Deitrick Haddon

(feat. WWIC M.V.P. Youth Choir)

Romans 8:18 says "For I reckon that the
sufferings of this present time are not worthy to
be compared with the glory which shall be
revealed in us." I ask myself how did He do it,
make such a sacrifice, and the one's that He
loved wanted Him crucified, and He knew that
His friends would betray Him, and He knew that
His blood would be shed, He could have put
someone else in His place but instead He said
"Amen" I surrender, Amen my will is yours,
"Amen" I lift my hands and say "Amen", so I
looked at my test and trials they can't compare
to his pain, and if he can go through it, surley I
can do the same. Oh Lord, I bless you for all
of the bad, and I bless you for all of the good,
and the place where I stand You have already
stood, "Amen" nevertheless "Amen", I don't
understand but "Amen", Lord I surrender,
"Amen" my soul say "Amen," this is not about
me Lord, but all about your will, "Amen"

'Amen', yeah yeah
Lord I trust you with all of my soul, my soul say
" Amen" Lord I surrender to your will, and I
surrender to your way, there is nothing else to
say but 'Amen"
You can mold me, You can make me, You can
break me.
And when trouble comes say "Amen" and when
trouble goes say "Amen"
Lord I trust you, with all of my heart and soul.