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N.O.R.E. Album

God's Favorite (2002)
Holla Back Slime
. . .

Ayo... N-O What up baby this NAS..
Chilling nigga, chilling in Barbados you know mean!
Yo man I heard you working on the album
Man, I know that shit is going down crazy man
You know you got to smash niggas man...
You know how we do this shit here...
Got to the damn thing, but yo get at me man...
Hit me back man
Know waht I'm saying
Hitm e up slim and let's do this ......iight

Yo NORE wassup
It's ice baby, you know what I'm saying
Pimps up you know what I'm saying...
World renowned, internationally known locally accepted
I heard you, know what they saying
Y'all kats is licking shoot's out there man
You know don't even do that man
Don't even waste no bullets on them buster's man
They got the rap cops on us nowadays man
That shit's a joke really man
Hit a real pimp back man
Cause if they want to get down man I'm with you nigga, westcoast nigga
Yeah hit me back slim

NORE what up man this Mike Kyser from Defjam
Heard you just finishing up that album boy
I heard you got two joints with Swizz, two joints with teh Neptunes
Heard you shit is hot man
Welcome to Defjam welcome to the fam baby
I can't wait to work this project man
I'm ready to take this shit to radio baby...
Let's do this you in the N.B.A.
Now baby, you ain't fucking with the other labels now
You fuckcing with Defjam now boy...
You in the N.B.A
Let's do this nigga...out one time slime, hit me up slim, hit me up slim
Yo what up baby, this your folks man, Nelly! Man I'm in the S-T-L Man
But I heard you was bout to start on the album folk
And what I need you to do is holla at me iight..
Yo why don't you return my ol' school too man!
It's been like a fucking week man
You been swerving my shit for like a week, you know them N.Y. streets hard,
bumpy and shit man..
I don't like my T's out there
On that shit man...iight return my shit man
And holla at your boy iight and get at me slim

. . .

Got to be God's favorite.
A what's up all the people in the world "all the people in the world"..
Everybody across seas..
Everybody, everywhere, that love N-O-R-E
"I know y'all love me"
I know my fans been sitting around waiting
They looking...
Said damn it's summertime n-o
Ain't drop one
I know I drop one four summers straight"four summers"..
Had to pause this summer though "had to pause"
Learn how to be a motherfucking man
"learn how to be a man"
You know..
Spend sometime with the motherfucking kids and shit..
Be a man on my motherfucking own "be a man"
Still got the crew, still roll with my niggaz.,.
But I just had to focus... focus as a motherfucking man as a solo
I know last time I dropped one
It's not that I let the people down..
I let myself down.. my mind wasn't there..
Just wasn't focused but ain't none of that shit no more "no more"..
None that stress..
I dealt with all that shit..
I know niggaz is sitting around like damn..
He named the album God's favorite...God's favorite..
What the fuck he mean by that..
I mean with all this drama we be going through... shit on the street..
Nigga hating niggaz from my same origin, fucking with niggaz
They not supposed to fuck with "foul man"..
Shit is just to much "too much"
Jail calling "jail calling us"
Like we still fucking hustling "police"..
Got to be God's favorite
I been through so much in my life time, as a artist, as a regular nigga
And now as a man "a man"..
God's favorite "God's favorite nigga, God's favorite..nigga, God's fav
Man I got to be"..

. . .

(feat. Pharell)

[Intro: Pharell]
Oh! (Militainment) Oh! (Militainment) Oh! (Militainment) Come on
(Militainment) Oh! (Militainment)This one is the hot one!
(Militainment) ay yo! (Militainment)

[Chorus: Pharell]
Homeboy, I came to party, yo' girl was lookin at me
She's a haggler naw I'm not taggin her
But you don't want them boys to come over and start askin ya
What you wanna do, nigga? (Nothin)
What you tryin to do, nigga? (Nothin)
What you wanna do, nigga? (Nothin)
What you tryin to do

[Verse 1: Noreaga]
Yo N-O-R papi say what, that nigga's the man
With his manager Chris and the label that Jams
Still flossin showin your rocks
Ain't you dudes heard grimey man we stole your watch
It goes indian style, he's been in dashiki
Strapped in the baby tek baby tek B.T.
True she at the bar lookin good in the brown dress
Four to six shots and them things ain't around yet
Persona all thugged out loud and clear
Sayin fuck the straight henny, just grab me a beer
You see I'm reppin now, and my mami's I got a weopen now
Shoot at them clowns at they feet, they high steppin now
Left that wack label cause I don't like pricks
I'm like a hammer that you hold on your hand, I make hits
At the white boy club wylin buyin the bar
They like hey now, your an all star, it go

[Chorus: Pharell]
Homeboy, I came to party, yo' girl was lookin at me
She's a haggler naw I'm not taggin her
But you don't want them boys to come over and start askin ya
What you wanna do, nigga? (Nothin)
What you tryin to do, nigga? (Nothin)
What you wanna do, nigga? (Nothin)
What you tryin to do

[Verse 2: Noreaga]
I spit mack millimeter rhymes, kill a liter in line
My nigga Peter got a heater in mines
Niggas still lyin, in they wack ass bars
Only time they see jail, when they watchin Oz
I'm in the club pissy drunk like ahhhdadidaaaaa!!!!!!
And mami took her papa like dadadidaaaaa!!!!!!
Adios kill your soul then we body your ghost
They call me tordo, sip champagne and sip porto
Playin cappy coo (Man you ain't nappy too!!!)
I like when chocha be nappy too
I treat life like a fast car lower my speed
I try to chill, and sell more records than Creed
Been a hustler (What? what?) way before Melvin Flynt
A criminal, don't need no prints
These dudes gave me a brick and they ain't seen me since
Coulda woulda, had them dudes straight hoppin the fence, it go

[Chorus: Pharell]
Homeboy, I came to party, yo' girl was lookin at me
She's a haggler naw I'm not taggin her
But you don't want them boys to come over and start askin ya
What you wanna do, nigga? (Nothin)
What you tryin to do, nigga? (Nothin)
What you wanna do, nigga? (Nothin)
What you tryin to do

La la la la la la la la la (Oh!)
La la la la la la la la la (Oh!)
La la la la la la la la la (Oh!)
La la la la la la la la la (Oh!)
La la la la la la la la la (Oh!)
La la la la la la la la la (Oh!)
La la la la la la la la la (Oh!)
La la la la la la la la la (Oh!)

