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Background information
Birth name Christopher Brian Bridges
Born September 11, 1977
Born place Champaign, Illinois, U.S.
Origin Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
Genre(s) Hip-hop
Years active 1998—present
Label(s) Def Jam Recordings
Disturbing Tha Peace
Associated acts Shawnna
Website Website

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Ludacris Album

The Red Light District (12/07/2004)
. . .

Yeh, ohh!
Check me out, look

It goes love, hate, pleasure and pain
Fo' albums in the can and I'm STILL in the game (what up?)
And last album, they don't like me to tell this
Debuted at #1 and sold more records than Elvis (shut up!)
That's what they tellin me, switch up your melody
Through with misdemeanors, they tryin to give rappers felonies
So they can lock us up one at a time
But true writers stay FREE in e'ry one of our lines
And if you not feelin I'm the cream of the crop
I'll KNOCK rappers off your list 'til I get to the top!
Still you lookin at a man that's financially stable
Only nigga gettin checks cut from four different labels
That Pillsbury dough, women poke my guts
Still I walk around the streets like I'm broke as FUCK
So if you see me in your town and I appear to be moody
It's cause I'm thinkin 'bout plans that's bigger than Serena booty
Me and Shaka still starvin and lookin for meals
And HEADS UP! Ludacris is almost out of his deal
I'm over ten million sold, every album is CRACK
And for now I'm bout to carry Def Jam on my BACK
Mad rappers I hear you talkin way down at the bottom
Though I make big money, still handle small problems
The ramblin at the mouth, I don't PLAY THAT SHIT

. . .

[Ludacris - imitating Austin Powers]
Yeahhhh baby, heh heh, yeahh!

Back again (that's right) Luda! Ha ha ha ha (Feel this)
It gets meaner and meaner each time baby
Feelin real good too (holla at 'em man) What up Uncle 'Face! (Yeah)
I'm a bull in this industry man (tell 'em)
Some would rather run down and get one cow (nah)
I think I'd rather walk down and get 'em all
You know what I'm talkin 'bout right? Look

[Verse 1]
I'm never goin nowhere so don't try me
My music sticks in fans veins like an IV
Flows poison like Ivy, oh they grimy
Already offers on my 6th album from labels tryin to sign me
Respected highly, HIIII MR. O'REILLY
Hope all is well, kiss the plantiff and the wifey
Drove through the window, the industry super sized me
Now the girls see me and a river's what they cry me
I'm on the rise, so many people despise me
Got party ammunition for those tryin to surprise me (surprise!)
It's a celebration and everyone should invite me
Roll with the crew or meet the bottom of our Nikes (blaow!)
Explorer like Dora these swipers can't swipe me
My whole aura's so MEAN in my white tee
Nobody light-skinded reppin harder since Ice-T
You disagree, take the Tyson approach and bite me!

Whoa! Don't slip up or get got! (Why not man?)
I'm comin for that number one spot! (Alright)
Rappers swearin they on top! (Nuh uh, uh uh)
But I'm comin' for they number one spot! (Alright man)
Scheme scheme, plot plot (say WHAT?)
I'm comin for that number one spot! (Woo, hey)
Keep it goin it won't stop! (What you doin man?)
I'm comin for that number one spot!

[Verse 2]
Yes indeed, Ludacris I'm hotter than Nevada
Ready to break the steerin column on yo' Impala
If I get caught, bail out, po'-po' I tell 'em holla
In court I never show up, like Austin Powers fa-zha
Father, father, and hey I love gold
But can buy anything I want from the records I've sold
Jacuzzi's hot, Cristal is so cold
Neighbors catch contacts, from the blunts that I've rolled
A pig in a blanket, a smoke and a pancake
Drop albums non-stop once a year for my fans sake
I crush mics until my hand breaks
Then shag now and shag later 'til these women can't stand straight
The Luda-meister got 'em feelin so randy
I'm +XXL+ so I call 'em my +Eye Candy+
Brush my shoulder and I, pop my collar
Cause I'm worth a million ga-zillion fa-fillion dollars


[Verse 3]
Causin lyrical disasters, it's the master
Make music for Mini-Me's, models and Fat Bastards
These women tryin yo get me out my Pelle Pelle
They strip off my clothes and tell me, "Get in my belly!"
Stay on the track, hit the ground runnin like Flo-Jo
Sent back in time and I've never lost my mojo
Ladies and gentlemen ahh, boys and girls
Ludacris sent down to take over the whole world!

. . .

Heads up! Heads up!
Here's another one!
And a - and another one

Yeek yeek woop woop!! why you all in my ear?!
Talking a whole bunch of shit
That I ain't trying to hear!
Get back muhfucker! You don't know me like that!
(Get back muhfucker!! You don't know me like that!!)
Yeek yeek woop woop!! I ain't playing around!
Make one false move I'll take ya down
Get back muhfucker! You don't know me like that!
(Get back muhfucker!! You don't know me like that!!)

WHOO!! S-s-so c'mon c'mon
DON'T ... get swung on, swung on
It's the knick knack paddywhack, still ride in Cadillacs
Family off the street! made my homies put the baggies back
Still stacking plaques! (yep!) still action packed! (yep!)
And dough!! I keep it flipping like acrobats!
That's why I pack a mac, that'll crack 'em back
Cause on my waist there's more Heat than the Shaq Attack
But I ain't speaking about ballin, ballin
Just thinking about brawlin till y'all start bawlin
We all in together now, birds of a feather now
Just bought a plane so we changing the weather now
So put your brakes on, caps put your capes on
Or knock off your block, get dropped and have your face flown
Cause I'll prove it! scratch off the music!
Like hey little stupid! don't make me lose it!!


