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Terror Squad

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Terror Squad Album

Terror Squad (1999)
. . .

[Big Punisher]
Don't even move a muscle
Clap at ya feet, blast ya boot buckle
Cowboy style, dance bitch, do the hustle
Let me see you sweat, follow the leader through the streets of death
Piece the bits together till you come up wit at least a brick
Then we can flip that, sip Henny and kick back
Chit-chat real quick, how we gon' split that
I suggest that we bubble it all
Cop a bundle of raw, start small, see if we can double the score
I stumble across my share of obtsacles
Staring death dead in the opticals
Cuz I'm never scared of the impossible
Ask the rasta dudes if our gonga ain't the tightest
Ask the pasta dudes if our china ain't the whitest
and none of my prostitutes vaginas got the virus
If you see one in the hospital you could bet it was violence
That's the science, my alliance is Terror Squad
If there's a god, show me sign so I can share my scars

Chorus [Prospect]
We in for life, ready to fight, my twins is hype
Better get it right or get deaded on sight
So take flight, make one mistake and pay twice
Cuz shit is trife, lose your life just tryin to break night
We in for life, under the lights but I'm outta sight
When I write sometimes I wonder if it's outta spite
I like livin on the edge, sippin strippers at the wedge
Sharin spritsers, gettin head, it's the life we live

[Triple Seis]
Play the corners at night, away from the fortunate lifes
For the gunplay, thugs auction the heist
Slugs put you in a coffin for life
It's bug how they put you on ice
For the love, the money ain't right
Haters'll grudge, pay you like a mummy at night
Stiff as a dick, told you when to quit from this shit
Got hit, cuz you was quick to split loot wit ya bitch
Get a coupe and a six, but never troop in the mix
It seems foul, ? niggas while the cream pile
Didn't give a fuck, talkin tough "Look at me now"
Shockin the world, should've been on top of your girl
She gon' do you in, turn around and rock your world
For petty dough, niggas on the streets already know
You about to go, movin on your block just to stop the flow
We about to blow, step up in rank
Step off the bank, niggas done fucked up to think


Aiyyo I hold the pain, like my body was numb wit novacaine
No one can fold the name, Terror Squad a soldier game
Already know the game, Prospect the quote of fame
Touch up a older dame, and confirm the motor train
My vocals'll slow your brain
I'm comin at you like a boa-crane
Even through the cold and rain, I penetrate through all weather
Eliminate who you call better
It's all "shut up shut up", I'll leave your car wet up

[Cuban Link]
Set it off, we all together, gettin cheddar livin better
Sippin amarettos, whippin the Vette instead of a Jetta
Dead up, never let up bet up, we settle vendettas
Ghetto dwellers, y'all better duck when I let off the beretta
Hit em up, yet I'm the terror that America wants dead
A blunt head turnin punks red when I pump lead
I stomp a hole through your chest
Grab your soul, mold ya flesh
Hold ya breath cuz your next stop is death


[Fat Joe]
Yeah yeah, we in for mothafuckin like, ya heard me?
See you niggas creepin over there
Thinkin y'all niggas could cut corners, get around
Nigga this is the mothafuckin T-Squaders
We will BUY YOU mothafuckas, simple as that
So-called mothafuckin rap killas, rap pimps
Niggas is BITCHES to me, simple as that
Mothafuckin Terror Squad
Since the mothafuckin early 80's until
WHAT! You better ask somebody

. . .

Pass the glock word up
Pass the glock (T-Squaders) uh ha, (T-Squaders)

*whispering in background*
You can't stop T-Squad
You can't stop T-Squad
Can't stop it, can't stop it

Chorus [Armageaddon] 2x
Somebody call the cops
For us to stop'll take all of they got
Uptown and the Bronx, my Squad is legends off of the block (Terror Squad!)
Deep in the borough where the corners is smoldering hot
My team is known for smokin the glock
To the hole in your rock (Terror Squad!)

[Triple Seis]
I murder men wit the poisonous flow, my pen
Hurt em for they dough and they GM's wit Mac 10
No relaxin, straight action when it's on
Call up Pun and The Don, come up heavily armed
Niggas better be calm or I'ma set the alarm
And a hundred strong'll form in shape of a bomb
My squads'll forever bomb wit a war like Lebanon
And we hardcore till we dead and gone so go ahead and mourn

[Cuban Link]
Aiyyo Seis I'm pacin back and forth
Wit thoughts of bein trapped up north
But after I come off wit it y'all can push em out the door
So cock the four pound (four pound)
Lock the fort down (fort down)
From New York to Georgetown (Georgetown)
Knockin off clowns that ?clap em off rounds?
It's war now so toss the nine ? cuz I'ma floss and shine
You lost your mind if you thought your rhymes was comin close to mine
Eyes that drop signs like Einstein
Applyin the iron to your spine
And find you dyin on primetime

Chorus 2x

Aiyyo we break barriers, we recipe holders and cake carriers
That dominate the devil tryin to make the fake marry us
Hilarious how we mute crews, and nigga this is true news
Dudes'll blow you outta ya two shoes
Who chose to front it, they don't really want it
Yo I stay Philly blunted, Prospect wit the nine milly gun it
I leave you dented by the way glock pop
Take a hot shot, push ya knot back like a drop top

Freeze like coke in the drop or ya float when I'm totin the glock
I'm blast any feelings you catch from this to emotional stop
Host it on top, label the worst to the topic
Worshippin violence, push you back
Like a cursor does the words by the silence
HUSH, slow up before you blow ya clutch
Hold my forty-four wit lust, an then I'll take your soul like a holy touch
The tat on my arm's like the rhymes I write
Cuz Armageaddon rivals life
Give my hype I might bust it tonight

