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Deitrick Haddon

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Deitrick Haddon Lyrics

"God Is Good" lyrics

Put your hands together
Well I said put your hands together now

Listen Y'all
Let me take a minute and testify
Tell the word what God has done in my life
Let me tell you that he took away the hurt and the pain
And now I gotta give him praise
I'm sayin'

(Ohhh) God is good (God is good all the time yeah)
All the time (And I wonder can I get a witness I'm sayin')
All the time
God is good
(He's a good God)
He's a good God (good God)

Now if the Lord ever came through for you
Let me see you lift your hands and praise him too (Yeah)
And when I was weak You made me strong
Gave me strength to carry on

God is good (You better act like you know God is good yeah)
All the time[Yeah]
I'm sayin ohh All the time (Ain't no doubt in my mind he's Good yeah)
God is good
He's a good God, good God
God is good (I wonder can I get a witness God is Good. Early in the Morning God is yeah)
All the time
I'm sayin ohh All the time (And late in the midnight hour God is)
God is good
He's a good God, good God

Can I say it like this y'all
He's a doctor (Yeah)
In the sickroom(Yeah)
He's a lawyer(Yeah)
In the courtroom(Yeah)
He's a friend(Yeah)
When you're friendless[Vocalizing]
Oh yes He's so Good yeah

God is good
All the time, God is Good
All the time
[repeat until end]

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