[Bridge - repeat 4x]
I came (I came) I saw (I saw)
I hit 'em right dead in the jaw (in the jaw)

See I caught 'em wit a right hook, caught 'em wit a jab
Caught 'em wit an uppercut, kicked 'em in his ass
Sent him on his way cause I ain't for that talk!
No trips to the county, I ain't for that walk!
We split like two pins at the end of a lane
We'll knock out your spotlight and put an end to your vain
Put a DTP pendant at the end of yo chain
Then put the booty of a Swisha at the end of a flame


HEY! You want what wit me?!
I'm a tell you one time, don't FUCK wit me!
GET DOWN! Cause I ain't got nothing to lose
I'm having a bad day, don't make me take it out on you!
You want what wit me?!
I'm a tell you one time, don't FUCK wit me!
GET DOWN! Cause I ain't got nothing to lose
And I'm having a bad day, don't make me take it out on you!

Man! Cause I don't wanna do that
I want to have a good time and enjoy my Jack
Sit back and watch the women get drunk as hell
So I can wake up in the morning wit a story to tell
I know it's been a lil while since I been out the house!
But now I'm here, you wanna stand around running your mouth?!
I can't hear nothing you saying or spitting, so wassup!
Can't you see we in the club?! Man shut the fuck up!!


Ah! We in the Red Light District!!
Ah! We in the Red Light District!!
WHOO!! We in the Red Light District!!
Ah! We in the Red Light District!!
WHOO!! We in the Red Light District!!
WHOO!! The Red Light District!!
WHOO!! The Red Light District!!

. . .

f/ DMX

{*dice rolling*}
[DMX] Grrrrrrrr..

[Chorus 2X: Ludacris] + (DMX)
Bet a hundred (bet a hundred) bet a thousand (BET A STACK)
Bet a million (put yo' money where yo' mouth is)
Bet a hundred (bet a hundred) bet a thousand (BET A STACK)
Bet a million (put yo' money where yo' mouth is)

Let it rush through your veins, cause I'ma be the one
to step up and put a hundred thousand dollars on the game
Got a pocket full of change and they C-note stacks
Bustin dominoes, spades, cee-lo, craps
We shootin pool at the Luda-plex; I slap a hundred on the table
just to see if any fools wanna do it next
I got games galore, I got game for sure
And when I win I spit game to whores (yep)
Or double it back, I'll double the stacks
Throw a dub, a big face or double the stack (boy)
And we can 'bout anything that you wanna do
But come up short and OH THE THANGS that the gun'll do
Throw in the towel cause I'm makin 'em sweat
Or put your house on the line and I can cover the bet
So hurry up and come get some, if you want some
You know the phrase - scared money don't make none!


Throw some money on the books, cause I know how to call 'em
Somebody tell my fam I got a gamblin problem
I don't know when to STOP, maybe when somebody's
drug away by the COPS, or when I'm blowin steam
Countin green in the DROP, because whether legal or illegal
all my people bring the strength to the block
Yessir, I thought you knew it, we loco
We'll bet on anything, just to see if anybody's gon' do it
It's people livin they LIFE comin up off change
And hustlers payin they bills comin up off games
Whether it's Madden or it's Live, tell 'em pick up the sticks
They call me Mr. Put-Down-Two-And-Pick-Up-Six
Then walk away with a clean slate; catch me out in A.C.
Callin yo' bluff with Puff eatin cheesecake
So all my ramblers, runners and money scramblers
Put your drinks up to all compulsive gamblers


I'm up in Vegas with a stack of black chips
Breakin the whole casino and doin backflips, man
Cameras eyein us, sidebetters tryin us
The more chips we stack, the more drinks they buyin us
Tryin to get me off my grind, but it won't work
Cause I can drink a fifth of gin and it don't hurt
I'm still breakin 'em, and dice still shakin 'em
I'll step in any place, just ask X what I say to 'em

. . .

f/ Sleepy Brown

Yeah, uhh
Think I'ma try somethin that I ain't
I ain't never did before on this one
Let's go

[Chorus: Sleepy Brown]
Get your lighters, roll that sticky, let's get higher (let's get higher)
Got that blueberry yum yum and it's that fire (it's that fire)
Get your lighters, roll that sticky, let's get higher (let's get higher)
Got that blueberry yum yum and it's that fire (it's that fire)

Got a little bit of blueberry yum, yum
And I never woulda thought that it could taste this gooooooooood
Thank God for the man who put it in my hooooooood
It's got me singin melodies I never thought I woooooould
I'm feelin sorry for the homies who be smokin woooooood
Chop chop, break it down for a player like ye ye ye ye..
I'm 'bout to find me a woman and skeet skeet skeet skeet..
I'ma keep smokin 'til I reach my peak peak peak peak..
Or 'til I'm stuck and my body feels weak weak weak weak..
Headed down to the Dungeon, wonderin, if they got some mooooore
And if they don't then I'ma haveta, settle fa, some 'droooooo
But it just ain't cool cause right on after, I'ma have-ta go
And continue on my mission fishin for the yum yum but I'm movin slowwww


Yes fire fire got me so tired, I'ma stop drop and rollllllll
Put a wet towel under the doooooooooooor
Don't pass it I can't take it no moooooooooooore
Somebody take a trip down to the stoooooooore
Hurry please, cause I need some snacks snacks snacks snacks..
And how long will it take it to get back back back back..?
Yes indeed, I'm a little off track track track track..
Off this weed, and I'm full of that 'gnac 'gnac 'gnac 'gnac..
Get on in that stankin Lincoln, crank it up, and riiide
And it ain't enough room to fit the, other chicks, insiiiide
I'm so hungry with the munchies I'ma eat eveyrthing, in siiight
Me and my blueberries together and everything's, alriiiiight


