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Background information
Birth name Miguel Jontel Pimentel
Genre(s) Electronic
Contemporary R&B
Years active 2000—present
Label(s) Jive Records
Website Website

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Miguel Lyrics

"All I Want Is You" lyrics

[Verse 1 - J. Cole]
uh.. damn… cold world
I never thought I'd see that day that you're my old girl
Now I'm stuck here hollering at old girl
Got one, Got two three four girls
Shotgun in the drop made her right
Hut one Hut two told them niggas take a hike
Then it's on to the next on, on to the next one
Hard to move on when you always regret one
[Verse 1 – Miguel]
I wonder sometimes, I wondered if I was wrong
Trying to do right by you got me here
Now all I am is alone

[Bridge – Miguel]
'Cause her eyes, and those hips and that (ass)
don't compare, at all, no
And at best all they do is distract me
But now deep down when I face it

All I want is you
All I want is
All I want is you now
now that you're gone, gone, gone

[Verse 2 – Miguel]
'Cause being your friend is killing me softly
I hear voices
Wonder where I went wrong
It was my fault
And the wrong time, I wonder so often
Regret gets exhaustin'

[Bridge – Miguel]
'Cause her eyes, and those hips and that
don't compare, at all to you
And at best all they do is distract me
but now deep down when I face it

(Chorus 2x)

[Verse 3 – Miguel]
Cuz they don't smile or smell like you
Cuz they don't make me laugh or even cook like you
Cuz they don't photograph nah they don't sex like you
Let face it
I can't replace it
that's why All I want is you

(Verse 2 - J Cole)
I hit the club when you left me thinking that could heal
Trying to celebrate my Independence Day Will Smith
Baby gurl who I'm kidding
still sick Real shit
All my new bitches seem to get old real quick
Could it be you everything these plain bitches couldn't be
Is it a sign from the Lord that I shouldn't be
Lost in the Player way sorta get old to me
Got me on layaway, Girl you gotta a hold on me
I say I'm wrong, You say come again
Damn said I was wrong look don't rub it in
I got a lot on my mind
Got a flock full of dimes
Like a line full of hoes, Look how they coming in
Just saying
you don't wanna have me then somebody will
I'm playing
Weight on my chest like I body build
I'm praying
You ain't content with trying to do your thang
Hey come back baby boomerang

Chorus 2x
Now that you're gone I want you back

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