Chorus 2x

[Big Punisher]
My shit bang like a clock
I pull your chain till it pop
Put one in your brain for fuckin wit the creme of the crop
Sayin I'm hot, while you playin I'm blazin the spot
Makin you bop, makin my way to the top
Breakin the lock, takin a shot at the title
Ready to rock at my rivals
Like Pac everything I drop is the Bible
Cop it on vinyl, there's just a little cursing
If you want ya head to burst
Play it in reverse, you'll hear the devil's version

[Fat Joe]
Hear the metal's burstin, there's a terror lurkin
It's a certain, whoever searchin to find God when my clips inserted
Words are blurted when we bust guns, you heard it
Left ya *gun shot* murdered
I know ya *scream* was stunned by the verdict
I'm a free man, kill your free lance for only three grand
Makin an examp for my other workers and cut off each hand
You greedy mothafuckas I'll see you in hell
Jealous niggas wanna see me in jail fiendin to tell

. . .

f/ Prospect

Don't be scared of this
(Terror Sqaud)
Don't be scared of this
(That's right, that's right)
Follow me here now

Throw your hands up
My live niggas in the cut, put your triggers up
If you got love say, "Nigga, nigga what"
(Nigga what) Like you don't give a fuck
Bitches playin niggas just to get a buck
Get a buck (Yeah, we hit em up) (2x)

[ VERSE 1: Prospect ]
Yo, it's the P-r-o-s-p-e-c-t
I'm a thug you can't ph.d. me
Catch me in the back of the club switchin it up
Type of nigga to get drunk and piss in your cup
Listen up to what it is, know a lotta mamis lovin the triz
And some, they tryin to pull it off right in front of the kids
Before I think about coming to cribs
I be lugging my glitz so big, on the waist it be rubbing my ribs
It's very dangerous fuckin with this
I been doublin chips holdin my own with the chrome double-grips
Up in the mix, caught a couple of vics
When I used to fight, but I ain't been scufflin since
This is as tough as it gets, never leave nothin with prints
Or you get blast and you're chopped up and stuffed in the fridge
They not playin me, I perfected this game from A to Z
The ones I don't know will need ropes to hands and knees


[ VERSE 2: Prospect ]
This shit'll never stop, as long as I live, I'ma forever rock
And stop niggas right where they standin when the baretta pop
My moms said I better not, but knew I had to
I said, "I'm bustin mines, and ain't nobody movin at you"
She laughed too, like I was jokin, when I'm chrome-totin
I have a nigga in his home hopin I don't blow his dome open
I stay stoned, smokin while I'm on the low, I'm copin
A cool guy, but at times you catch me Tone-Locin
Been through a lotta shit, but never had a bone broken
It's tragic how I rap shit with my own potion
From here to Hoboken I was hoppin trains with no token
Now I'm on stage, they say I'm show-boatin
My flow potent, cause it's mixed in raw
Spell it backwards, it's 'war'
The gat spits, you backflip through the door
I kill em all, Terror Squadian style
I only get down with the crown, only partyin wild
Ya heard


Now everybody from B-K, throw em up
Now everybody from New Jerz, throw em up
Now everybody from Q-B, throw em up
Now everybody from the B-X, throw em up
Now everybody from Staten Island, throw em up
To all my partners from Westside, throw em up
Now everybody from the East Coast, throw em up
If you Dirty like the South, throw em up
You better throw em up

My man Big Pun, hit em up
My man Joey Crack, hit em up
The whole Terror Squad hit em up
The Thoroughbreds, we hit em up
It's almost over, baby

. . .

[Big Punisher]
Yo, yo, yo, yo...
Yo, yo, yo, yo...
Yo, yo...
It's hard to explain how my squad can harbor the strain
of being the largest name in rap, since the almighty Kane
Acknowledge the fame, my call was to reign the streets
from Harlem to Queens, back to the Bronx who fathered the dream
Started this thing called rap, where I reign supreme, my team
Regardless of that, I've seen things as far as the crack
that'll make the hardest largest artist heart just collapse
I'm part of all that that's why it's so hard to go back
and start from scratch
I'm locked and I'm trapped, in a giant cage
Tryin to savor these few dyin days
I have left, to the form of flesh; should I lie in my grave?
I'm tryin to persuade, my motto is try to be brave
and not give death the satisfaction of seein me dyin afraid
That why I rise from the grave singin church songs like
I was Je-sus Christ pa-rum-pum-pum-pum

[Chorus 2X: Big Punisher]
Whatcha gon' do when Pun comes?
Knockin' at ya front door
And he wants waaaaaaaaaaar, holy shit!
He ain't a rapper he'll kill you

[Big Punisher]
'Til my last breath I'll have death before dishonor (c'mon)
And welcome drama (yeah) with open arms and a code of honor
My whole persona equals that of Gods
Definin' matters hard all before you even had a job
I'll stab and rob if I have to, fuck it I'll blast you
Tell the devil it was Pun, if he ask you
And let him know how we be deadin 'em, show him my emblem
The tombstone, the throne, every millennium
A child is born that can preform at a level beyond
the expected four minute thirty second song
We reign supreme, my team be all up in your dream
with the "kill anything" grill, chillin' beside the guilotine
Executioner style, black suit and a smile
Who's next to get their neck hacked loose in the crowd
Move from the aisle, don't make me have to prove that I'm wild
Word to Cuban, my crew killers, y'all niggaz shoot in the clouds
(Who's in the house?) Punisher straight from hell
Who's in the house (Terror Squad motherfucker we the real)
What the deal, now you know that's how we roll
Hard core like B.O., bring in the corns baby bro

. . .

f/ Armageddon, Big Pun, and Cuban Link

What, fuck ya want from me,
See I love my thugs but im a terrorist nigga and imma terrorize ya ass
Till gone for miles pana
What, bitch ass nigga!!

