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Peter Doherty
Peter Doherty

Background information
Born March 12, 1979
Born place Hexham, Northumberland, England
Origin London, England
Genre(s) Alternative Rock
Indie Rock
Post-punk Revival
Years active 1997—present
Associated acts The Libertines

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Pete Doherty Announces September London Gig

February 7, 2011
Pete Doherty Announces September London GigPete Doherty has announced details of a one-off gig in London later this year.

The Babyshambles and Libertines star will play Brixton Academy on September 23.

The gig is in addition to Doherty's previously announced UK and Ireland tour, which takes place throughout May.

Doherty released his debut solo album 'Grace/Wastelands' in 2009. He recently reunited with former band The Libertines.

Tickets for the London date go on sale on Thursday (February 10) at 9am.

(by Jason Gregory)

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