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Loretta Lynn

Background information
Birth name Loretta Webb
Born April 14, 1932
Origin Butcher Hollow, Kentucky, USA
Genre(s) Gospel
Honky tonk
Years active 1960—present
Label(s) Columbia Records
Interscope Records
Associated acts Dolly Parton
Ernest Tubb
Conway Twitty
Tammy Wynette
Jack White
Crystal Gayle
Peggy Sue
The Lynns
Website Website

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Loretta Lynn Lyrics

"When You're Poor" lyrics

(Tracey Lee)

Hungry little baby on a cold hard floor
Cryin' for milk but there ain't no more
We can't get credit at the grocery store
That's how it is when you're poor.

Cry tears little baby for the future in store
I got trouble for a child born poor
Slave all your life not knowin' what for
That's how it is when you're poor.

There's not enough money to go to school
I can't afford the clothes to fit the social fools
Lord forgive me when I curse the rules
But that's how it is when you're poor.

Gotta work hard just the bills to be paid
Sixteen hours there's a livin' to be made
Never get ahead just livin' day to day
That's how it is when you're poor

Hard work buried in the back of my mind
Haven't got much money but have a lotta time
It's been done doin' nothin' but tryin'
That's how it is when you're poor.

Old house needs fix but that'll have to wait
I dream about the life that could be real great
I hope it's not long more it'll be too late
But that's how it is when you're poor...

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