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Kris Kristofferson

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Kris Kristofferson Lyrics

"Stairway To The Bottom" lyrics

Well you've started again with the wife of a friend
On another night you hope you won't recall
And the wine that you're drinkin' doesn't keep you from thinkin'
Of the bitter taste that lingers in your sole

As you listen to your lies once again you realize
That she doesn't mean a thing to you at all
And I watch you climb that stairway to the bottom
Every evening in that mirror on the wall

You take pride in deceivin' one who tried hard to believe in you
Even after all the lies you told
But each lie that you've spoken and each vow that you've broken
Was a new nail in the coffin of your soul

And if you think someone's cryin' for the love that is dyin'
With the trust that you betray each time you fall
Look around you on that stairway to the bottom
No one's watching but that mirror on the wall

Look around you on that stairway...

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