[Verse 3: Noreaga]
Well ooops I dunn dunna again, I got another one
I keep it hid in my pocket I got another one
Fast and furious, dunn dunn dunn tudunn
Still be in, Miami and jet sking
In the ocean where the sharks be at, just O.D.'n
Adebesi, want a brick to pay double easy
I got them thangs that a move easy
And I told the lawyer, I sold blow to old Goya
I'm half spanish, you see I cook coke to Goya
Half spanish, all day roastin poya
Recognize, when I'm runnin the game, before me
Chickens wasn't even messin with brain, because me
Now you started gettin head on the westside highway
So recognize my nigga you did it my way
Ice rockin, brick choppin and gun shoppin
I did it all beat cases with Cochran

[Chorus: Pharell]
Homeboy, I came to party, yo' girl was lookin at me
She's a haggler naw I'm not taggin her
But you don't want them boys to come over and start askin ya
What you wanna do, nigga? (Nothin)
What you tryin to do, nigga? (Nothin)
What you wanna do, nigga? (Nothin)
What you tryin to do

La la la la la la la la la (Oh!)
La la la la la la la la la (Oh!)
La la la la la la la la la (Oh!)
La la la la la la la la la (Oh!)
La la la la la la la la la (Oh!)
La la la la la la la la la (Oh!)
La la la la la la la la la (Oh!)
La la la la la la la la la (Oh!)

[Thanks to for these lyrics]

. . .

f/ Pharrell Williams (N.E.R.D.)

Yeah nigga - part four muh'fucker
Thugged out nigga (Grimey)
Neptunes - nigga what nigga (Grimey)
Violator - nigga what nigga (Grimey)
This shit is serious - type serious (Grimey)
Uh, uh-uh, nigga what nigga (Grimey)
Uh, uh-uh, nigga what nigga (Grimey)
Uh, uh-uh, part four nigga (Grimey)
Yo, yo, yo

It's like fuck, it's King Tut jewelry, blind fury nigga
I smoke boogies, conspiracy theory
It's like I'm Malcolm, with just the X
These bitches swear they in love but it's just the X
Niggas act like, my coke ain't long in stress
Like I don't keep two shotguns, under my chest
I flip, obsolete see I'm the king of the streets
And show muh'fuckers how to rhyme on Neptunes' beats
In Miami, Pun shoulda, won the Grammy
This year I'll bring the shit home to his family
Go 'head, and keep hatin, until you receive
Mad volts in your chest plate, hard to breathe
See you a hater like Star & Buc, nigga what
And fuck Tommy Boy, them niggaz just suck
I'm the ultimate, gun on my dick, hoes swallow my spit
Wanna drink every bottle I sip

[Chorus: Pharrell Williams]
Nigga when that heat, is bustin off
And the ambulance come, and rush you off
And the witness like - we don't know dem boys
Me and my niggaz goin hey, hey, hey, hey-hey hey
Then we resume, hangin with stars
Then we live in fat houses and fat ass cars
Then we drive and scream - nigga FUCK the law
Me and my niggaz goin hey, hey, hey, hey-hey hey

Yo, yo
I alternated with the greatest, upgraded my speech
We Violator violatin, y'all niggaz capiche?
It's unsafe like late night on (?) Beach
Drink some river ranches and get slurped at least
Let's have fun wit it, in the Bridge my niggaz dunn wit it
Niggaz had hit records, but we done did it
Pop a collar; see them chicks they like to holla N.O.!
You know them hoes already know they gotta swallow
Money like Nutty Professor - fat as fuck
Four gold albums; ain't none of it luck
Brad Pitt, Fight Club shit, fuckin you up
Since you, seem so tense release the mutts
I'm connected, the police release my cuffs
Call me Fillmore, naw nigga cause I'ma feel more
Nigga this my year, you gonna feel Nore
Money we got it but still try and feel more


[Bridge: Pharrell Williams (Noreaga)]
Type of niggarole, we must be dunns (Grimey)
Toothbrush shanks and rusty guns (Grimey)
Nigga get popped can't hush me son (Grimey)
Sellin everything 'til they cuff me dunn (Grimey)
93 Ac' fuck a Range nigga (Grimey)
Saliva at the mouth of your chain nigga (Grimey)
Reynolds wrap, coke, and doo-rags (Grimey)
Never cleanin up, nigga screw that (Grimey)

You see we unbreakable, y'all niggaz is uncapable
We 2G nigga we use gats that's untraceable
Still smokin, and niggaz know how I do it
Keep big shanks, shit'll cut in half your Buick
Just me and shorty, late night in the park
And gettin so much brains I'm startin to feel smart
Off Beelzebub, feelin my love with cold heart
See these fake niggaz, my fists'll break niggaz
We switchin labels, now it's time to break niggaz
We switchin labels, now it's time to break niggaz


[Pharell Williams]
Hey, hey, hey, hey-hey hey


Violator - nigga what nigga (Grimey)
This shit is serious (Grimey)
(Grimey) (Grimey)
(Grimey) (Grimey)..

. . .

f/ Dwnlzy

Where my skateboarding niggas at?

[Chorus 2x: Dwnlzy]
I know you heard, know you heard
I know you niggas heard
Know you heard, know you heard
I know you bitches heard
Know you heard, know you heard
I know you all heard
What what what what what what what what!
Tell me you heard!

Yo, yo, yo, yo pull that nigga over, snatch the nigga out the Rover
Dat dat dat, gun shots all over
And I wasn't there, but if I was
There'd been a lot more gun shots goin off then they was
So, tell 'em hoes to fix they wig
You see my stomach all round, my dick all big
And my guns come mixed like Robin kids
N.O. fuck ya wife, snatch ya ice
And my coke come white, like Barkley wife
Can't stand how, these niggas be frontin
Dumpin off 8 shots, ain't hurtin nuttin
And who gives a fuck bout, who's spirits is better?
As long as my shit is dope when I put it together
Me and Swizz with another one, hot forever
And you can call Violator, for show that you whoof
I like a Swizz beat, shit already come with a hook, it go


Yo, yo, yo, aiyyo it's hope sittin, motherfuckers know me
Everytime I drop an album, niggas O.D.
Though I send slugs at ya, and ruin your day
Your like "man there's holes in me, it won't go away"
And I'ma straight sergeon, I'll change ya face up
You'll have no ear, when I lace ya shape up
Cause really N.O., I don't fuck with niggas
And if you even met me, you just a lucky nigga
Niggas always talk about how much jewels they got
But nigga I talk guns, that's usually hot
And 9 times out of 10 they gon usually pop
It's like herpes, it won't go away, it stay hot
Man, I be spittin like these niggas is dead
Cause I'ma get my money, these niggas is dead
So what, I be hype, I be ready to buc
From the closet, I keep my fuckin gear in the truck, it go


Yo, yo, yo, got the Lap Truck, tell them hoes to lap up
Hit me on the 2-way, my phone is tapped up
Matta fact, don't even hit me, it's too much low
But if ya hit me on the pager, then use them codes
I got the feds on me, I'm supplying the coke
And don't flash no money, I act tight broke
Cause man, I'm in this game with somethin to prove
Only been a hood tour, no smoke to groove
I was on a record label that loved to loose
No promotions, lucky when we hit the news
Beef, it don't bother us, we got God with us
Rip some pieces of niggas, we got 'Card with us
Man, Swizz'd drop it, I'm ready to do it
Don't think a nigga nice, these niggas is stupid
Man, signed a deal, rap'd sell
And these niggas straight gay, these niggas is squeel, it go


. . .