(Verse 1 Armageddon)

I jeopardize this rap shit and blast ya ass to prove a point
I got thug nigguz who don't even rap callin to do joints
Frontin off the strength and you the weak link in the click
It's obvious you pussy I could see the pink in the clit
I seen the chip and the clip of my daily desert eagle
Fourty four metal with heat'll
Open ya belly like it's legal
Push you back a few feet send you sailin like a seagull
When we clash in the street
Why was you bailin if you evil (you ain't evil)
Talkin bout somebody tryin to playa hate you
Actually I like you but fuck wit my squad the German a.k.'ll hit you
Ever seen what them things could do could-
Down to ya tims, i'm like the limit on ya life
The demon on ya light
That figure in the dark that takes ya heart in the mid of night
This aint a joke cause aint nuttin comical how my laser scope
Aim at ya dome could erase the features off ya facial bones

I'm like a triple threat
Double dare you to try to rip my neck
The way my click spit techs will leave you wet from dick to neck
I know you ain't forget the way these squad niggaz rep
Comin at me from the sideline like you intend to step (x2)

(Verse 2 Big Pun)

Fuck the battlin' it's world war four I mean the red form
No need to crowd the name is aroused up in the dead zone
New World Order I only flow wit the real horror
Chrome C4 to ya door and pearl harbor
We can bring it back
Gats on the holsters of mini macs
Gats on the holsters strapped to the shoulders of maniacs
Where we at the projects
Why don't you get the closet
Aaaahhhhhh!! shit killa clacks
Could've brought back ya prostate
Buyacka got bullets big enough to move ya car
Land cruisers 18 wheelers we do it tied
Just let it happen I prefer violence instead of rappin
Fuckin wit this latin assassin better get ya head examined
My shit be slammin like onyx and wrestle mania
You really want it you philly blounted in Pennsylvania
I'm aimin the mac right at ya hat better watch ya back black
I ain't sayin you wack but you's a copy cat

(Chorus x2)

(Verse 3 Cuban Link**)

Yo now who the fuck wanna battle this
You garbage pail rappers would get ya cabbage split
Got a habit of brandin ammitur nigguz like cattle hips
So watch ya lips
Cause what you fuckin is hazardous
Shut up and catch a clip I roll wit more dogz than St.Lazorous
What happened is ya raps ain't accurate you claim you packin it
But when the action hits you rather switch into a faggot bitch
I'm hardcore it's not my fault ya softer than cardboard
Ya started to battle so imma turn into the god four
Switch to southpaw like De La Hoya golden boy
I put it on you polaroid finish left you as red as sonya
I been a soulja all my life fought for stripes all most saw the light
Talk to christ he told me that my songs so nice
And for the right price I might just body you
Chop ya ass into particles and read about you in newspaper articles
I'm sick and tired talkin shit got beef wit me then so be it
I'll rush you like the soviet union and leave you soakin wet

. . .

[ VERSE 1: Triple Seis ]
Yo, I'ma lay the law with A.K.'s or metaphors
Make way for the ghetto roar, these days I set it off
Y'all hardcore, that's why I batter you all
Shatter they jaw, batter the core to make a fad ???
Terror Squad to my death, tombstone on my chest
With the chrome in the vest, alone or with T.S.
I'ma rep it, I'm a Dominican, now you accept it
It's like you seen death and chose the Lord as the shepherd
You sceptical, niggas on the block ain't respectin you
Checkin you, ain't gonna stop when they deckin you
Who gon' dock you? I'm comin at you like a tackle
To leave a personal scar in your chest like a tattoo
Seis'll clap you, put your dick in the dirt
Click at a herb when I spit a clip and rip through your shirt
I'm the worst of the beast, put my work on the streets
Do the work with the heat, don't make me burst through your meat

I kill alive for my twin
Bust ill and do the time for my twin
Trust that it's real
And he'll be at my side at the end
I got guns that'll silence your men
We bust off and let the [violence] begin
Aight then

[ VERSE 2: Triple Seis ]
Yo yo, Seis come off with a thunderous start
Punish niggas from the heart, rip a niga from the sparks
Of the glizze, leave a nigga clapped on _Rap City_
I'm strapped with the Mac milli, you wack as ???
It ain't hard to scrap, my Squad's the vanguard of rap
Love to guard your back in the biz, the triz in the back
Flamboyant, never givin a slack
I jam joints when I live on a track
Ran point when they gave me the Mac
I'm on fat, never lack the realness
I sing that B.J. ( *sirens* ) killer ill shit
And still rock a nigga, I'm out to be real rich
You feel this, shaper than a tooth pain
Double-deuce pain
My verse take aim, blow your fame
With a burst of flames
Ain't nothin changed, I die in this game
Take the stand and the blame for my man
I carry the name revenge
Terror Squad in begets carved on my chain

Terror Squad
Triple Seis, baby
Up and comin, son
I'm comin for all that shit, son
The crown and all that
I rep N.Y. - the Boogie Down, baby
L.V., R.C.
[Name] Crew
Terror Squad, baby
This is how we do
1-9-9-9, baby
Triple Seis backwards
Feel it

We gon' ride nigga, ride nigga, ride nigga

. . .

f/ Fat Joe

(Fat Joe speaking)
Yea yea, what
uh, Terror Squad
uh, from the streets to the jail cell
I mean, my niggaz is facin death penalties and all that
Charlie Rock el D
Yea yea, this go out to you my nigga
Yo, yo

