Antoine Dodson
"Bed Intruder Song"

He's climbin' in your windows
He's snatchin' your people up
Tryna rape 'em so y'all need to
Hide your kids, hide your wife
Hide your kids, hide your wife
Hide your kids, hide your wife

And hide your husband cuz they're rapin' errbody out here
You don't have to come and confess
We're lookin' for you
We gon' find you we gon' find you
So you can run and tell that,
Run and tell that
Run and tell that, homeboy
Home, home, homeboy

[Verse 1: Antoine Dodson & Kelly Dodson]
We got your t-shirt
You done left fingerprints and all
You are so dumb
You are really dumb--for real
You are really, really, really, really so dumb

I was attacked by some idiot in the projects
So dumb, so dumb, so dumb, so


[Verse 2: Antoine Dodson]
Bout 5'9", 5'10", Coffee complexion
Low cut like a Caesar with some little waves in his head
Clean cut, very smooth face
Seein' my sister when i walked in
He had his hands around her neck
First thing was to pull him off of her
And that's what i did


[Verse 3]

Well, obviously we have a rapist in Lincoln Park
Are you serious, my boy?
I got your t-shirt
I got your scent
I know what shoe size you wear, my boy
So you can run and hide
But we're gonna find you, find you

Chorus x2

Our family we don't run around cryin'
And actin' sad
We just dust our shoulders off and
Keep on movin'