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Dance Hall Crashers

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Dance Hall Crashers Lyrics

"Please Look Away" lyrics

Remember that day when you said to me there would never be another
Another hand like mine
You could not think of a day without me in it
I thought you were so kind
So painfully kind
And I thought to myself I'm in over my head
Trying to hide instead
And so I ran away terrified that one day I would feel the same
I know I'm to blame

But now that I need you more than I have ever wanted to
Ooh please, Please dont look away

Little did I know
The unexpected turn this game would take
This game I thought I'd won
I just cant figure out how I got myslef
Stuck back in this corner
I'd swear you're having fun
And I can't even blame you for
Only me
Never thought I'd see
That there's a smug
And identical looking apathetic face
Staring back at me


~chorus 2~
And now that I need you more than I have ever admitted to
Oh Please, please dont look away

-Chorus 2-

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