Aww, yes how you do today
My name is N.O.R.E, that's pronounced nore.
Here on behalf of thugged out militainment.
I'm here to see the president of the record label
I believe his name is Mr.Isenhawk.
I been out here quite some time.
So, aww can you let him know I been waiting.
And aww can he please hurry his ass up before I bounce you undadig!

So whats the matter Mr. CEOOOO
You can't look in my face and feel my pain yooo
Shit give a hood nigga a chance, a nigga won't rob you, plus a nigga ain't gone
So whats the matter Mr. CEOOOO
You can't look in my face and feel my pain yooo
shit give a hood nigga a chance, a nigga won't rob you, plus a nigga ain't gone

Ayo nigga through in the key and let the engine spark
Yo I love the rap game, hate the buiness part
An give a hood nigga a chance, that's what they won't do
Cause I stay up in the office, with the toast too!
An shit fuck a check, I rather cash
And you know I shoot niggaz, don't bring up the past
But I just came home,and ain't leaving alone
Give a nigga one chance, im a have the shit sown
I'm a hard worker, i don't need no handout
I opportunity and im a expand out
It's militainment, military entertainment
Brand new hot shit nobody with
So invest your cheese,and pay this thug
We belong on uncut, not midnight love
So just make sure our contract ain't slim
And then I'm ready nigga, yo where do I sign


My pain ain't for eyes, stress rhymes
Exchange to a lot of gunz and buiness, best times
To the CEO, im basically saying
My life switching, digging out
Spitting for niggaz the same route
Ladies too, I went the game route
Respect what we came for, press support
I guarantee we x these niggaz name out
All I ask is my own ar's
Marly marl, wise and shawn
Truthfully we got our own staff
The hands on experience, advance that executive paper
Stay in the streets we set for greater things
Whatever in the bank, bank on it
Royalty time we thank each other
Arrogant photo's we tear it down
Bang them on billboards to skane
Streets imagine, business of rap
You can sit and laugh nigga
Who done caked up, you flagrant as shit motherfucker


Verse 3
Yo let me holla at you ceo, a.r and president
Give me a minute, here me out ain't no disrespect
Let me speck my peace, we got a ill click of niggaz
Now we got producers with beats
We already to put shit down in the streets
Been hustling to long,we need a new way to eat
And I'm mad at your whole roster dog, must of them niggaz is weak
The rest of them are imposters dog, i know muse and maze will bring you plaque
I'm a hustler nigga the first day i finish my pack
Hit us with consignment and we'll bring it right back
We for real with this game,and we spit it like that
And since you worried about spending, we got a album ready done
So hold on niggaz here we come
Running through every burb, hood, every slum
Niggas don't won't none thugged out


Verse 4
Do I look like the type who like to dance in club
I like to stack cash, my son need to know this is his dad
Mother may I take one step into the game
The streets know my name
The fame I had it before, when i approach my lifestyle, more potent than dope
I write it real for the world, hate the industry rope
I'm thugged out golden nugget with blood in a bucket
We from the hood were these snakes, when you spit they try an d dub it
I got a european attitude and ready for russia
My hot flow, will leave canada dry, you ask me why
Most rappers spitting you lie's, just to make you buy
Unitied states, im like a piece of the puzzle
I got to hustle
Like I'm a south american
Sell you album's in bundle's
So let me live it up, and let the streets follow my story
And much respect to the artist who done, done it
Before me so it's my time to sell records and taking the glory

. . .

[Intro - N.O.R.E.]
For Shigatty my nigatty
Yeah we gonna have it perolating in the popoff
So go get them condoms niggas, and the Smirnoffs
Yeah we got the full skeezy not the jump skeezy
The full skeezy, the blowout up in the nahmeanuheard
So all the ladies out there, all the ladies out there
It's y'all year, y'all need to cum this year
Y'all need to say that
I need to know what the fuck y'all want
What, what y'all want now?

[Chorus - Heather Hunter & (N.O.R.E.)]
We don't want to fuck with niggas with small dicks (Nah that ain't us, yo)
We just want to fuck with niggas with big dicks (Yeah that's us)
(I want some good pussy) big dicks, (some good pussy) big dicks,
(Some good pussy) big dicks, (some good pussy) big dicks
(Some good pussy) big dicks, (some good pussy) big dicks
(Some good pussy) big dicks, (Some good pussy) big dicks
(Some good pussy) big dicks
We don't want to fuck with niggas with small dicks (Nah that ain't us, yo)
We just want to fuck with niggas with big dicks (Yeah that's us)
(I want some good pussy) big dicks, (some good pussy) big dicks,
(Some good pussy) big dicks, (some good pussy) big dicks
(Some good pussy) big dicks, (some good pussy) big dicks
(Some good pussy) big dicks, (Some good pussy) big dicks
(Some good pussy) big dicks

Take a mouthful hoe, gobble down slow
No shopping sprees but you could have dro
Mr. Chows, no simply you can get blimpy
Fuck you in the truck, ghetto style, no Bentley
Shit I hit the brakes, stay out late
At your mom's crib chick, where my dick got ate
I'm like oh no, the bitch just blow
I'm coming now hoe, please let me go
I can't take it, the head game's sacred
Even suck me and Tigger off in the basement
I fuck mad hoes, and they ain't get no cash
It's N-O-R, the nigga that get Uncle Luke ass
Straight mash, theses motherfucking bitches can't last
An i bust three nuts on the table glass
Is is time to stop, nah it's not
Pussy swollen, told i woud wreck the twat
You can't hang with the ding dong
With your cream thong, you could ask my chicks
They call me King Kong