Verse 1:
Aint no solution for this
Since day one I been true to this shit
Often niggaz try to shoot but they miss
I been provin to hit so you know its really real
I went from chillin on the hills to signin deals worth fitty (fifty) mil
Self made millionaire status
We all gettin money but its funny how mine makes niggaz maddest
Come at us if you ready for war
Whoever you are
Leave you dead in your hall leakin red on the floor
Better than ya'll
Niggaz need to face the facts
Since the days of crack I been blazin gats - tryin to raise my stats
Tracin back - you could find me at a racin track
Laced in black - bettin on a horse called Amazin Jack
Joey Crack's the illest - fully backed my killaz
Hoppin outta 18 wheelas - like mad gorillas
Niggaz need to calm they nerves when I'm concerned
Cause if you didn't know by now - you all gone learn

Chorus: I ain't know you really want it
How am I supposed to know theres something when you keep frontin
Dont want no people wantin to play my game
And if you really want the problems nigga say my name
Bring it on, come on

I ain't know you really want it
How am I supposed to know theres something when you keep frontin
Dont want no people wantin to play my game
And if you really want the problems nigga say my name
Bring it on, come on

Verse 2:
I puts it down with Pun
Now all I do is lounge in the sun
Look what I done from the slums - to sportin 5 thousand and ones
See the ice glitter - i only walk with them nice niggaz
Sheist niggaz that quit it for doin life niggaz
You had a judge - we came through in the clutch
Fifty fifth- aint no what to do when I came through wit'cha
The Don Polly - you could find me as fresh as Denali
In times probably even marching at a Shaufton (?) rally
I often carry thats the price of fame
Got precise the fame snipe u with the rifle and unlight your brain
It aint a game - its real niggaz with real guns
That still run - caught a box- and pump ox by the millions
Before the children thats confusin life
The voodoo type that'll pull out the UZ (uzi) and make you lose your life
The news is tight - I got em hangin by the neck

. . .

f/ Tony Sunshine

[Cuban Link]
When I was five I arrived in America
Made it alive survived the hell of a trip getting tellin us
Sellin the freedom town to put my feet on the ground
See whats around, then lock shit down like Nino Brown
I'm bound by yana and down for drama like Tony Man Tana
Ya'll clowns don't wanna fuck around pana
Puffin pounds of marijuana wit my honor ross
Gunner floss in the sun of fog getting charge so we'll party dark
Terror Squad my car-tel
We larger, it ain't hard to tell
We more cream then carn-val
For real pocket filled
1 hundred dollar bills
Probably with the squattin bill
Knowledge while we holla at the college girls
This how it feels to be on top of the world
Up in the pearl white drop just cruisin the barrel
Keepin it thrill l from the beginning to end do it yourself
Ain't no friends in this end-v-est world we livin in

[Chorus] 2x
[Tony Sunshine]
As the world turns from life we learn (As the world turns)
The more money you earn
The more money to burn (More money to burn)
Make the sum cuz everything that glitters ain't go (glitters ain't go)
Get on the road to riches
Fulfill all your wishes and goals

Aiyyo there's only 1 life to live of many ways of livin
In many crazy feelin that see their money so high grazin cellin
My heart is so warm but they get cold at times
I might let you know from my oldest rhymes
I poll for shine, hold the nines
When I'm livin in the streets till we make it and take it
They nuttin giving cuz it ain't sweet
How you think I got nasty?
Fuckin with older niggas tryin to pass me
But couldn't out last me
It was a run in a race so don't disrespect
Or take this gun in your face so I can put my son in your place
Now we can get by in the form of it'll do all we'll fuck you though
Cuz I'm the boss like Hugo
You know the name black
My grown-nal bent, turned around and came back
I used to sling crack
Now I lay back and just play tracks
Make a haystack to get my fame better livin and never givin up
You can tell by this letter written

[Chorus] 2x

[Triple Seis]
Yo, Yo, Yo
I feel like my life in is trouble
Glossy eyes off the lie
Tryin to stride to survive the struggle
I can't sleep, yo my cover is deep
Tryin to smuggle my fam like antiques
Been on the hottest corners and the bunks for weeks
Do I trust you?
Do you want this as bad as me?
Do I buss you or let love become my tragedy?
Always swore before I dropped out and was goin slower to the top
Everything I got I'm goin to bring it back to the block
Took a chance, stepped it up a notch in advance
Made the people dance
Now it's time to really enhance
All the horror
It's true you ain't even promise tomorrow
The bullet ripped through his starter,
He blew it don't even bother
My main man
Me and him had the same plans
Took the same tames
I wrote the rhymes while he weighed grams
Made me understand
See the world revolve in the palm of my hand

. . .

Lock that fuckin door, yo
Lock all that shit

[ VERSE 1: Armageaddon ]
Y'all muthafuckas can't hold me back
Holdin gats drunk off of cognac
Laughin at life and how my goal be makin the hoes react
Ridin in cars, out to get me eight full of shinin stars
Overwhelmin, any average rapper will find it hard
To deal with the way my Squad puts metal to flesh
We rebels to death, leakin body heat, decimals less
My shotie completes the measure of death
I'm hittin your chest
I'm only 1100 double threat, beware of the rest
Terror Squad's everywhere like weed smoke
If my pump shotie was sweet chokes
I'd twist the whole place with three strokes
Dump this ??? sawed-off barrel
I send your soul to follow the blast
And see how far the noise will travel
Big Eaddie's name never lost his value
I told you before on Joe's album
We been illin since the holy pharaohs
Run out of heat, I still burst you with bangers
Believe, me and violence connect and we have our own personal language

