"Warrior (Freestyle)"

Wale in the buildin'
D.C. in the buildin'

My name Wale Folarin, larin
And I came here to party, party
You not built for no drama, drama
They just tough when they talkin
And I will not stop
Wale Folarin I am hip-hop
I spit hot, this shit so pop
Burn my wirstwatch like the top of a cop
Car, but I don't run with the fuzz, don't run I fly
Drugs in my lungs, pounds in my jeans
Streets on fire I need to leave
I'm Stayin Alive, I'm so Bee Gees
Wyclef Gene, Jean
Please my product calls for no squash
Bathin' Ape a bitch or King Kong
Come to my place and take the things off
You will jump off I need to jump off
Hop in my car and we can play ball
We be on green like weed and playin golf
Bitch Kick game like I play football
Got so many hoes you thought I'm Julard
Symtex says they know who I are
So I made songs for ya'll, ya'll, and ya'll
Icy shock, no other more
Haters in the way can't stop my hit
If you want mercy than stop the diss
I'm the shit I ain't ever letting up
Symtex said they ain't better than us
So that's what's up, and that's what's dope
The ultimate warrior shaking on ropes