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8Ball & MJG
8Ball & MJG

Background information
Origin Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Genre(s) Hip-hop
Years active 1991—present
Label(s) Real Talk Entertainment
Grand Hustle Records
E1 Music
Associated acts UGK
Three 6 Mafia
Young Buck
Yo Gotti
Al Kapone
Tameka Cottle
Website Website
Premro Smith
Marlon Jermaine Goodwin

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8Ball & MJG Lyrics

"Boom Boom" lyrics

(feat. Swizz Beatz)

[Swizz Beatz]

It's finna super crunk up in this joint
We came to get dirty up in here
Yaknowmsayin, mayn?

[CHORUS: all]
Shake the room, boom-boom-b-boom
Shake-shake the room, boom-boom-b-boom
You think you're ballin, don'tcha? (Yeah)
You think you got it, don'tcha? (Yeah)
You think you made it, don'tcha? (Yeah)
Well, let's get it right [x2]

Eightball, MJ-G, Swizz on the beat
We from the streets, come with the heat
Come back with gritty hardcore, sweep
Touch streets who, sleep all damn week
Get crunk and buck, get crunk with us
Turn it up a notch with that country thump
We spread funky stuff, I know you want your stuff
Got the beat and it's tough, you can't take it, too much
Your body achin too much, trick, you're fakin too much
Talkin bad 'bout your people, player-hatin too much
You're hatin players too much, your guts gets threw up
Your mouth can't chew up, your living room blew up
Like Ball and G straight off the hee-zy
Keep it pimpin and don't be corny or chee-sy
Back to A, A back to Z
No act in me, mo' mack fo' me
When I


[Swizz Beatz]
Take a break
Your break's up
Let's go, let's go

This for all my niggas, this for all my bitches
Space Age 4 Eva, Eightball, my nigga
Memphis Tenn. I'm from, you can call me a titan
Hot rhymes I'm writin, burnin niggas that's bitin
Platinum flows I bust, ice cold is us
You can give me the hay and you can keep the dust
I like em yellow and stout, pretty face no doubt
Not scared to use they mouth, know what I'm talkin 'bout
I hustle for change, remain the same
Change the game, cut the chains
Tight flows is wet, much deep respect
Don't sweat the hood, gotta collect checks
8Ball's my name, y'all all the same
Y'all ball the same, y'all fall the same
We came to kick it, you submit and quit it
Try to cut it and split it, ain't nothin new, hit it


Be off in them streets, cause them streets is in me
I be puffin on En-do-nesia indeed
It don't come with no seeds, it don't come with no sticks
It don't come with no extra added chemical mix
Never run with them tricks, I keep it pimpin and shit
I kill, and, dissect a bitch
I wreck the shit, mic-check your shit
1-2-3 - go, let the shit
Get you crunker than crunk, make it bump in your trunk
Let me see, all, women shakin their rump
Put your back in a hump, start touchin your toes
Eightball, M-J-G supposed
To come out harder than hard, plus realer than real
I stack, and, build skill for skill
Got you noddin your head, got you movin your feet
Ain't no way you can stay in your seats
When I


[Swizz Beatz: while chorus continues]
Let's go, let's go
Where you at now?
Where you at now?
Where you at now?
Where you at now?
Where you at now?
Hold on, hold on...
Yo, what, yo, what
We about to do right now
Shut the club down (what), shut the block down (what)
Shut the club down (what), shut the block down (what)
Shut the club down (what), shut the block down (what)
Shut the club down (what), shut the block down (what)
Where you at now?
Where you at now?

It's over
It's over

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