Deitrick Haddon

For those who dont me Im.... Deitrick Haddon.
When you see hear me on the radio, Deitrick Haddon.
When you see me on TV Deitrick Haddon. On the cover of my CD. Deitrick Haddon.

But when I'm at home Im just DD. That is what they call me DD.
My wife always call me Baby. And Im a real boy let me be me.

Im just a normal guy, from da hood. Tryin to get my point across be understood.
I would never stop singing if I could. Cuz the God I serve has been too good.
I just wanna keep it, keep it real. And I cant tell nothin I dont feel.
Take this journey with me, for a while. We gon laugh we gon cry we gon smile.
All my brothers and sisters say DD. Those who know me back in the day DD.
Grandmama still call me her baby. And I'm a real boy let me be me!

I was just a little boy had a dream. That I would sing in the presence of the King.
And spread the love of Jesus Christ, and watch his power change peoples lives.
Since Im older thigs haven't changed, my goal is pretty much the same.
Had to go through some heartaches and pain. But Im doin it in Jesus' name.
Ill always be DD. My family and friends call me DD.
Mama still think Im her baby. And I'm a real boy let me be!
The only way I know how to be is myself. And I dont try to be like somebody else.
God created all of us to be one of a kind.
I cant take whats yours and you cant take whats mine!

Ohh. Ohhh oh ohh. OH. Ohh. [Repeat]

And you cant change me DD. Cuz Im just plain old DD. My wife always calls me DD.

DD. DD. DD. DD. Baby. [Repeat Fade]