Money - gimme dat
Power - g-gimme dat
Guns - gimme dat
Freedom - g-gimme dat
Pussy - gimme dat
Drugs - g-gimme dat
( *shot* ) gimme dat
Respect, better gimme dat (2x)

[ VERSE 2: Armageaddon ]
Hey yo, your era's over
And your peoples lack the charm or persona
The sound of my chrome be bangin from home to Arizona
My gun be clickin like your chain on my neck, claim my respect
Give me a pound or feel the pain in your chest
I only bang with T.S.
That's some Squad that God returned to the surface
Bustin scary-ass burners that burst through your epidermes
Niggas respect the verses, my shit is heat, so I'ma set the furnace
To burn whoever's yearnin to hurt this
Nigga, tell me I ain't bringin the pain
If I ain't leave in a train
I'm probably fleein from puttin 3 in your brain
See what I'm sayin, it's all about this
Guns, murder and chips
And I gathered all in the palm of my fist
This is who Armageaddon is
Raw to the brain, I'm sort of insane
But yet in never fall in the game
It's not enough, I need to fatten my stacks
More guns - g-g-gimme dat
More power and respect - gimme dat

[ CHORUS ](4x)

See what I'm sayin?
Ain't no stoppin me
This was God's plan
This is what I am
This is who Armageaddon is
In every sense of the word
Year 2000's around
And I'm still breathin life through my nostrils, bitch
I ain't goin nowhere
I'ma remain in your faces
Until my demise is televised
I told y'all niggas
Where my Terrorists at?
Where all my Terrorists at?
Throw your guns up in the air
More money!
More power!
More respect!
Take this muthafucka over
Fight for your muthafuckin freedom!
Bitch-ass niggas
Yeah, nigga

. . .

It's on now

Feel threatened by this
Takin shit

[ VERSE 1: Armageaddon ]
We 12-cylinder-pushin drug dealer-killers, we feelin this
Tec-9s with silver clips, my ?set's style? is still legit
Ain't nothin changed
You can tell I'm comin, cause the weather strange
Armageaddon, the end of your life on whatever's in his range
Never mind the notion of savin the lives of your friends
Your sister, your cousins, your mother, even [edited]
Will go and ride with me
Through the levels of hell in this atrocity
Bust my guns at the heavens till an angel fell on top of me
He said his name was Michael and introduced me to evil acts like
Robbin parties and pumpin the shotie to keep em back
Nobody move, nobody get burst open
Just give up the jewels before your purse-totin-
Ass become the first smokin
Pop shit on my records, you lock stiff in my presence
My Squad gets respected for cockin the fifth and affect it
Stick a chip in your [rectum] and pull your soul out your [asshole]
And all for gettin cash with the blow I got from Castro

You gotta ask yourself how ill is this
Only my thug niggas feelin this
All in the clubs they be killin this
You love the way we rip a track
Where all my terrorist niggas at?
Show me some love, give me love
You gotta ask yourself how ill is this
Only my thug niggas feelin this
All in the clubs they be killin this
You love the way we rip a track
We take a little love, then give it back
We Terror Squad, Terror Squad

[ VERSE 2: Prospect ]
I master this, when I throw shots I'm slappin wrists
Not inaccurate, niggas be actin if I ain't immaculate
You packin it? Better be bustin, I'm steadily rushin
Up in your crib with a wig and my metal heavenly trusted
You pussed it, but it ain't the cops
Turn your back, and like you saw death
Lost breath, I left you in shock
You was amazed how the glock raised from the waist
Got blazed in your face, was about to drop mace in the place
Chill like I did enough, cause real niggas hit em up
We'll leave it at that for the paramedics to pick it up
This ain't a cartoon, I bring light to the darkroom
And spark boom, step in my path, I leave a heart wound
We pullin out without bustin, no, make no sense
It's like d's lockin you up and don't take no prints
Tell your man in the black van I like it when my canon react
In one second that shit'll blow your family back


[ VERSE 3: Big Pun ]
I thought I told you I only rap for the cheddar
Keep the Mac under the sweater, ready to clap any nigga
Whether on stage or in the gutter
I put you frontpage on the cover
When I pump the gauge through your blubber
You muthafuckas better get protection
I got a Smith & Wesson
Strong enough to launch you up with _The Jetsons_
Spacely Sprockets wanna face the prophet, taste the chocolate
??? and disgrace your ???
I lace the bastard, Dr. Evil let it rumble
Get sent up fuck it ??? bubble
Lookin for trouble you've come to the right place
Pun's out the ice age
A caveman raised by a clan of white apes
An urban legend, in God's eye the perfect seven
The first to get in the devil's ass with a verse from heaven
Reverse the emblem, he ain't ready for the logo

. . .

[ INTRO: Fat Joe ]
Yeah yeah
Terror Squad what-what
Cuban Link what-what
'99, baby

[ VERSE 1: Cuban Link ]
Yo ladi-dadi, mami, I love to party
Plus I always cause trouble when I guzzle Bacardi
Got the hotties sippin rum, Maseratis with the stumps
Music bumpin out the trunk. everybody's gettin drunk
From the Bronx, settin, lettin it all out
No doubt, toast your coast
Reppin the east, west, north, south
Now it's all about the Terror Squad, ghetto superstars
Extra-large players like Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Word to God, Pun, my crew won't give a fuck who you are
We do our job like we part of the mob, shoot up the bar
Cuban the Don Daddy like John Gotti
I brung a long shotie for the chump bodies
If it's on it's on, mami