[Heather Hunter]
Yo it's on nigga for the long nigga
Who's balls up on the thighs like ping pong niggas
The real King Kong niggas
I need a Cheech & Chong nigga
In other words, dick bigger than a bong nigga
Stop drinking Moet & Chandon nigga
You better pour me some Cisqo if you want to get up in this thong nigga
My logo is a middle finger because I don't give a fuck
Stick it up, I'm like a virgin I don't give a fuck
Get it, like a virgin I don't give a fuck
Similar to a small dick nigga who don't get a fuck
Good whining, seen it all, tiny ass nuts hitting my big walls Like handballs,
he reminds me of a Ken Doll
Remember that shit?
Toy ass man with a nice and no dick
I ain't got time for playing games
The next time I'ma start fucking saying names


Yo hey yo check it
You probably make records to fuck bitches
But I'm the reason why y'all niggas get your dick sucked from bitches
Turn sluts to bitches, I grant your wishes
You want to feel one swing fist's
I'm abitious, the street vicious
I slam you up and down on cars like I'm hitting switches
It's repetitious on the road to riches
My dick cliffs, leaves girls with Frankenstein stitches
I grab bitches by the butt, give them a pain fuck
Stuck up aghainst the wall with their arms and legs stuck like King Tut
I remember when swallowing
Now I got girls choking from when a nigga deepthroating
Here take a lick, my dick's thick
Scratch the back of your throat like "huh" cause my dick's sick
I give backshots yo, cause I'ma backshot pro
Give backshots to girls who got cornrows
So when I pull their hair, it make their braids touch their ass like Li'l Mo


. . .

Yeah, yeah niggaz, it's n-o-rezy
This what I'm talking about right here niggaz
This what I needed "this is what I needed nigga"
This is the shit I wanted right here niggaz
"This the nahsumeanuheard......... nahsumeanuheard
It's off the yellsobob "it's off the yellsobob for real"
Goin to live my life man
Stop hating on us.."rule holla at these fools"

I love me.. I'm going live my life...hey
Thug life.. love to know me, same life, same love, same man
I'm going live my life hey.. thug life
Lord you know me

Verse 1
So what you thinking I'm supposed to live in the hood my whole damn life
And get married on the ave. with my damn wife
I'm going live my life...and she goin live her life
And we goin be iight
So shit I send a kite
To my niggaz in jail, and tell them niggaz we good once n-o sell.
And to my street niggaz, we done flipped out and beat niggaz
I made the loudest niggaz, turn discreet niggaz
As far as these chicks they loving the pipe
An she don't even like you, one thug in her life
See, she want nigga that's goin walk the hood with her
And niggaz try and front on her
Shit so stress, I can see it in her face
But she walking down the block
But with me feel safe
And then niggaz won't front, have them dudes erased
It go...


You see I'm a vet nigga
And I could take you to school
And it's my fifth album
Bout to quit like room's
So go ahead and try it
It just don't match, and your man hate that
Cause y'all just don't match
Got my gun on me
And I could walk you upstairs
Till you get inside the crib girl, I ain't scared
And tell your man don't be come outside
Cause the m-unit drop fronters
I'm a make the nigga run outside
See I'm a thug for real, I hold the steel
I could walk you through the hood on the darkest hill
You see she love nore, plus any nigga like me
Driving in the drop with a ten cent icy
Shit she want a thug that's basically
You see she scared in the projects
But she safe with me
Shit n-o-r to the e
Spinout at ninety, I'm hard with the v
It go...

Ayo good green, but to get some valley sip
I'm on the westcoast fucking with my cali bitch
And she always want some in the night and the morning
Want to know everywhere, where I'm performing
A shit but it alright just let her ride..
Yo she down with a nigga, just let her ride
See I'm going live my life, and she goin live her life



See we just trying to live our life.
We living our life
We not even paying attention to y'all dudes man.
Talking about your paper, I ain't ask you how much money you got homeboy
chillout man.
Word up we just living our life doing our thing thugged out militainment.
Thugged out militainment you underdig.
Let's get it percolating in the namsermeanuheard popped off popping off, jump
jumped off.
Off the yellsubob for real
Get them condoms nigga.
Yeah tonight put the henny away night, we goin drink that crystal shit, that don
perion shit.
Nah nah put the smirnoff away, we not drinking the smirnoff not tonight.
None of that shit, put the fifty-cent beer away baby.
We going drink that expensive shit tonight, yeah we going be hollyhood,
hollyhood tonight baby.
IRV gotti good looking my nigga.
Rule-ski where you at baby we doing it up thugged out militainment.
We drinking that expensive shit, we partying tonight come with us niggaz
I'm going live my life


. . .

Oh, yeah, yeah
Oh, We ain't gon stop
Oh, Militainment, (gangsta nigga), Militainment

[Chorus x2]
I hit you till you drop, (What?) I hit you till you shake (What?)[x3]
Niggas and bitches (What?) shake ya body till it break (What?)

YO, yo, yo...

[Verse 1]
Ayyo, dude's mad, (What?) been in this game for a while (Bitch)
I been, mindin my business sellin cane for a while (That's what happened?)
I can freestyle, but I ain't do it for for a while (Wow)
Hate dude, Slime been hatin for a while (Oh no no)
Shit, coups, sedans, trucks, and drops for a while (You ballin)
But meanwhile, I been good for a while (What happened?)
Just left the hood, was in the hood for a while (You are the man)
Been fuckin these bitches, gettin pussy for a while (Boy, watch ya back)
Boy, watch ya mouth, you been cursin for a while (Yeah)
It's a big show, you been rehearsin for a while
Smash records, they makin hits for a while (That's true)
Used to be, hand-in-hand in the hood for a while (That's true too)
Used to call Miss Cleo, but I ain't call her in a while (That's right)
Used to be in the strip club, been drunk for a while (That's true)
Now I'm like Joe, and stay home for a while (Okay now)
Mami, let's while out and have some fun for a while (Let's go)

[Chorus x2]

Yo, yo, yo...