Get the propane, roll dem thangs, and let's blow dis place uuuuuuuup
You already know what'suuuuuuuuuuuup
I mighta had to pay some extra buuuuuuuucks
But I really don't give a fuuuuuuuuuuck
Cause a brother feels great great great great..
But I'm barely awake wake wake wake..
Off hit that I shake shake shake shake..
So stomp on yo' brake brake brake brake..
If you tokin good then all the smokers, let me see, your flame
Don't know what you got but my bag'll, put yo' stuff, to shame
All the different kinds and other flavors, they don't mean, a thang
You can't compare it don't stare cause I got the ultimate Mary Jane

. . .

f/ Nate Dogg

[Chorus 2X: Nate Dogg]
It's gonna get in ya, child of the night
.. and the hood rolls on
How do I begin to, do this shit right
.. get my hustle on

Look here!
Now I'm a man of many talents and a man of my word
But on my path to see the light sometimes my vision gets blurred
It's all a part of growin up and seein life at it's worst
Then tryin to iron out my wrinkles, puttin family first
It seems like the whole world is out for sinkin my boat
But with God as my navigator I'll be stayin afloat
And I admit to bein caught by many foolish distractions
Then I'm forced to pay the price as the result of my actions
I'm battlin with MYSELF and every DAY it's a war
Curiosity killed the cat, why am I Curious George?
Gotta keep my nose up outta thangs that ain't none of my biz
And just cause somethin looks don't really mean that it is
Get through the agony and anger, the pain and strife
And take the necessary steps to try to change my life
I got some questions for you Lord cause my mentality's hood
So why is everything that's bad for me feel so good?


Now I'm a only child, so excuse some of my selfish ways
I got spoiled when I was young, spoil myself today
Oh but I feed at least a thousand stomachs and how I've done it
is from the ground up a hundred miles and runnin
Dodgin and duckin everybody tryin to hammer me down
A self-made millionaire, baby look at me now
Can't tell me nothin still hungry as the day I began
Cause all I ever really needed was a pen in my hand
And a, pad in my lap, didn't matter in fact
Me and my momma lived in one room, and what's badder than that
was a young man forced to grow up at the age of 12
Tryin to get in where I fit, streets givin me hell
But yet I give it right - back, so how you like - that
Continue doin wrong 'til I was on the right - track
Tell me 'bout heavy money I might give it a PUSH
But a, bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
Come on


No matter how much older we get man, we all still children at heart
We all make mistakes, it's all good

Now I've tried plenty of times to get rid of my bad habits
Livin life on the cuttin edge, takin a stab at it
And learnin from my mistakes, try not to make 'em twice
Just admittin when I'm wrong, tryin hard to make it right
And baby, nobody's perfect in this world of ours
There's plenty people gettin stitches in this world of scars
But over time, pray to God that he can heal your wounds
Try to love and love again until they seal your tomb
Cause life is short if you don't know this it'll pass you by
That's why my head is in the clouds tryin to pass the sky
Never blinkin for a minute, keep my eyes on my foes
They wanna catch me in the open, bring my life to a close
Meanwhile that's why I'm bringin so much life to my shows
I've seen smiles I'm makin changes turnin glitter to gold
Don't let these devils play you down or belittle your soul
Just be happy with yo'self and it's so simple to grow
Come on

. . .

Whattup? Hey shawty what it is?
Whattup? Hey shawty what it is?
Whattup? Hey shawty what it is?

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Lil' buddy what you want? Some violent shit!
Two step and lay back, still whylin shit
Whattup? Hey baby I got the potion
Take a sip of this and put your back in motion

Man I'm like a needle in a haystack, so face that
Go back to the drawin board, connect dot, but can't drink that
Matter fact erase that, cause on this great track
Get your face slapped, and I'm straight so don't take that
Try somethin different and shit, so listen and shit
Speakin about what hip-hop is missin and shit
I'm bout to fill a void, Ludacris born in Illinois
Raised in Atlanta, tote hammer since I was a little boy
Ain't nobody like me, say they wanna fight me
Fight me, step to me now but it ain't likely
People swear they psych me, just cause he's light-skinneded
with braids in his hair don't mean that nigga looks like ME
Trick get your mind right, livin in the limelight
So picture what they'll do for my jimmy and a Klondike
Bar, bar, hardy har
Tell yo' momma I'm a ghet-to su-per-star


Only standin five eight but still a big shot, plus I got a big..
Clean everyday, stay fresher than what's in a Ziplock
Tell your man to kick rocks, when I make my pitstops
I'm in, then it's hard to get me out like I'm a slip knot
Born to be a leader and not, no not a follower
Only hang with chicks that got mo' twists than Oliver
Not much of a hollerer, but I'd like to borrow her lips
Bringin out the best in me 'specially if she a swallower
Freaky deaky yellow man, and I'm sayin hello man
To all the lovely ladies that like to jiggle like Jello man
Bigger booty small waist, put 'em in a small place
And if it ain't no ass where I'm at, then I'm in the wrong place
Bail like a bondsman, but keep 'em dancin
Got pop potential, stay black like Bob Johnson
Who the hell is that in that fancy car?
Tell yo' momma I'm a ghet-to su-per-star


And jump down turn around, pick a bail of cotton
Jump down turn around, pick a bail of hay
Oh lordy, pick a bail of cotton
Oh lordy, pick a bail of hay
Jump down turn around, pick a bail of cotton
Jump down turn around, pick a bail of hay
Oh lordy, pick a bail of cotton
Oh lordy, pick a bail of hay

Still workin like a slave, learnin tricks of the trade
In a ghetto state of mind, say I'm rich and I'm paid
Pickin records like cotton in the thick of the day
'til I'm spoiled and I'm rotten in a sinister way
Life no different than those on minimum wage
More money but still locked in a similar cage
Either losers of tomorrow or we winners today
Digest that and there's really nothin missin to say but

. . .