It's Mister Cuban Link, baby, comin through with the hits
Gettin love from the ladies while my crew in the triz
And this goes out to the players, thugs, hustlers and pimps
(We run shit)
All around the world
You know I do my thing, baby, Cuban Link full eclipse
Terror Squad, new era, god, better choose who you with
When we flip ain't no tellin what we do to your click
(We run shit)
All around the world

[ VERSE 2: Cuban Link ]
Villainous Terror Squadian, Bacardi dark got me crashin the party
Undressin hotties to take it all from the drawers to they Barbie bits
Pokin up in your ?vaginal? flow in Carhartts and Timbos
Thuggin it with a limp, cause Cuban Link is known to pimp hoes
Gettin bimbos from all angles, mandingo straight out the combo
From a bedroom I needed gettin head in a Durango
Grab your ankles, do the hula-hoop your culo while I do ya
Nothin's cooler than fuckin while you're puffin a bag of buddah
Don the Cuba's got your cura, schoolin juniors like butuvas
Smooth as Luther when it comes to suckin hooters like a hoover
Who the man now? Impressed so many mamis, I can't count
Holdin my count down till the last round, hands down
No question I blow your chest in with a Smith & Wesson
You'll be dead in less than a second - reckon
Better listen, my weapon, step in my sessions for lessons
Lasting impression, destined to be the best in this profession


[ VERSE 3: Cuban Link ]
I'm runnin ralleys from New York to Cali up in a Caddy
Puffin like Daddy with paddy, baggin the weed up in the backseat
Crackin forties, actin naughty, tellin em shorties, havin orgees
Watchin pokeys with four freaks - now that's me
I be the nasty cuban, slammin like I'm Patrick Ewing
Pass me a bag of weed, a brew, and the track that we're doing
For you and yours, full of glitter style
Showin all my skills like a stripper, baby, hit me with some shit for now
Break it down, hit the ground, move your hips around
Make it bounce, shoop and sit down on my dick and do the brown
If you down we can bounce right now, pick up a pound
Enjoy and lounge with style, y'all know my name by now


[ OUTRO: Fat Joe ]
No doubt
Cuban Link, baby
Terror Squad
All you fake-ass niggas
Tryin to be like us, talk like us
But you could never walk like us
Fuck around and get outlined in chalk
Terror Squad
Joe Crack
Big Pun
Triple Seis, what?

. . .

[Chorus] 2x
[Tony Sunshine]
If you want it in the morning and you need it in the
I'm a give it to you baby
I'm a give it to you right
Would you do whatever I want?
Would you give me all that I need?

[Fat Joe]
Ugh yo yo
Don't need to tell me about your love life
I can see it in your eyes you like the thug type, His & Her bikes
Diamonds in the rough? Right!
Love the crushed ice? Love to puff la? Love to get fucked? Right!
It's the Don with the S-Class, all aboard! With thebest ass
Known to make the sex last,
only rep that, bet ya can't sit
Joey Head Crack, keep you dancin', shit be hectic
Start the party in the limo, Bacardi con Limon
That's what's on, girl, shake your body, c'mon
Forget your friends, you can trust this
I know you heard how we run tris, but I want one chic
Don thick with the big hips,Joe will have a hoe
screaming "Fat niggas got big dicks!"
So lick your lips if you're feeling me, I'm right in
front of Trinity
The way you work that thong, girl you're killin' me


Me? I love the way you work it now [now]
Pumping your bottom up and down like somebody played
you and now you tryin' to hurt them back
Whatever it is that you really need, you can get it,
if it's me you can hit, if it's weed it's already litted
We can leave in a minute, hop in the drop top 3 if you wit it
Watch TV in it, feel the breeze,
and get lifted on our way to the Four Seasons
Here's a sweet that I rented; I'm a get deeper in it
than he's been in it
Bangin' like a chief's up in it [Don't Stop]
Fuck your punnony; butterfly on top of my body
I'm a suck that tootsie roll
'til the cops gotta come and find me
That's word life, mommy, I break you off like
commission, through all the positions
Show you shit you always thought you was missing
Go and walk like a stallion, yelling "Fuck!" like Italians
Beat it from the back, with your butt hitting my trunk, gold medallion
I'm puttin' in work, so now you gotta trade your pussy in it
If Armageaddon heard it, let it rest 'til it's new again


[Cuban Link]
Dame un beso, en el pecho, y quitate pantalon
Let me freak your body, mommy, with my cancion
I got a spot at the Ramada, asta manana
Dame un beso en el quello y quitate pantalon
Let me freak your body, mommy, with my cancion
I got a spot at the Ramada, I make ya holla, holla
I make ya holla, holla, you're the best dada
I'm that dog with the collar, your father told you not to bother
Make it hotter than lava when I climb up in the cama
Llama me when you want and come satisfy your gana
I'm a smooth criminal, type of dude that's sneaking
through your window while your husband slump, sleeping
in the living room, getting you best, get on that ass
doing back flips, arial tactics that'll have you
yelling that's it, then pass it to Joey Gauge
They both know me already, from the show to the telly,
are you ready like R. Kelly?
Just belly to belly dancing, have you cats steadily
telling me I'm handsome
It's hard to keep my pants on, the last don; I last
long like sad songs, mad strong
Known for breaking hearts and back bones, act grown,
cause ain't no chaperones in sight
It's no price, I'm a give you what you want tonight

. . .

f/ Buju Banton

[ Buju Banton ]
Never jump up in-a mi face, cause I gun
Never judge a book by di cover, dat's wrong
Dis is Fat Joe alongside di Banton
Hey (what about Pun?
Rudebwoy, salute with your gun)
Terror Squad leader, come down..

