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Aloe Blacc

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Aloe Blacc Lyrics

"Me & My Music" lyrics

See I was seeing this one chick, I'm telling y'all
She was thick, just like house made of bricks
Plus she dress good
And when I'm rolling through the hood to pick her up
I feel like the king of good luck
We go to dinner and the movies and all
And if I feel like spending money I take her to the mall
But see she be getting pissed off when I don't pay her no mind
Not returning her phone calls and not investing my time
She don't know it - but I got something else that I'm
Pursuing, it makes my heart sparkle and shine
Sometimes when I kick a rhyme she keeps me in line
I love the way we combine because she's musically inclined
Anyway one day I brought her in the car with me
I thought that I would introduce her to my other lady, but
The other chick through a fit and ran out quick
But that's cool, ‘cause now it's just me and my music

Skin deep was the beauty on the physical frame
But check her mind was the same making it hard to spit game
Through my front teeth instead I release ill conversation
Had my whole entire body tingling off the sensation
I mean we spent seven hours in conversation
We take turns listening so I know she has patience
It shows me that her mind is in focus
She ain't victim to brothas spittin presto hocus pocus
We've been talking a while so I wear a smile
Even bought new gear so I could wear a new style
We sing songs of emotion filled with mass appeal
Spinning a chance of romance on the love wheel

Even if it's just a casual thing,
Sometimes a Platonic relationship can turn ironic
Anyhow it took a while to get physical
But see that made the conversation better
I wrote no love letters, e-mailed her twice a week
She thought I was unique and sweet
And thought that I would never cheat
But little did she know, I had another ho on the side
Who treated me better so on the low we'd creep and we'd hide
When I decide who to call for sho she gets the first choice
And that's mostly because I love the sound of her voice
She likes to run track in the background
When I'm down her company I seek
Sometimes she even sings me to sleep
Just like a lullaby, why did my friend betray a brother
And tell my new honey dew that music is my other

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