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Sophie B. Hawkins

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Sophie B. Hawkins Lyrics

"The Darkest Childe" lyrics

(You can do it baby... you know you can do it baby)
You were always the darkest childe
Making all the grown ups sweat
Driving both your parents to distraction
With the sweetness in your head

You're the one who raped your superintendent
On the rooftop tied his hands and feet to the fence
You sucked his cock and fucked the man immobile
You paid your daddy's rent

You are the darkest childe
You spread your angel wings
And fly through the night into the dreams of ancient ruins
And make them sing

Lost lover shameless girl
Bury me in your sultry curls
I'm in the wilderness alone
Let me kiss you until the dawn
Let me put your wilde things on
I've been howling in the fog so long

You are the darkest childe
You have a sacred duty to perform upon this blessed Earth
You must cradle those thoughts of the lustful lonely
Inside your wicked warmth
And you must
Get off

You are the darkest childe
And evil will never stop you
And people will mock you and try
To pop pop pop you into the market place where you cannot be bought
Understood you will be missed
There will be sadness
For the darkest childe

So long

So long to the darkest childe
Waiting in patient anguish
For the scent of someone's wilderness
To howl against the smog screen
Of accolade smoothies
Goose bump burgers and Christ-like fries
How long can this world keep fucking itself up the ass
Wonders never cease
How long would it have to be
Long enough to cause hysteria
Wide enough to cause great pain
I am in the wilderness alone

Oh god

Let me kiss you until the dawn
Let me put your wild things on

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