Cass McCombs
"Eavesdropping On The Competition"

You had the idea of a home
You knew I was homesick, not alone
You said if you could only get through life
Without one opinion, you'd be fine
Eating was for the very involved
Your voice were the worst of all
Now you're free as the ferry out of Galveston
Eavesdropping on the competition

You had the idea of a cave
Where no one could hear you rant and rave
A good place for an insect
By God, I didn't know what to expect
New ideas crawled in to undermine
You gave them a piece of your mind
To be free, you paid the ransom
Eavesdropping on the competition, on the competition

Our competition
I don't mean to make fun
I ain't making light
The introduction of a gun
You're more bark than bite

The ideas turned into pacts
There wasn't even time to react
I signed my name on the dotted line
By God, it's nobody's fault but mine
Fingers crossed behind
I shoulda bought that hex potion from that guy
Now tell me, where can I run?
Eavesdropping on the competition