"Ancient Rhymes"

Ancient rhymes infest my brain I go insane
Old spells are cast ancient rhymes unleash the pastî
(Charles Dexter Ward)

Thragta I memoria, ersensa nova nom
A ritmica ghidana, yog sodomae sabadomî

Ancient rhymes I hear pounding in my ears

In vigatha worthanathas, ghafili commosthiî

Walls are trembling, fog is thickening
Dust regains it's life, fear grows in my mind

Who recalls me from the grace?
Once again I'm king of all, bow and obey? î

Vocum envocathae, confilae maghaesthiî

Walls are trembling, fog is thickening, ancient rhymes I hear
Voices, I don't know from whom, are pounding in my ears
Resting I won't do again now ancient rhymes I hear
The knowledge that it came to life still
Chills my blood in fear