[Chorus 2X: Ludacris]
If you a lame motherfucker, get yo' ass out!
I'm from the A, I came to party 'til I pass out!
So if you with me and you tipsy throw your fist up!
If you got diamonds and they shinin throw your wrist up!

Hey hey
It's Luda Luda get it right I'm Mr. Money Machine
And I'm steady lookin for two women I can come in between
You can catch me chillin up in the cut but I'm always ready for ac-tion
I'm stunt, like Jackie Chan and lay low, like {?} Jack-son
Ma-xin and rela-xin, haters, do they really wanna test me mannnn
I got an arsenal waitin, do they really wanna catch me mannnn
No, I, don't, think, so
I've, got killers on the pay-roll if there's a, problem then say-so
I, make dough until there's none left
I run with plenty gangs that's holdin thangs
and rearrange your frame in one breath
So to keep on breathin I suggest you take this beatin
'Tis the season for bleedin and we've been lookin for a reason


Hey hey
Come holla at me, I'm a star, I got the hood on smash
You know me! My whole car smell like a woodshop class
I point 'em out like her, her, that girl with the mouth
plus you and your friends
Let me show you some whips that don't come out 'til the year of 2010
So I'm flockin 'em in, 'til the droptop is rockin again
Boy I got it locked, if you think not, then you'll get popped in the chin
And I'm clockin these ends, my record sales are blockin 'em in
Gotta thank those blessed to walk the streets to those that's locked in the pen
My entourage is game faces, mean muggin, mean muggin
Now the media is convinced that we thuggin, we thuggin
Momma told me grow up to be somethin, be somethin
I went diamond with this album so we buckin, we buckin


I'm so far ahead it's only RIGHT for you to hate on me mayne
When I'm pushin 90 by myself up in the H.O.B. lane
They tryin to figure how many mo' women that I can take on my plane
Bein one of the few rappers responsible for changin the game
Now desperate artists tryin to sue but they just makin some claims
Can't get in the spotlight for NOTHIN and it just makes 'em insane
That's why some of the niggaz resort right back to bakin that 'caine
And sellin it off to junky monkeys who keep bakin they brain
As they grow older they'll be feelin a lot of achin and pain
So right at the head they might as well just be aimin that thang
And you ain't helpin the process out by always cakin these dames
But it is hard givin up the place where they be shakin they thangs

. . .

[Ludacris] You might as well put dat down we on our way to Cali to get some real dough
[Girl] Hello
[Ludacris] waz up girl?
[Girl] Waz up baby? I miss you.
[Ludacris] I know
[Girl] When you coming out here?
[Man] Who da FUCK iz dat?
[Girl] Ahh Damn
[Man]I dont play dat shit
[Girl] owwwwwwwwww
[Man] Get off dis got dammn phone. Nigga who da fuck iz dis? Im a Ol' G Nigga
[Ludacris] Waz up nigga dis dis Luda.
[Man] Luda who nigga
[Ludacris] Luda
[Man] LUDA.. Luda... Ludacris?
[Ludacris] YE YE Yeah NIGGA
[Man] ahh Snap. Aye man how you know my girl? Man i got all yo albums. Man Back For The First
Time. Man ya know what im sayin. I even got Incock Negro man. ahhh man My bad baby get up off da
floor. you didnt tell me it waz Luda. Aint dat a bitch. My girl Fuckin Luda.
[Ludacris] Yeaah Ima call you back.

. . .

f/ DJ Quik, Kimmi J

[Quik] Gotta keep it a secret (woo!)
[Luda] Ay man let me ask you somethin man
[Luda] You ever have one of them days where you felt like
[Luda] you mighta got rid of all the bad seeds in your life?
[Luda] Y'knahmean like you just got your paycheck
[Luda] Paid off a car note or somethin
[Luda] Just jumped out the shower feelin fresh than a muh'fucka
[Luda] Witcha good shoes on, y'knahmtalkinbout?
[Quik] You mean like, paid off a Cadillac car note?
[Luda] Like a Cadillac, like you ready to throw a party
[Luda] Like call e'rybody you know, don't even plan it, just do it
[Quik] In Compton we call that "spur of the moment"
[Luda] Well let's do it, spur of the moment, whattup?

Well you can bring the drinks a little mo' my way
More I say, on another hot sunny Cali-for-nye day
Just touched down, called up my 8-1-8
fo' a date with some other bust downs
And I cruised up the block, car losed up the top
I take the breeze, quick break the trees
Feel good as we flippin through the Robb Repo't
My baby momma ain't trippin on child suppo't

[DJ Quik]
Because she can't support that garbage, she should come pay homage
When we pair 'em, we gon' share 'em, when I'm finished we all switch
I ain't really got the time, yo I'm chillin with Luda-
-cris stop and twist the buddha got me feelin like this is it
If we gon' party, we gon' sip, we got a bar
We all in shape, we gon' go far, you can't stop the car
We on the freeway, if you get out you burnt
You woulda thought you woulda learned me when my hair was all permed
I think y'all bullshittin with it dawg

It's on tonight, get licked, get gone tonight
[KJ] Therefore, in my life, everything's gonna be, alright
G'd up, my mind is freed up
[KJ] From the day, through the night, everything's gonna be, alright

