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Kunt and The Gang

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Kunt and The Gang Lyrics

"The Bloke Up The Garage Fucked a Sheep" lyrics

A shotgun made it wield
Sheep grazing in a field
They pointed the gun at his head
And made him take a sheep to bed
This was quite absurd
He'd never had a bird
His screaming broke the peace
As he shot his load all over it's fleece

Now he has trouble getting to sleep
The bloke up the garage fucked a sheep
When he thinks of it, it makes him weep
The bloke up the garage fucked a sheep

Well, what could he do?
His helmet smelt of ewe
Now when he goes out on the pull
He's attracted to girls who are wearing wool
All his clothes got splattered
He muttered muff juice and sheep's fanny batter
We caught him sitting in his poo
Picking sheep shit out his pubes

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