[ VERSE 1: Fat Joe ]
When I was young I blazed the corner with a vengeance
Crack king descendant, 14 years old facin a sentence
Me and Tone Soul still co-defendants
Know your legends Fat Joe, Soul blowin up sessions
Split dough with detectives to get my flow in protection
Through the ice on my gold you see your own reflection
Can't tell me shit about murder and movin weight
I got niggas that's off the scale that'll bust through you and your mate
It's proven today, Armageaddon's comin sooner than late
We rappers that really blast, I know Cuban relates
50 niggas of terror, rockin 560 leathers
Some of us are dyin to gain, but the name lives forever
Marked on my flesh to make my thoughts manifest
When I spark, no man's heart could withstand through the test
Apply the pressure like I used to do, but Crack never left
I traded in my double breasted for a Mac and a vest
What the fuck?

[ Buju Banton ]
Never jump up in-a mi face, I gun
Never judge a book by di cover dat's wrong
Dis is Fat Joe alongside di Banton
Hey (what about Pun?)
(Rudebwoy, salute with your gun)
Tonight is a whole lot of fun

[ VERSE 2: Buju Banton ]
Tell them, icin this
From the heart of Kingston to the ice of Alaska
Buffalo Soldier, hardcore rasta
I am di originial, fuck di impostor
Determined to make it with or without ya
No borders, no boundaries
I've got to take care of my enemies
Don't you oppress, eleviate stress
Disrespect ??? wreckless
Artillery strapped over my chest
Bullet a-penetrate from right out to left
Skip and dive, duck like _The Matrix_
From the day I've been born I have been a target
Get-get-get, whenever whoever
Disrespect Buju Banton - never
??? clever
Wanted, make di front page of di ???
Terror Squad crew, you're takin over
Over, over, over
Hear dis

Never jump up in-a mi face, cause I gun
Never judge a book by di cover, dat's wrong
Dis is Fat Joe alongside di Banton
Tell them
(What about Pun?
Rudebwoy, salute with your gun)
Rudebwoy ???? pon down

[ VERSE 3: Big Pun ]
Little baby jacker, raised my little sister while you baby-sat
Why she livin fat, she ain't got a baby back
Ya heard? Cause where we at it's either live or die
I seen a nigga sky high from blye, cause he thought the shit was fly
I let you ride if you bustin
I let you die if you bluffin
Cause to die is the whole price of nothin
You fuckin with all brothers and Bronx bombers
Who want drama, word to my dead and gone mama
Let me find the next muthafucka
Disrespect Fat Joe, the Don Carta
And I'ma have to jig a nigga like Shawn Carter
What's wrong, partner?
Punisher peel your banana, see you mañana
Leave your mama covered with a white ???
That's right, I'ma be there with my guns
Blowin the spot, I ain't got no hair on my tongues
Cause where I'm from we don't only talk the talk
We walk the walk, B-X, baby, New York, New York

[ Buju Banton ]
Never jump up in-a mi face, I gun
Never judge a book by di cover, dat's wrong
This was Fat Joe and Buju Banton
Tell them
(What about Pun?
Rudebwoy, salute with your gun)

[ Fat Joe ]
Buju Banton
Original rasta gangsta
Fat Joe
Terror Squad massive
What, what?

. . .

Boriqua, baby
Word up

[ Tony Sunshine singing ]
I know this girl
The bitch you fucked for free
As long as she knows that you're down
Then it's alright with me
So come on over
And run this train with me
We get her pissy drunk
And roll a dutch and blow some trees
But anticipate this
The girl is on some shit
I guarantee this bitch'll
Suck the skin right off your dick
She gon' make you squirt yo goods (squirt yo goods)
She gon' make it hurt real good (hurt real good)
She can make it last all night (last all night)
Hold that ass real tight
She gon' make you squirt yo goods (squirt yo goods)
She gon' make it hurt real good (hurt real good)
She can make it last all night (last all night)
Hold that ass real tight

And I know this girl
She'd bust a gun for me
And I'm about to send her
Out of town with half a ki
This bitch is crazy
But baby's crazy cute
She's known for packin a .38
Round her Daisy Dukes
She don't be creepin
Because she's down with me
She got my name tatooed
Across her chest as r&b
Let's get his money
Now let's do it, twin
I got the product
You supply the grin
We chop it up, bag it up
Hit her with the raw
Terror Squad, now come on, baby
Let's get his money
Now let's do it, twin
I got the product
You supply the grin
We chop it up, bag it up
Hit her with the raw
Terror Squad, now come on, baby
She can make you cop a plead
She can make you drop to your knees
She can bust a gun all night
The bitch'll flip and fight
She can make you cop a plead
She can make you drop to your knees
She can bust a gun all night
The bitch'll flip and fight

[ Cuban Link ]
Yo, this shortie's naughty by nature
Always horny, runnin orgees for paper
Till we take her to my place and lace her with a few chasers
Make her scream for the team, me and you gon' break her
Shake'n bake her, we two players with more game than the Lakers
They can hate us all they want to, baby, it's the Bronx Zoo
Comin through to hump em down till they call us huncles
So what you gonna do when Big Tone and Cu
Run a triz on you, skip the singin, hit them with the 1-2

[ Tony Sunshine rapping ]
What up, boo, how are you, wanna troop with me?
Take you back to the crib, show you ecstacy
Sip Beck's with Hennessy, or maybe Aliz?We can jump in the shower and then we
I roll the buddah sack, I hit you from the back
I make your booty clap, Terror Squad is true to that
We the cats who be layin em flat, breakin they back
Whether rappin or singin, I still be blazin the track
It's like that

[ Tony Sunshine singing ]
She gon' make you squirt yo goods (squirt yo goods)
She gon' make it hurt real good (hurt real good)
She can make it last all night (last all night)
Hold that ass real tight
She can make you cop a plead
She can make you drop to your knees
She can bust a gun all night

. . .