[DJ Quik]
Arabian Spruce, Seagram's bumpy and juice
We used to bag and then truce, we used to sag and get loose
Not the kind of cats that would jump in your bag for your jewels
But to put some money in it for your drink and your shoes
We get the News like MTV, every ten to the hour
We play Mario Brothers, we eat the 'shroom and get power
Now eat your sour powers, and use your dental floss
What does bein mental cost? If you ain't knowin you already lost

So stay with me, and let's get tipsy
Rememberin the days on the block sippin whiskey
Runnin 'round grinnin, runnin 'round sinnin
Gettin lit, then I wonder why my head kept spinnin
But I'm all grown up now, less throwin up now
Record blowed up, so my hood throwed up
Now let's break loose cause your boy's around
And tonight we gon' celebrate bein allowed riiiiight


It's just one of those days, without a care in the world
You ain't gotta look mean, I know you care for your girl
But she's lookin this way and I'm gonna come get her
Fresh haircut, so I'm feelin quite kipper
Can't nothin go wrong cause my strap's on my back
And if fools wanna scrap then my tool will attack
But forget the click-clack, ain't no need for the steel
Just a straight house party and some meat on the grill

[DJ Quik]
If it's Los Angeles, watch a boss handle biz
I'ma put this on my kids, stupid it's an outfit
If you ain't been around the world keep yo' mouth zipped
Cause I do {?} elevation
You see I'm not normal and I'm not a homo
I'm mo' apt to shoot a porno with you in cornrows
And call it "More Hoes: Volume 5, Volume 6"
And show it in the back of my truck, at the picnic

. . .

(feat. Dolla Boi, Small World)

[Small World X4 (Ludacris)]
Uhhuhh no way no how, get like blaow, blaow, blaow kapaow
(Yeah, you ever hear somebody sayin' something and you think they talking)
(Bout you, you not quite sho' Younasayin' but it aint no way they talking' bout)
(You, introducing the new membes of Disturbing Tha Peace: Small World)
(From Norfclk, Dolla Boi from Playaz Circle, Here we go What?)

[Chorus X2]
Who the fuck you talking to?
Not me, Couldn't be me, Naw not me
Who the fuck you talking to?
Not me, Couldn't be me, Naw not me

[Small World]
3, 2, 1
What's begun, is the start but bitch we be saying we
"we just getting started it since one"
Y'all been monitoring, pondering bout it
How bout I, pull it out and kapaow, I'll heat em up out his mouth with it
Big Small World, Norfclk is the gang, extended clip in the jeans
Put em in a box like Bisquick
I'm a laker wit clips, get em in the lake wit clips
Truth is ya a clipper with clips aint cha bitch
I'm bout my loot and dollars, I'll shot you for looting dollars
But you lootless and dollarless, fuck it I shot for Luda n Dolla
I crash parties, blast with proposed toast
Im a have a problem like Scrap blat with me short of hoes
One for ya damn lips, or there be mixture of blood and dandruff
If you don't get my damn drift
Creep to ya grave and leak DT Piss
This is yo highness at his less tempered
Keep it pimpin' and watch

[Chorus X2]
Who the fuck you talking to?
Not me, Couldn't be me, Naw not me
Who the fuck you talking to?
Not me, Couldn't be me, Naw not me

[Dolla Boi]
I been having a bad day, the same ol shit
We don't give a fuck about who you is
The same ol clique, and the same ol biz
The same ol flip , wit the same ol whip
The same 4-4, with the same ol clip
Half the bullets gone, the otha half you can get, bitch
R.I.P. Rick James "I'm Rich Bitch"
You talkin' to much, nigga you a snitch bitch
And we don't do it like that
We do 3 quarter drops and we bring a brick back, black
Don't act get ya whole trap splat, ack
Unload em reload em, we back black
And when dem gats letting off
Red dots loud noises like planes taking off
Dolla Boi I got the game in a cross, make me bang at cha boss
For dem things coming soft, nigga

[Chorus X2]
Who the fuck you talking to?
Not me, Couldn't be me, Naw not me
Who the fuck you talking to?
Not me, Couldn't be me, Naw not me

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh
Now if a bad bitch wants dick, then its dick I give her
Ludacris nigga, I stand and deliver
Neva back down, won't shake nor shiver
Fuck with me and get found in the shadohoochie river
This 7 inch shank, will put a stop to his ticker
But shoties to the body make him drop much quicker
Yeah I appear to be a nice lil nigga
Fuck with anything I love, I'm a stone cold killa
Eating off of 'Sace, sleeping on chinchilla
8 figga nigga, I'm a multi milla
See me in the street, it can't get no realer
Giving back to my hood with a pocket full of scrilla
My neighbors say my house can't get no bigga
I do good ass bidness, with a bad ass temper
Please tell ya bitch, stop playing with my zipper
Or I'll Brrrrddd Stick Her HaHaHa Stick HER!

[Chorus X2]
Who the fuck you talking to?
Not me, Couldn't be me, Naw not me
Who the fuck you talking to?

. . .

[Chorus 4X: Clive Reville]
In this life, one thing counts
In the bank, large amounts

[Ludacris - over end of Chorus]
This life, that's all that everybody care about man, money
That's all everybody want nigga that's gon' solve all your problems
It's the BEGINNING of yo' problems, man listen here, look

Now everybody wants a piece of my pockets
And it don't help when I'm screamin on these records that I'm rich
Callin people from my number, now I block it
Cause ain't nothin worse than gettin haunted by a stalkin-ass bitch!
Oh yeah! Cause good game, I talk it
And yet you so true, some women'll have you feelin blue like Crips
I lay my feet upon the path and I walk it
I spread my wealth out or someone close'll have me layin in a ditch!
I've had my friends steal from me (yup) snatch my credit card
out my wallet, hit the town and leave outstandin bills for me
They say I got the cash fo' it, and I can't recall
one single member of my family that never asked fo' it
They be kickin down do's, and bustin out flo's
Can't get me on the phone so they'll surprise me at my shows
And everybody needs a loan plus they say they won't blow it
All I hear is, "C'mon cuz - you know I'm good fo' it!" Man..