[Verse 2]
Who is this?
The half-Spanish bliddack (Uh huh), NORE i got a minat (Oh, man)
Get found wit 34 to ya chest its like Shid-aq (Huh?)
Ya girl a (?), straight Slime been tryna get at (I heard that)
I told her stop callin my phone, its just a riddap
I smoke bogeys, all day like 2-piddac (Smokin)
And smoke weed, and get drunk but no criddack
Guns go boom, the thing's jammed its like did-dat
Sounds like klit-at-klat-k-klat-klit-at
Still hold biddack, but really you need to sliddack (I know)
My team already diggin ya grave, (For what?) for ya niddap
And chicks love the dick, especially from the biddack
Have 'em sayin, Ohhhh NORE, and all th-that
Magnum XLs, but I mean its too thinnat
Oscar Lopez, it's revolutionary rizzap
The Lord gave me the willpower to bust Gizzat
This is my year, y'all niggas should hold bizzack

[Chorus x2]

Homey, open ya eyes and be alert when
The thing get to stutterin, and spittin, and squirtin
Holes in ya body by the time you pull ya heat out
Holes so big, man, ya heart and kidney leak out
I'm motivated by, cars and chains (Uhh)
And innovative ways (Uhh), to rock cocain (Uhh)
38, baby Tek, gloves, and scully (Uhh)
Niggas, watch yaself, I'm too damn gully
If all dogs go to Heaven, yo, and if thats so
Let's shoot, dawg, them all, yo let's see if we go
I got some low (?) booth or video, for my niggy though
Gave it to Athena, came right back for shiggy though
Wasn't really though, I just signed a new deally-o
Makin more money, now this bitch is in my video
Idiot niggas, call them niggas o-idio
Now they makin collect calls like Arsenio

[Chorus x2]

. . .

I love you momma, I love you momma

Verse 1

Wish I could holla at you physically
Listen ma picture me shitting, came far from chopping crack in the kitchen
Hated when I was a thug, couldn't understand it
Put me through school, swore soon I'd be in a position to rule
Look at me now, your only child breathing through you
For you by you, the science of f.u.b.u ill creation
I'm still lying for that day I wake up
Out of this dream, see you kinectly move
A seventies jewel
A star's born, in the form of man
Deep like Elijah, mommy's only prophet speaking the logic
Now momma love said if I ever get rich
And I'm not alive, watch for the snakes, cause they got to survive
Don't acknowledge the lies, or the gossip stay true to yourself and don't do
what your pop's did
I love you mommy forever

Chorus 2

Love your moms and hate the streets
Love your moms and hate the heat
Love your moms while she resting in peace
Love your moms while she still here
Hug your moms when she shedding a tear
Protect your moms from her worst fears

Love your moms and hate the streets
Love your moms and hate the heat
Love your moms while she resting in peace
Love your moms while she still here
Hug your moms when she shedding a tear
Protect your moms from her worst fears

Verse 2

My house someone not a nine, through hard times
Mom's so strong you one of my hearts pride
And you told me I would shine in time
Never win but you know, through you I spit
And make the whole globe glow
I zone on all the things you ever did for me
My grief as a kid, easing my pain, lifting my name
Predicting I'll see fame, change that bond that's never broken
You my heart for life, put ice on the surface of your soul glowing
To my moms straight royal, look at your boy now
Taught me young and intern I spoil you now
Don't even worry I'm a hold you down
Not far from now
When you see me and the way you've been
Just since my born day, and you proud
No matter what, so I'm touched when I spit it this way
I pray you'll be smiling for the rest of your days around
Always at my best, that's cause of you, always calm and watch
You rise me to be top notch


Verse 3
Yo I'm keep this gansta, and still be g
My moms is for my seeds, my moms for me
Always been by my side, when I needed her the most
When I was locked in a cell, holding her close
Visit after visit, she always be there
My farther would never cry, wouldn't shed at tear
My mother exact opposite, by all means
And it would hurt, when she would see me walking in state greens
I be like ma chill, cause it's all good
In just two more year's I'll be back in the hood
My farther he got sick, my mother couldn't take it
She called me the night he died, said he ain't make it
All hysterical, phone dropped oh the dresser
Ma calm down you got hi bloodpressure
See I understand that I got to be a man
And take care of my wife, kids, and the fam


Verse 4
Mama love, old earth for what it's worth
Sorry for all the times I made you hurt
I know it was hard work, mother of three
Who would of though your baby be
Running the street crazily
You told me to stick to the dean
I lusted the cream, 57b fav queens
With cracks in my jeans
I'm going no where fast , that's what you said
Didn't want to lose me to jail
Over some quick bread, or end up died
Eyes bloodshed, and watching your tears shed
Damn a nigga making his bed
About to lie in, I want to change, but I ain't trying
It ain't justifying, my grandpops dying
Mom's I'm sorry for the pain
There's sunshine after the rain
My past shame it's hard to explain
Can I make you happy, I love to you smile
For your life while, ma it's our turn now

Love your moms hate the streets
I'll protect you from fears, always be here
Love your moms hate the streets
I'll protect you from fears, always be here

. . .

Head bussa . . .
Head bussa . . .
Head bussa . . .
Head bussa . . .

[Chorus] (4x)
I don't know 'bout you, but I'm a head bussa (head bussa)

[Verse: Noreaga]
Hey yo . . .
Yo, N-O-R, you can catch me in my favorite car (car)
Drop Lex, black truck, Gordo the "Lazy R"
I'm like a pitcher, I throw my hits crazy far
And if you is what you smoke then - hey y'all
I'm never faired up (faired up) I got some lead what (lead what)
And keeps some chicks in my whips and they always just fuck my head up
I'm like whatever God, ain't a nigga better guard?
I rock a Neptunes beat like it's a leather garm
Know about you, but I'm a bed crusher
See I don't know about you, but I'm a head bussa
You see it's God Favorite, he built the project bricks
Chicks love us anyway, cause we just make hits
No Re-my, I'm good with just water and fish
Thugged out Militainment see we focused - bitch
Stand strong in the pain, see me hold my pivot
Or you can catch me in LA, with a Mexican midget

[Chorus] (4x)

[Verse: Noreaga]
Yo, yo . . .
See I'm a Philly nigga, I can't fuck wit a duck chick
Automatic whips, can't fuck wit a slut chick
Jo-se (Jose) I'm so relaxed it seems
The first nigga sellin' cracks through a fax machine
Shit Star Tek (Star Tek) I hold my gun in the raids
And I can make planes crash through a two-way page
Niggas stack like, act like I ain't made mad classics
Like I'm a new artist, demerit these rat bastards
But that's aight cause I'm a still make more
And I could sell bad work, still say that it's raw
I make songs for the poor niggas
The most "Grimey" and raw niggas, the ki-ki-kickin' your door niggas
Go arm wrestle next, see whose neck I break
I send my little man home (dude go home man) have to check out late
She a bed crusher, see I'm a bad person

[Chorus] (7x)

Duh . . .
Ain't a damn - thing the same
Look, I'm a see if ya sayin' my name (N-O-R)
Millionaires, that change the game
That got 9/11 clouds (clouds) and bullets that grain
Don't calm down (down) this is soldier game (fa' sho nigga)
Kill for money, the raw and the caine
Let me, see you flag, the color of car nigga
Fix your fingers, show me what you are

[Verse: Noreaga]
See I'm a head bussa (bussa) it ain't hard to tell
That I'm a keep makin' hits, it ain't hard to sell
And them Def Jam niggas put that paper behind us
We left that other label, and the hatin' behind us
Niggas want beef, it ain't hard to find us
We in the 'Lac Truck, them niggas in Path-Finders and-uh
The crime scene like N.O.R.E.! , N.O.R.E.!
People wanna scream they like N.O.R.E.! , N.O.R.E.!
Man, I'm outta' town my niggas travel, too
We in LA getting' sucked off in Malibu
A new-car, ask the Jake, they call me "know shit"
Cause everytime they question me, I don't know shit
And hold this, yea nigga just know this
I always drink Henny, hardly know the 'Cris
Straight monster-wrist, I keep a ill beat
And niggas hardly like you, your shit still weak


[Chorus] (8x)

. . .