[ VERSE 1: Keith Nut ]
Holy Christ, I leave rappers' souls as cold as ice
I'm like a poltergeist when I strike, turnin men to mice
Breakin the law, city urban tower without a four
Bringin the raw homicidal lyrics that clear the floor
Niggas thought they seen the last of this
Project poet assassinist
Whose status is never havin to clappin clips
Have to black-on-black some shit, attractive accentes
Life luxury ??? crackin it
Runnin with drugs and dealers
Thugs and killers, slugs in villas
Black gorillas and million dollar billers
Microphone nemesis, murder affiliate
Lyricists get dissed, dismissed, thrown off the premises
Poetically mugged, pedigree's incredibly
Movin steadily, thoroughly
Clippin you somethin terribly
Keith Nut, one of the last to go
One of the last to flow
One of the last niggas to blow

[ CHORUS: Armageaddon ]
Now who them niggas that be breakin rules? (T Squad)
Now who them niggas that be payin dues? (Keith Nut)
Now who them niggas that be roamin the town
Blowin a pound, since day one holdin it down
Now who them niggas that be breakin rules? (T Squad)
Now who them niggas that be payin dues? ('Geaddon)
Now who them niggas that be roamin the town
Blowin a pound, since day one holdin it down

[ VERSE 2: Armageaddon ]
I'm here to reclaim my respect
Reppin the set that be bangin my chest
T.S., the God's medaillon, tombstone and begets
Alone and wet I blow my own Tec
Ever had beef with 'Geadd and hold no regrets
Then you was no threath
I go to Death blessed with God's heed
And drop a gem on your melon so hard it make you knock-knee
And my plot's greed, my theme's murder
My climax is when the heat from the burner
Blast me the wings to go further
Nigga, the century's turnin and I went out of patience
You think you hard, that .44 blast, it clouds your concentration
Again, think about it, before my gun hollers
And kill everything around em even if you bought the album
Enforce the power with guns, dollars and politics
Start a baby apocalypse when my .44 ??? spit
Pops in and out your skin, breakin through sound and wind
Piercin the meat and [edited] back out again


[ VERSE 3: Keith Nut ]
Next nigga treason's gonna meet the demons
Left for his mama grievin
When I squeeze the Desert Eag' and cease his breathin
Wreck your set, make the average rapper wish for death
Clap him at the chest, bless him with the Wesson, hope you got your vest
Keith's the last to test, the last to gasp for breath
Send you on a crash course to death when I blast the Tec
Terror faculty known for fillin cavities gradually
Stackin g's, sippin D'Acquerys, livin happily rapidly
[ VERSE 3: Armageaddon ]
I don't give a fuck, all I could do with my life was pitch my luck
Act sheist when they look at us, that's the price when you cruise a truck
And I'd advise you to analyze us, find out who you can trust
Rival me plus memorize the eyes of the dudes you bust
You never know when it's over, rise up out of the tomb and dust
The movin slug was smoothly touched before you recognized who he was
And I recognize ??? for doin the shit that stupid does
My cats gon' shoot them slug, send them things right through yo mug

. . .

f/ Bleach Brothers, Fat Joe, Triple Seis

(Fat Joe)
Yeah, Yeah (Mmm)
This is the Terror Squad, Bleach Brother, Colabo (Mmmm)
Italiano (what) Ya know da deli
Aha, Aha Dirtman
Hey yo, Hey yo, Hey yo

I spit that killer shit white gorilla shit nobody ill a shit
You never seen it before its all Ligitement
Italiano bust holes to your guitano
I got twelve ropes to hang you off the Verazano
Rapid Marziano I hit your arms till they drop
Palms to your chops left hook put your palms in the block
Jingo pop then don't stop till the game is one
And I'll stop till your frame is numb
Comical rapper on some funny shit pop drung on shit
While I'll tell you straight up we on some money shit
A problem with that you see my hand in the place
But fuck Ballon I'm trying to punch you dead in your face
We bless with da deal cause we're the best in the field
Bleach Brothers true white trash you can wrestle it real
Test if you will feeling the meaning of real
The meaning of steel you little bitch
Ay you screaming for real

Chorus (Repeat 2x)
All my real live niggas say:
That's my shit
All my thugs mothafuckers say:
That's my shit
And if you all about the ruckus say:
That's my shit

(Triple Seis)
Triple Seis the killer like turn your fact
Bringing it back the way B-X put it on the map
Its like that running up in your shots while they got
While the exact take it back lay with the map
Joey Crack get busy with the shottie
Hit em niggas with the busy for being in a busy body
They talk too much Seis comes true in the clutch
Move with the rush and I hold who you can trust
That are bless anytime hit you for any son
Go fifth to fist in the mist they'll kick plenty rhyme
Give me mine and you can have the rest or feel afraid of death
And the pain as the rain with the tech
My connect sending buddah flavor Te-bek
Like cuddah soft and wet that I’d acquired at the set
Triple Seis is on fire I’m as hot as it gets
Rock the light the end is about to line up the set


Yo we back in the door hearing at you asking for more
You asked for the raw
Bleach Brothers strict and we poor
Goof on the bottom floor
Back now walk in the brish? Back to the bullshit
Fuck with those cats I’m cool with
Act and fool with, Actually nothing to fool with
Went to school with
Quite tight now a true click
You get your je-je-jewel fixed
Fan come over here hitting your back pockets get swiss back
How can a mac get his shit back
You want to click-clack your person you can get that
You get your shit cluft up Billy Fishers when I spit that

. . .

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