[Ludacris - over Chorus]
And I got one of the biggest families y'all ever seen in y'all life man
Imagine that - fourth and fifth and sixth cousins
Callin me and shit I don't even know who these..
I ain't never met these people in my life!
Momma I KNOW you ain't givin these people my number
I know you so you wouldn't do it, but y'all my family
I guess it's only right for y'all to ask me
If if you had it, knahmsayin, maybe I'd ask YOU
It's crazy man, but look here

Now don't get me wrong, cause bein rich is such a beautiful thing
But mo' money, mo' problems, people drive me insane
Not givin no handouts no mo', some take advantage and flee
My goal's to set my friends up to make some paper like me
Put 'em in position to make they wishes come - true
So they can have multiple accounts that gain interest overnight
Given a million dollars what you gon', do?
Map your life out for your kid's kids, or would you spent it overnight?
Now see me I'll do both, I got unlimited funds
My daughter's life was set before her stankin butt turned one
And it don't help that I got fo' or five retirement funds
So if I choose before I'm thirty I can lay in the sun
My dividends can show and prove the REAL meanin of fun
That's why I live by the sword but you can die by my gun
The IRS'll never sweat me or even put up a fight
Cause I'm sure I've paid more in taxes than you've made in yo' LIFE, because


[Ludacris - over Chorus]
Don't play with that IRS man, I'll swear, ain't nothin more embarassin
than havin them come take all yo' shit out yo' crib man
Don't think it can't happen to you man, I'm tellin you man
Just like games on the street collect tax
The government markin income towards collectin tax
It happened to some of our heroes, Redd Foxx, Willie Nelson
Peabo Bryson, knocked out one of yo' cribs, you don't even know it man
(Whattup J.D.?) Women don't like a nigga who got the IRS all on they ass
I'ma tell you like this

And women these days don't want a man without a nice paycheck
So we splurge, even though our lives ain't in the right place yet
Buyin jewelry and some cars just to impress these whores
Meanwhile your child's poor like, "Daddy what you left me for?"
Yeah but it all comes back, that's why I named my daughter Karma
Who's teachin me the lesson of life and makin me smarter
I sweep her off her feet cause I'm her knight in shinin armor
And I'll have your FUCKIN HEAD if anybody tries to harm her (kill yo' ass)
Gotta teach her about the game that most us niggaz'll spit
And about these scandalous-ass women that get money through gifts
They'll suck a cold hard wood for some cold hard cash
Or ride a brother good then put a foot up on the gas
of that brand new ride..
Pick up her friends while you slip and she slide..
Drop top Benz, gold diggers inside.. crazy what the world'll do for money
thinkin that everything will be alright, cause

[Chorus] - repeat to fade

[Ludacris - over Chorus]
Yeh! They don't call it the root of all evil for nothin people
Listen to my words, believe what I'm tryin to tell you man
"Money can't change ME!" That's what e'rybody say man
But you know what, money really can't change me
I don't think it did, shit if it did somebody come tell me right now
Everybody talkin 'bout, "If I get rich I don't need all those cars
I only need one or two cars," BULLSHIT! Hahaha
I can't lie, I'm guilty of splurgin too man
'Til I learned the difference between assets and liabilities
Really important man, I swear
Sometimes I wish I didn't have all this money man

. . .

The fancy cars, the women and the caviar, you know who we are, cause we pimpin
all over the world,
The fancy cars, the women and the caviar, you know who we are, cause we pimpin
all over the world

City Hoes,
All over the world baby, it's only right that I share my experiences with ya'll,
cause I've been
places where you'll never imagine, but Ima start at home, I walk straight up to
them and I'm
like (ugh), Heyy girl how ya doin, you are the woman that I'm really pursuin, I
would like to get
to know ya, can you gimme ya name, if you jot down ya number you'll get mine in
exchange, Heyy
See I'm the man of this town, and I hope you would'nt mind if I showed you
around, so when you
go to certain places you'll be thinkin of me, we got people to meet and many
places to see, Heyy
I'm really diggin ya lips,but be careful where you walkin when you swingin them
hips, I'm kinda
concerned that you'll be causin a crash wit ya traffc jam booty, heads pausin so
fast, Heyy
I would'nt trade you for the world I swear it, I like ya hair and every style
that ya wear it,
and how the colors cordinate wit ya clothes, from your manicured nails to ya
pedicured toes


You hear the song so dance, don't always think I'm tryna get in your pants,cause
see me my
pimpin's in 3-D, I'm takin you places you only see on T.V., tryna show ya that
livin is trife,
how many guys you know that can bring the travel channel to life, one day we on
the auto-bind
swervin drivin, next day we in the sun on the Virgin Islands, if you wit me
ain't no time to
sleep, especially at wet willies on Miami Beach, but I drive you off and pay you
no attention if
I make it to Atlantas Brina Brothers convention, then jump in the car and just
ride for hours,
makin sure I don't miss the homecomin at Howard, Hawaii to D.C. it's plenty
women to see, so if
yo ass don't show up it's more women for me, Heyy