N. -is for that nigga, who keeps banging.... banging
O. -is for outstanding everyday....... everyday
R. -is for ridiculous crazy....... so crazy
E. -is for extraordinary ways....... everyway

They want to be like you, smoke like you, live like you
But they can't fuck with, thug like him, dro like him
If you forgot the name, and you been wondering it's
N.O.R.E, N.O.R.E
They want to be like you, smoke like you, live like you
But they can't fuck with, thug like him, dro like him
If you forgot the name, and you been wondering it's
N.O.R.E, N.O.R.E

Ayo these chicks love me, and even though I got chubby
Mommy see me in the club want pop bubble
I'm like yo ma stop it, cause I'm a smirnoff rocket
I'm loving my life, and never out of pocket
I fuck dogstyle chick, I'm thugged out and rich
I drink henny that's the same shit that i piss
And I don't care about a ice wrist, I got a ice pick
Plus a ice chick, she suck ice dick
God favorite so the stay attracted
And you could fuck with the guard or get subtracted
I'll have you hideout, like when thugged out slide out
These niggaz listen like when swizz scream rideout
N.O.R, twenties on rims on ill car
You could ask defjam they inherited a star
You see I take flicks, and we hit the knick chicks
Bag twenties and sell them in the hood for Nick's


Verse 2
It's still bang bang, yeah mommy it's still the samething
And you could feel on my jock, and see I'm all cock
And we could chill on your block, why not
Niggaz love me anywhere, a hood I'm there
I told nigga last year, that I ain't care
You acting like the little nigga break yo, still don't care
Whoa so if you with it, I can hit it and go
And call you from the hood later, after hugging some doe
N.O I keep it all good, I smoke more wood
And as far as my chicks, I keep them all hood
One time jake chase me, I started to dip them
And when I ran by shortie, she started to trip'em
Damn shortie "what" we've been through a lot together
I even had you on the block slinging rocks together
It's not a stress day, so i'm hit the expressway
Meet you at your crib in a hour, with a dress tray


Verse 3
I'm from Q.U. double E.N.S
The first nigga selling crack with a black g.s
I like the lex, nigga so I copped the shit
And now it's summer time now, so I dropped the shit
Whatever, you want beef, better get it together
Cause I can have niggaz follow you and blast your leather
You see we thugged out, and got whips with dip dishes
Go head and keep fronting, you could sleep with the fishies
It go...

. . .

f/ Complexions 

[Intro: N.O.R.E.]
Yeah, yeah 
Niggas always askin questions, man
Like why y'all niggas so wild, man?
Go everywhere, shoot-outs, fights
Things going on, man
We ain't doin nothin, just want some paper man
I just can't stand the trouble, man
It's like Black Clouds following us
It's time for you niggas to get to know Nore, get to know Nore

Aiyyo, niggas wanna know yo what's wrong with the God?
Cause every other day it's on with the the God
Every week, a different beef, yeah
And my niggas cop guns in their bottom Jeeps
Shoot-outs in front of hand here, let's be clear
And we done sent niggas through intensive care
You see guns it's no problem, beef it's no problem
Niggas start shit that's weak, that's a problem
I stay quiet and don't talk to the Press
Fuck a court room, I'm good on the streets with a Tech
Niggas do slide, he got 15 years
Mic booth, just run up, shit got me bent up
It's time to celebrate but wait - my niggas ain't here
My father ain't here, Pun ain't here
It don't seem life is treatin me fair
I drink Henny, that's stronger then that Belvedere

[Chorus: N.O.R.E.] (Complexions harmonizing in background)
Black Clouds over my head, follow my lead
Waking up in the morining, bearin weed
Why the fuck it seem like, it so hard to breathe?
Why the hood seem like, it so hard to leave?
We been waitin on this money, for quite so long
And my niggas on the run now, way too long
Black Clouds go away, for the rest of the day
Black Clouds it's all away, don't fuck up the day

I make good music, and that's the reason I sold
2 albums, Platinum albums, and shit went Gold
I can't stretch this, cause God I'm on the guest list
I'm feeling like Xzibit, straight "Restless"
When it's my turn to blow, I own the cable
I sold 8 hundred thou, on a penalty label
And man, shit deep, I ain't reach my peak
It's my fifth album, ain't none of it weak
I admit, "Melvin Flynt", my soul wasn't there
Recorded in the studio, mind wasn't clear
I had to back up, blunts and stunts
No quotables, still ain't get "Rhyme of the Month"
Black Clouds follow me, like wherever I go
Even when I ain't streesed and I'm ready to flow
I just let go, just let me know
It's gon be a better day, my seeds and see though


[Bridge 2x: Complexions]
Black Clouds, go away
You been on slide back like everyday
Every time I turnaround you bringing drama my way
I don't know how I deal with the beef today
Black Clouds, it seems like your always with me
Can't get no paper unless your there with me
Can't go nowhere unless your there with me
I don't even care who else is here with me


. . .

