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School Gyrls

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School Gyrls Lyrics

"Detention" lyrics

It's only been 14 days since I meet him
I've been trying 13 days to forget him
But were stuck together like the up and the seven
Feels like somthing bit me and I think I like venom

My friends all say he's trouble
Put him on my myspace comments double double double
Why you tryin' to burst my bubble
Don't be more

I just can't leave him alone

So tell me what I want to do get this boy's attention
Now I'm in trouble for the text message I sent him
Oh, yeah there's just one thing that I forgot to mention

Where'ed you meet him, I met him in detention

I-I-I met him (3x)
I met him in detention

Where'ed you meet him, I met him in detevtion

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