I'm in New York at the portorican day parade, thn at night I'm in New Orleans
drinkin hand
grenades, outnumbered by the dozens at the jazz fest, in Mardigra all the women
tryna show mw
they chest, Heyy
I'm in Jamaica spendin massive bucks, while the ladies all beggin me to masha
tucks, I had sad
beginnings when I rap wit no fans, now it's all happy endings in my lap in
Japan, Heyy
I used to think that it was way too cold til I went to Canada and say some
beautiful hoes, now I
hit the Carribean every year in Toronto, then fly t Illinois to get a taste of
yet and still you would'nt believe your eyes if you went to Brazil, ain't no
need of even askin
brah, the best women are reside in Africa, and that's real


City Hoes

[$Money Mike$]
Pimpin pimpin pimpin, ladies and gentlemen as we ride out, could we have all the
real pimps,
please put both of your pinky fingers high in the air, now ladies look around
wit me, lets see if
we can weed some of these niggas out, cause it's no way that all these niggas
could be pimpin, no
if you happen to see a nigga wit two sweat patches up under his arms, look like
he been swimmin
in shoulder height water, please tell that nigga, put yo hands down, if you
smell like you been
at work all day and your car, please put your hands down, now look up at the
pinky fingers that
are still in the air, if you see him ashy around the knuckles, like the nigga
wash half of his
hands and lotion three quarters of his body, please say put yo hands down, if yo
spinnin rims
spin counter clockwise, you are not pimpin, if you are dancin on the dancefloor
and you look to
yo left and yo right and you do not see a woman in sight, guess what you guessed
it you are not
pimpin, if your Vodka and cranberry is really really dark like blood, that's
because you did'nt
order Vodka buddy, that's why it's three dollars a glass, put your hands down,
now look down, I
need everybody to pull up your pants leg one time ok, you see the nigga wit the
white socks NOT
PIMPIN! [fading out], sorry unless you tryna do the Beat It entorauge, if your
shoes have a buckle

. . .

Yeah.. we gon' send this one out
to e'rybody that put mo' into they cars than they do they relationship
Let's ride

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Two miles an hour, so everybody sees you {*repeat 3X*}
[Luda] It's get out, put my pedal to the flo' and let's roll!

Yesss, 7 cars, 8 cribs and ain't a damn thing changed
I'm still pumpin 10 kickers, still grippin the grain
Still candy in the paint, still ridin them thangs
And most my folks would say I'm happy but I still feel pain
Until I, jump in my ride, that's my only escape
Me and my automobile's got these neighbors screamin, "Gimme a break!"
It's a pity how we turn our city into obstacle courses
Don't be mad cause I can't hold my 500 horses
Lamborghinis and Porsches, Ferraris and Vipers
I'ma wipe the seats witcho' drool then rub the hood with a diaper
Television on the gas tank, the fuel make the ass stank
I MEAN to be rude, my bass tubes are in a glass tank
Go strap your seatbelts on, go put your money up
Go put your life on the line, go put your honey up
Go spread the word, run and tell all the boys
Time to play or better yet it's time to bring out them toys
We goin


[repeat 4X]
Assign your name in the streets (sign your name in the streets)

Yo, one of my ways of releasin tension while I'm releasin some steam
Even if I just put a fresh coat of wax on I'm makin sure the slippers is clean
The 26's is mean, shut down the block, nigga picture the fiends
My system supreme, you can feel the knock, just picture the scene
The chickens just scream, whole crew ballin they sick of my team
We gettin the cream, I'm through hollerin, I'm livin my dream
I'm black with a scheme, won't stop until that fat lady sings
And yeah it's actual and factual what my faculty brings
A car show for whatever we slide and wherever we glide
You can keep your rules and regulations man cause we don't abide
And we lookin alive, Mercedes Benz, 6 or the 5
In a Beamer, Lexus or Ac', we don't know how to act when we drive
And I fiend for the ride, I lay back and lean to the side
Onlookers and turnin heads is all that's seen through his eyes
I'm breezin on by, and no doubt, it's easy to fly
But it's even better when you slow down or ease to the side
and go


I'm ridin up in, GTO's, and fo'-fo'-two's
Grand Prixs, S-S's cause we so so cool
Ridin Regals or the 'llacs, we in Chevelles and Verts
Skylarks, motorcycles, ATV's with the works
Malibus and Camaros, T-Birds and Novas
Escalades, Navigators, Expeditions and Rovers
H-2's and Denalis, pickup trucks with the beams
Crown Vics, Monte Carlos, even Cutlass Supremes
are goin


[repeat 4X]

. . .

[Intro: ludacris]
Ooooh you feel that as i take you to them dirt roads deep in your southern roots
When nobody said life was going to be easy and we travel to this emotional roller coaster called life
And we have our ups and downs
Just keep in mind
When you hit rock bottom
There aint no where to go but up baby
Just all you about how you deal wit it you feel me.. listen here

When life seems hopeless
It make a nigga lose focus
Empty beer bottles and roaches, helps to get it off my chest cause
Im so stressed and all i here is "fuck tha world" [2x]

[verse 1: ludacris]
Man ever since life been a gamble
My life been in shamblez
Double edge sword burnin both sides of the candle but cris but you cant handle the truth
Dont wanna face reailty
So lord accept my apology
Please like when police say freeze
And i aint do shit
But im down on my knees
Its a crooked system but gin straight take the pain away i charge the game
And put my problems on layaway
A black man but i feel so blue
So i smoke green and purple til my dreams come true
Then my eyes turn red
Sky turns grey
Children slangin white in the hood
We call it yaay drink old gold
Down my yellow brick road
Then rewrite my script til my story is untold
See i got a little money and my life sped up now
Im fallin and i cant get up

[chorus 2x]