[Sho of Final Chapter]
Thugged Out Militia- 2001

Now put your cards on the motherfucking table and see whats, what
Give life the dick hard she a slut
That will make her feel it in her gut
Then I move to my career
So fuck your perspective, your thoughts get neglected
Like Muggsy's shot and Marcus Camby rejection
Hit the sixth row, pass the courtside section
I know you clown niggaz must be kidding
This lefrak commission, put a ending to your vision
This rap shit turn five to sixth sense's
I know your profile, I'm like a hood human census
Major factor, nigga not a major actor
Deal with major niggaz, fuck major bitches
Who else but the sho god
Open up the book, shit will never be closed
Like a spell on the industry, and no one got the code
But Al G.A.D.O and S.H.O we the mainstream where
Ever we go y'all niggaz know

[Chorus 1: Final Chapter]
From the front to the back, stay packed, fall back
It's a wrap, thugged out rule that
I know you mad cause your girl on our back, she with us
It's a wrap, thugged out rule that
Don't want no problems, but if y'all want to clap, we got gats
It's a wrap, thugged out rule that
Everywhere we go we get tested at a show
We let everybody know
I'm let everyone know we shut it down (It's a wrap)

[Chorus 2: Final Chapter]
Banned from another club again... again
But we'll get it popping outside my friend (you ain't gotta let us in)
Banned from another club again... again
But we'll get it popping outside my friend (you ain't gotta let us in)

Yo, papi and I'm banned from the Roxy
Mad shootout's and more fights than Rocky
I hold records N.O most connected
My died arm strong, your pass intercepted
Hoes meet me in the motel, with just a thong
We goin' drink smirnoff, bitch, fuck the don
You see my lucky charm, my niggaz is on
and I'm a foul nigga bitch, I could fuck you moms
You see I'm banned from the Tunnel, my niggaz is foul
Body shit when I come through, like Martha wild
and I would hate to have to, break your face bone
For Greystones, have you looking like Grace Jones
Hit niggaz up, machete's will split niggaz up
Automatic's will blast, fifth niggaz up
Al Gado, and Sho and this N-O
and if them niggaz got beef, them niggaz will go

[Chorus 1]

[Al Gado]
I'm the wrong person to love, easy to judge
and I ain't perfect, I'll tell you now I hold a grudge
Because we in the club, rolling thicker than fuzz
The wee dark the same, play this rap like a match
Just spark the game, and tear apart your fame
Blow so much smoke clouds, shit it would start to rain
an still flow lovely
Get on stage and get gully
I'm never fall off I got A, B C scully huh..
(Hate me or love me) that's your altermatum
The devil price my soul, I still ain't pay him
But usually they love me, walk in the club
an make the crown look like they playing rugby
Ripe show's on a fradulent stage
No matter what y'all say, we living all of our days
spit fire, no matter what the margin pays
Y'all witnessing (Final Chapter) in their starving days
show us love

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]

. . .

(feat. Musaliny-N-Maze)

[Noreaga - talking]
Uh, (yeah), gangsta, killa (killa)
killa beats nigga (beats nigga) Iraqians (Iraqians)
Do it like this (send Iraq to the heavens)

Yo, yo, yo guns, wars, banana clips holdin
Tec nine's the wet clothin
These niggas heard we mack moldin
It's all gravy how I fuckin my eighties
No women, no babies, Versace niggas get crump crazy
You think I'm soft how I'm up in the loft
And gettin sucked off, with some Cristal on my cock
And plus duck sauce and two Spanish bitches lickin it off
Nah, ain't shit changed I'm still pickin you off
I stay drunk wit a lot of reefer
These niggas gay like the guard that was in "Sleepers"
Two ways without beepers
These little niggas more leapers
I got gangstas that gangbang on all creatures
Shoot your whole face up and fucked up your features
Iraq soldier, see the Henny made me fall over
And still fuck 'til I'm dead sober
I don't care about your balls, your hood, or your weed
Fuck your whack ass thoughts I can throw some speed

[Chorus] - 2X
Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the lord my soul to keep
If I should die before I wake
I pray the lord my soul to take (uh)

I desecrate the nations, gee I'm a sick individual
Jose Louis yo, Analog digital
Cigliari Trarabelly, Run Isreali my niggas run deep in your roots
Allah Kelly got your project shook, everytime you look
Cause I pray fifty niggas every flight they book
Your more story, get up outta the club, it's drunk NORE

Hands around my two Spanish bitches holdin my liquor
Across the street these niggas scopin me, hopin I slip
Like I ain't on point, but what point is this
Do they know my fingers stay itchy, my whip do a buck sixty
Do a 360 donut, and shoot 50 niggas in they fuckin faces
I dumped their bodies by the horse races bloody valore, a couple Nore faces
Yo keep hatin until you will see
More volts in your chest plate it's hard to breathe
It go


[Break - Musaliny]
Uh, ah
Hey yo this street life we live it
This thug life we live it
If you ain't frontin, we live this shit

Hey yo this street life we live it
This thug shit we live it
Thugged out ain't playin, we live this shit

Hey yo, hey yo, it's Muze vinity chin tap your chin
Send a shot through your limb, think we ain't gonna win
Stuff valar I know they way I'm livin ain't right
But's that's life live and learn 'til I get my game tight
I came up a broken home, rolled wit chrome
Pops was never known on the block 'til my cheddar's blown
Fiendin for the day I was on, fat beats since the day I was born
Too know he snatched me and my other half
Thugged out never gettin cash
No mom would put a foot in nigga's ass, mash
Coast to coast wit the Cali most
Tally wit toast and party wit my cousin's ghost
You bitch nigga, what



Uh, Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the lord my soul to keep
If I should die before I wake

. . .

(feat. Kelis)

[Noreaga - talking] - w/ variations
Yeah, yeah, yeah, uh, we up in the studio
Woody Freezy up in the nassa me, ya Easy
We also gon do support the Fleezy, and do the damn theezy how we usually do
The theezy on the deezy
We supposed to be a theezy
And yell a beezy, do it how we do it
Doozy Deezy, where the easy, tell ?m easy

[Chorus - Kelis - 2X] - w/ variations
His name is N.O.R.E. (uh oh)
Don't push and he'll be sorry (uh oh)
He might consider furs (uh oh)
Drivin, mixin the words (uh oh)

Yo, yo, yo, it go ways to get the money long time on cash
I'm caught up in the scramble where them guns go blast
If they ya killas then your killas is ass
I'm the world wide hustler
I keep the gats in the muffler
Married the block then broke up with her
Still in the hood still choppin my knicks
And my shots don't miss like Steryakovich
Now my mind clear, I design to stall fear
I'm like Puff and Cous that dudes that I Kia
N.O.R.E. Cali weed I spark three
And bitches say "I'm a friend" like Biz Markie
I get sucked off, I used to buck off
But now I can't do it I go straight up North
So now I just chill and remain a G
Sometimes its no crew just Lone And me
So please let the motherfuckers know who I be
It go

[Chorus] - w/ talking in background

Yo, yo, yo I'm on the block buggin, drinkin with my homey (ey yo)
Come her shorty where you goin? (ey yo)
I lay like some semen, drinkin some Henny beamin
Blowin bitches backs out leavin ?m all screamin
I ran wars I divide the plan tours
Fuck these "Deuce Bigalow" niggas they mad whores
N.O.R.E., dirty, black certy
I'm a Benz drop niggas on I-30
Smack niggas right in they grill
Now stand still, see I stand still
Cause my niggas I stand still
See I lay, lay back, Carniac
And now nigga drink like that and sell rap
It go

[Chorus] - w/ talking in background

[Break] - 2X
I carry mack, mack, mack
All dressed in black, black, black
I keep it gutter, gutter, gutter
On a Neptune track, track, track

[Noreaga] - w/ talking in background
Yo, who gonna stop the guard try and rock the guard
On the dance floor frontin, had to drop the guard
Shit D.A.N. - Dead on N.O.R.E.
And them little niggas run in the Ville they punk for me
Ain't shit change, still no pot to piss in
When I gotta piss and the pot is missin
Shit, bright and early when I wake up son
Don't front cause I'm the one your boss read I'm from
It go

[Chorus] - w/ variations

[Break - with "Yo, it go" at the end]

. . .

