't mean no harm; but either come on in or get on gone
Now watch me live a kosher flow
In between your thighs come take a pull and divide
but let your tongue go coastin low
Now let me play with your emotions slow

. . .

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