[verse 2: trick daddy]
I had to dream about a dope fiend
And its strange cause he can bearly write or read but seems to get folkz about anything curious about him
I wanted to talk to him but he was to busy fo that
But i was more then welcome to walk with him
As we walked
He talked and i just listen
He said theres a big differnce between crackas and niggas
See he said white folks look out fo the white folks but uh black folks blang wit tha black folks
When they aint enough black roakz
When you ooh to make a long story short
We need pay more attenion and do things that are more compleset and he told me
You kno i woulldnt say something that wouldnt work and i wouldnt damnwaste my time telling something that would hurt you
But you would fall for anything
If you dont stand for something
But thats for certain but niggas dont be listen and that shit be hurting
No all of us but some of us
And if we dont hurry up
They going to bury each and every one of us
And if we dont hurry up

[chorus repeat 2x w/ trick daddy]

[verse 3: ludacris]
Sometimes i cant deal wit my daily issues
Just being sober lifes a bitch and i cant control her
I wish i could and sometimes to cry on
We need a shoulder
The goverment stand us up
To run us over
And in the hood they dont seem to understand
God damn whats really got me wondering
Is if its a part of a bigger plan man
I smell some thing fishy goin on and its way beyond blowin away the smoke from these swisher
Goin on it aint much i can do about it but preach the word of telling my people to spend ya money wisely dont be obcared
By some things that depresiated like what like a home to open ya eyes to
Whats the fucks thats goings on cause the constantly getting rid of us one by one wither its drugs or diesase or gun by
Gun i aint no saint either i feel that im even doing wrong by usein this chorus to get thru this song

[chorus repeat 2x w/ trick daddy]

[outro: trick daddy]
You know yall going to mess around and complain about slavery that was over 40 50 years ago black folks need to move on
Yall keep playin wit a crackerthey going to have yo ass tied up wired up to them back roads south florida and they made
Them laws say they cant do anything for you can a church get a amen and god for the thugs.

. . .

f/ Doug E. Fresh, Nas

{*Doug E. Fresh beatboxes*}

[Nas] Yeah.. what.. you!
[Nas] Yeah.. yeah, what?
[DEF] Nasty Nas, Virgo
[Nas] Uh-huh
[DEF] L-L-Ludacris, Virgo
[Nas] Uh uh uh
[DEF] Doug Fresh
[DEF] As we go, somethin like this
[Nas] Nasir..

Baby girl, won't you come and hold my hand
Won't you come and chill out with the Virgo
Hey girl, just come and hold my hand
Won't you come and just chill with the Virgo
We sippin on Merlot, you ain't got be my girl though
I drop you off at, Willoughby and Myrtle
Smash with the Virgo, ain't got to take your shirt off
You seen me convince your homegirl though

Plus she says her life is too hard
She says that she wanna come and build with the God
Promise that she gon' play her part
Cause what I spit gets straight to her heart
And, she's damn fine, feet Hammertime, damn if I mind
Love is the bu-bubblin back of your waistline
I don't waste time, gotta GET GET ON IT
Just you and me, two glasses, sip on Patron and
in the club scene where I met Ms. Green Eyes
She walked by askin me, "Are you Nas?"
Why? "If you was I'd be totally twi"
What's that? "Totally with it, T.W.I."
Ha ha, well, here I am, yep I'm the man
Bartender put a Cosmo in that girl hand
So, here we standin before I begin
Homegirl made a knot out of the cherry stem
Tongue skills, yeah I like that, now we on the right track
Straight to my Phantom, call Africa Black {*brrrring*}
Ever since then, she been yappin a track
Told her friends, now they hollerin behind her back

Baby girl, won't you come and hold my hand
Won't you come and just chill with the Virgo (that's right!)
Hey girl, just come and hold my hand
Won't you come and chill out with the Virgo (tell 'em, tell 'em)
We sippin on Merlot, you ain't got be my girl though
I drop you off at, Peachtree and Myrtle (uh)
Smash with the Virgo, ain't got to take your shirt off
You seen me convince your homegirl though

Now I was, so fresh and so fly in diamonds
When I stepped up in the club even my arms was shinin
Bling! A little cute thing said, "What's yo' name?"
I put my necklace in her face and told her read the chain
Oooh ooh, so stuck up, told me shut the fuck up
BLAOW! Ludacris in the ho-oooh-ouse
The needle hit the record, they was playin this song
All the ladies hit the floor and it was EH EH ON
Live forever like Fame, let the Leroys dance
While I'm laid back chillin in my b-boy stance
Could be a little pop lockin if your girl's top droppin
But watch for cockblockin on my coochie stock options
But later for the ASSDAQ, throw 'em on the fast track
Make 'em swip swap Nasty N-A-S pass that
honey in the black cause I'm feelin her curves
He looked down at what I had and said WA WA WORD
Why only serve one when we can serve up two
Then at the bachelor's pad, doin what the Virgos do
And these women so shy but get loud undercover
So we can have sex but I CAN'T BE YOUR LOVERRRRRRRRRRR
{*DEF breakdown*: buck buck buck buck buck buck)
Ah, ah-ha-ha, ah-ha-ha, ah-ha ah ah-ah SING!

[Doug E. Fresh]
Baby girl, won't you come and hold my hand
Won't you come and just chill with the Virgo (c'mon)
Baby girl, won't you come and hold my hand
Won't you come and just chill with the Virgo (c'mon)
Baby girl, won't you come and hold my hand
Won't you come and chill out with the Virgo (c'mon)
We sippin on Merlot, you ain't got be my girl though (that's right)
I drop you off at, Two-Fifth and Lex-o
Smash with the Virgo, ain't got to take your shirt off
Seen you convince your homegirl though

They got my voice for the record and my voice for the beat
Virgo proof baby run the streets
So let's go (let's go) let's go (let's go) for the beat
Let's go (let's go) it's the Virgo
Let's go (Nasty Nas) let's go (Ludacris)

. . .

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