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Background information
Origin New York City, United States
Genre(s) Hardcore Punk
Years active 1988—present
Label(s) Roadrunner Records
Ferret Records
Epitaph Records
Nuclear Blast
I Scream Records
Associated acts Hazen Street
Agnostic Front
Sheer Terror
The E Street Band
Website Website
Freddy Cricien
Hoya Roc
Igor Backfire!
Former members
Roger Miret
Vinnie Stigma
Matt Henderson
Will Shepler
Rob Rosario
John Lafata
Darren Morgenthaler
Rigg Ross
Walter Ryan
Ben Dussault
Mackie Jayson
Jay Weinberg

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Madball Lyrics

"True To The Game" lyrics

Livin' in a world
People try to be what they're not - but can't see the fantasy
Who's living a dream
It seems it's you
We know whose real
Your life is just a game
You don't deserve your fame
Living in a world
Where the fake get apid and the true get pushed around
True to the game I'll stay while for you it's the fame
I despise you and your selfish ways
You know I'm real and I know you're fake

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