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Thirteen Senses
Thirteen Senses

Background information
Origin Penzance, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom
Genre(s) Dream Pop
Indie Rock
Alternative Rock
Piano Rock
Years active 2001—present
Label(s) Mercury Records
Website Website
Will South
Tom Welham
Adam Wilson
Brendon James

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Thirteen Senses Lyrics

"Gone" lyrics

Sometimes I rush to get right to the end
I know I'll get to this place when I feel the time is right
Sometimes I think that I know what I'm all about
But when I look inside I can see the truth come out

Sometimes I try to go on
I know it's wrong
Cos when I see your eyes
I can see the flame is gone, gone, gone

Sometimes I climb to the top to see what's above
But when I find it there, there's no time for happiness
Sometimes I count up to ten just to see when

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