(feat. Butch Cassidy, Capone, Cam'Ron, Fat Joe)

Swizz Beats, We got some thugs, thugs in the building
We got some thugs, thugs in the building
We got some thugs thugs in the building
We got some thugs, thugs in the building

[talking over intro] - w/ variations
Militainment, Terror Squad

[Chorus] - w/ ad libs
I know you heard, know you heard
I know you niggas heard
Back up, back up, the boys are in the building

I know you heard, know you heard
I know you bitches heard
Back up, back up, the boys are in the building

I know you heard, know you heard
I know the world heard
Back up, back up, the boys are in the building

I know you heard, know you heard
I know you niggas heard
Back your ass up, the boys are in the building

[Fat Joe]
Hennessey with no rocks, sportin the four pound Lazi raw
Thought the job was ruckus, guess the Squad's back after all
Twin connection, leave your remains at the intersection
Put the shotty to your body give you intergestion
A simple lesson that your crew should fathom
I knew I had 'em I don't need a big first week, I cruise past 'em
Top of the world is what they yellin now
TS is steady on the ground, my niggas still tryin to settle down

[Butch Cassidy]
Who get it down like (CASSIDY)
You clowns'll never sound like or try and sound like (CASSIDY)
Who runnin the underground like (CASSIDY)
Ain't none of you niggas nice right now like (CASSIDY)
See I can understand (stand), that I'm a wanted man (man)
So I don't battle for nothin under a 100 grand (grand)
Man I'm clockin all, so cross your eyes or watch your mouth
Or get popped and just straight and I'm out, peace

[Chorus] - w/ ad libs

Uh killa, I said I know ya heard, know ya heard
When I'm slow I swerve, sippin on that sizzerp, it was so absurd
And the hos in furs, dear O's and birds
First to the third, come with that dough and get served
Mess with me that'd be so absurd
Taliban smokin curb like a O a herb
All about that Swilla Cam, baby girl is killa cam
Your dealin with gorillas man

Yeah, yo, hey yo, hey yo, I know you heard, I know you heard
I got striped like "Private Ryan", I black most everybody dyin
when I'm blast toast ya baby mom's cryin
Your crew suited up and hard by us treat like God's got 'em
I know you heard that I'm ill, I know you heard that I'm mad real
My favorite fictious heavyweight niggas be all (what's up) Diplomats
with the Terror Squad, Militainment blow weed in my arraignment

[Chorus] - w/ ad libs

Yo, yo, yo, yo, It's like they waitin for my downfall
Knocked out before round four
What you carin how I sound for? (NORE)
What the fuck ya'll say ya'll (NORE)
Yes my guns will spray ya'll
Kick and cade, I good with the blade
I'm spittin them automatics that will stop your age
Dead wrong like two niggas gettin engaged
Dick an afro puff like I'm fuckin wit rage
Oh girl, we bonin this bitch then gon Earl
Two niggas and just one bitch lose they pearls
Still blow trees, keep them hos on freeze
And the only time I close my eyes is when I sneeze
So bitch please just lay on ya knees
I'm a grown ass man, ya'll kids like Chuck D's
Stay dumbin out, and you know that your time runnin out
The album comin quick, way before the summer's out

[Chorus] w/ ad libs

. . .

Holla Back Slime

[No lyrics]

. . .

f/ Capone, Chinky

They'll be a man
One to lead his people into victory
One who goes through time
One who seen pain
The one who see's the glory
That man is I, Capone
The leader, follow me

They wanna beat me like Rodney
See me like Pac
Have me like O.J. doing 100 in the drop
Railroad me like the Hurricane but I won't stop, let's go

Look at my life (look at my life)
Look at my life, I'ma gangsta (gangsta, gangsta, gangsta)
Look at my life (look at my life)
Look at my life, I'ma gangsta (gangsta)
I'ma gangsta

[Verse 1]
Yo, yo
Take a journey through my life
Walk through the nights with me
It's a long road ahead of us, I hope that your ???
Queensbridge, a trife city ??? slums
I've seen political homicides and crack related ones
Pac and Bigggie, god bless em I don't know where to begin
Forgive me lord for I've committed a sin
I sold crack to my mans mom
I feed my uncle dope in his arm
I testify to every word wrote in this song
Except the 5th commandment, thou shall not kill
I obviously ignored it cause my blood shall not spill
So I chose to squeeze first
Put you 6 feet deep in the dirt
And watch your cold soul emerge from the earth
I was a star first, then I grew into the sun
Destined to shine over the planet
Till I came across a gun, infactutated by the sound
When the shots get sprayed, like (gunshots)
I'm about to take the streets to another phase


[Verse 2]
I'm amazed I'm still living
I came close to the end of my days
I couldn't let the streets raise my two siblings
Or my kid, I'm too thoro, I survived through prison
Collide with rival clicks spitting, listen
I live life like I'm racing to an early death
Exceeding the speed limit, with no brakes
Quiet when I step, reality bites
I'm gangsta for life, so I squeeze like
I hold the mac precise
With 32 shot clips
And turn your hard top into a convertible drop whip
They talking to rappers, chose my name to reflect
I'm hot, grimy entertainers come
Drama east to west
I don't wanna kill no more
At times I hear death knocking at my front door
Feeling like I'm being watched everytime that I score
What if the pigs got me on survaillance
A rebel to the law, I got 2 strikes against me
1 shot in me, a vest and a semi


[Verse 3]
??? bust from jail, a mink
A pound of the real, a 37 inch link
Money in the bank, a Coup to match it
I was released like a boss ???
You know the kind of thing a gangsta could relax in
Lifes a bitch, but fuck it
Trying to keep my whole faculty covered
And spits more like an iraqian thugging
If you wanna take me, mommy I'm coming
But if not, they can never break
I'ma keep gunning and bust shots

[Chorus 2x]

. . .

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