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Background information
Birth name Mandisa Lynn Hundley
Born October 2, 1976
Origin Citrus Heights, California, United States
Genre(s) R&B
Contemporary Christian music
Years active 2006—present
Label(s) Sparrow Records
Website Website

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Mandisa Lyrics

"Only You" lyrics

Written by Mandisa, Shaun Shankel, Joy Williams Yetton, and Ben Glover

I've had days that felt like a thousand years
And years that just fly by
I've had times I've been so sure in life
And then nothing worked out right
I put my hope in so many things I thought that I would need
But it doesn't mean anything, anything, anything to me

I've been around a crowd of people
And felt so all alone
Tried to give up being different
So that I could just belong
Some have tried to tell me who I'm supposed to be
But it doesn't mean anything, anything to me

Only You, You satisfy
Only You are the love of my life
If I got everything I want, no, it still wouldn't do
I got a whole lotta' nothing if I don't got You

When then mirror doesn't match the cover of a magazine
And I'm consumed with all of my fears and insecurities
'Cause I had my idol for a while, but now I finally I see
That it didn't mean anything, anything, no

A whole lotta nothing
Oh Lord, I believe it's a
Whole lotta nothing
If You ain't close to me

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